Saturday, February 2, 2008

Episode 33-A

*Theme Music*

“How did it go?”
“Not like you would have hoped, I’m sure…”
“Hmmm, more cryptic grown-up talk… I heard some yelling…”

“Hmmm, I’m not surprised… I have to be honest with you kid. I didn’t just come here to cheer up your dad.”
“I got that impression from the yelling… and I could tell when you showed up you had a few things you wanted to say to Daddy… do you at least feel better, Aunt Rose?”

“Better? Hmmm… no… but I did get some answers, which is a refreshing change.”
“Really? Daddy gave you straight answers? Wow… that is a first.”
“Straight answers? No, no that is not his style… but I did get the answers…”


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“Mother said you couldn’t be his friend anymore.”
“That’s just mean…”
“And that is what happened to me… only it was Pastor Davis who said it for Mom because she didn’t care enough to say it herself.”
“He scary.”

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“He’s not scary, he’s a jerk.”
“Daddy says to stay away from him ‘cause he is a big scary man.”
“The General is afraid of Pastor Davis?” *laughing* “Oh that’s perfect.”
“Don’t laugh at Daddy, I’m telling!”
“Keep your trap shut, Punk.”

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“It’s past your bedtime, Joanna. Make sure you brush your teeth.”
“Neil, why would Mommy say I can’t be friends with Martin?”
*sigh* “She didn’t say that, Punk, just go get ready for bed…”
“But you said…”
“It was just an example so you would understand.”


“Tell me something, Tori… how do you know Pastor Davis?”
“Mom… when I was a little girl she asked him to come by the house and talk with me… I was having a tough time accepting my little brother… I hated him.”
“Did your father know he came by the house?”

“Of course… they would talk before he talked with me… of course that ended when Daddy moved out… why do you ask, Aunt Rose?”
“Oh… just… I’m guessing Jeffery didn’t mention we all knew each other back in college?”
“Mmmm… no, can’t say that he did… so you know Pastor Davis from college?”
“Yes… is that… did you make pork chops?”

“I don’t know what has gotten in to me, I’ve been eating like this for weeks now. These are very good… aren’t you having dinner?”
“Ya know, I’ve heard about people who eat like that… Mom said she did when she was pregnant with Martin… you don’t think you’re…”
“Gods no… Frank and I haven’t… I haven’t had…”
“Aunt Rose? Are you okay?”
“Tori… what’s today’s date?”


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“Stop being an idiot and go to bed.”
“I’m not an idiot…”

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*crying* “He’s my friend…”
“Man she makes my head hurt…”

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Infinity-Nevermore said...

Ugh, eight-year-olds. Now I remember why I don't like kids. Yet they like me for some reason. Yes, Rose, you have about a... lessee, considering it's Ruby, I say, an 80% chance of being pregnant. And that was being generous.

Lisa said...

Uh oh. Looks like Rose is knocked up. Hmmmm . . . I wonder who the baby daddy is?

Anjel76 said...

Oh look! I can finally leave comments! BOOYAH! It's sweet that Neil is trying to tell his little sister, teach her, about life ... and the way that grown-ups tend to behave sometimes ... but he's really gotta learn to ease up. She's just alittle girl. ;O) As for Rose ... I don't know about that woman.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Rose looks like you are about to get a delivery from the stork. She makes my head hurt too Neil.