Saturday, July 7, 2007

Episode 32

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“Adults say some of the weirdest things.”
“You don’t know the half of it… you’ll see. When you have kids it gets worse.”
“You’re funny, Aunt Rose.”

“Listen Tori, I need you to do something for me… I need some privacy with your father. There are some… issues that we need to discuss and it may not be pleasant.”
“I’ve heard yelling before… and if it clears things up between you two, I think I can handle it.”

“That’s the thing… I don’t know if it will clear things up or muddy them more.”
“Is it worth the risk?”
“It is for me…”
“Well I guess you have to go with it then… I’ll make dinner.”
“You’re pretty smart for a kid, ya know that?”
“Ha, that’s what Pastor Davis tells me too.”
“You… you know Davis?”
“Uh huh… Daddy’s just upstairs in the loft…”


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“Dude, we’re drinking with the General…”
“Ya… but you keep this up and you won’t be for long…”
“But Dude… he’s the General…”

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“You know he’s right there and can hear you right?”
“Uh… oh right…”
“Have you ever had beer before?”
“Um, no…”
“You better take that slow then…”

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“Mommy? Why are they fighting?”
“Because they’re idiots, baby…”


“Rose, it’s been too long… how have you been?”
“Jeffery… we need to talk…”
*sigh* “Of course…”

“How are you involved with Davis’ leaving college?”
“Straight to the point I see, no pleasantries then?”
“I think we’re beyond those, don’t you?”
“Not really, no… regardless of how you feel right now, there is my niece and I’d love to hear how she’s doing.”

“That isn’t the purpose of this visit…”
*raised eyebrow* “No it isn’t, but if you want answers from me you’ll have to indulge me first.”
“She’s fine… She’s at home with her father, probably doing her homework by now… now I want answers…”
“We all want something, Rose… the question is do we get what we want…”


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“Ronan get a grip… Dude, don’t make me hurt you…”

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“What the heck was that for?”
“I… Dude… I’m so wasted…”
“Like I said, baby… idiots…”
“Boys are weird, Mommy.”
“Time for you to go home, come on… I’ll drive you.”

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“Ah man, I think I’m gonna be sick…”
“Past the stairs on your left…”

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“Dude, the bathroom is right here…”
“Nah man… I need to walk…”
“Ronan… Ronan… Gods help me… hold up, lemme walk you home.”
“No, I’ll drive him home…”

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Shaunna said...

Good for Tori...she really is years beyond her age in wisdom. I am glad these two are getting together to talk, but...wha?! No resolve *sigh* that dang Jeffrey is so evasive sometimes! Rose better stay strong and get to the bottom of this.

*shakes head at Jonathan* what is he thinking letting the boys drink! Tsk! And oh no! Ronan can't drive home...this is no good! *bites nails*

Great update!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yeah, Tori is pretty smart for a kid. Oooh, I wonder what Rose will do with that tidbit of information, her neice knowing her love. Bwahah! Okay, now, WHY is Neil and his friend (UNDERAGE) drinking beer with Jonathan? Hehe, Neil just slays me. *giggle* Erm, -who- is fighting?

Dayum, Jeffrey's being a bit of a jerk. Dude, if you screwed up Rose's college romance, just fess up to it already.

*raises her eyebrows* Neil and his friend (Ronan) are fighting?? At least Neil is being conscientious and not letting his friend go home drunk. Of course, mom's even better, insisting she drive him home. Although how it would look to have a political schemer and a military general having underaged drinking in their home, I shudder to think. *nod*

Infinity-Nevermore said...

That's probably shy she's insisting on driving him home. She's doing damage control, so if it does leak out, she can say she did drive him home. Am I the only one who noticed that Neil is not talking to Celeste? At all? Still mad, huh?
That's right Rose, we...I mean, you need answers! Oh Jeffery, are you being a dog? That didn't sound too very kosher.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! The General is the dad/step-dad that lets his kids drink? Didn't see that one coming. The boys are fighting. *eyeroll* I second his little sister's (sorry, forgot her name) words of "Boys are weird."

And Rose and Jeffrey--I'm thinking his words of "We all want something...the question is do we get what we want..." refers to Rose......

Sally said...

Haha - the girls are wisest in this story:

“Boys are weird, Mommy.”

Yep, I agree with Rose - it's about time the truth came out. Then maybe Rose and Davis can finally get it together...