Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode 30

*Theme Music*

“He left you…”
“uh huh…”
“No, he left… you…”

“I’m over it… his education has always been very important to him. It was one of the things that attracted me to him in the first place…”
“Are you going to answer that…”
“Why not?”
“It's him…”
“You can answer it…”

“Hi, Jihoon… no… I told you … I'm okay, Jihoon… no, I totally understand… I don't hate you…”

“I’m over it, Jihoon… yes, really… yes… I… well, that’s good… of course it is… I like someone else…”


“What? … no… it’s out of the question… I said, no… because I’m his mother… don’t you dare… I’ve always… because… he can’t be… he has… damn it, Jeffery! He can go for the day but not the whole weekend. … fine… I’ll tell him…”

“I take it from the yelling that was my father.”
“Yes, the donor believes you might want to spend the weekend at his house.”
“You don’t get to talk about him like that. You have no idea what kind of father he could have been … why didn’t you just give me to him if you didn’t want to raise me?”

“Jeffery is a user, Cornelious, he couldn’t have cared for anyone but himself.”
“You don’t know that… and we’ll never know because you only ever thought of you and your precious career.”
“Don’t you take that tone with me young man, I’m your mother!”
“Convenient that you remember this fact now…”


“I don’t know… he’s a great guy… yes… yes he is… of course… Tybalt… Capp… yes… that’s right… yes…” *sigh* “Good-bye, Jihoon.”

“What about me?”
“He asked me who I liked…”
“You’re serious…”
“Of course I am why would I lie about something like that?”

“I’m not exactly the most popular guy for one…”
“Listen Tybalt, I do like you… but you have a lot to learn about girls… especially me…”
“Teach me then…”
“Well for one thing you can't be cold to me one minute and then think I'm going to fall for your charm the next…”

“I have charm?”
“Of course you do silly… why else would I melt when you’re near me?”
“I wasn’t aware you did… and what’s another thing?”
“Popularity means very little to me… I like who I like… and I like you.”


“I’m going to spend the weekend with my father and his other children. I have a brother I’ve never even met… get use to the idea… I’ll be home sometime on Sunday.”
“You will not, you are allowed to spend one day with him and if you’re not careful you won’t even get one day.”

“Listen Celeste, I know this whole mother thing is new for you… but those types of threats only work with young children.”
“Oh so I’m Celeste now?”

“That’s right, you aren’t my aunt and no real mother would do what you did… if you don’t like it I’m sure my father would be happy to take me in… should I pack my bags permanently instead of the weekend? Let’s see you explain that one away to your voters.”
“I… but…”
“That’s what I thought…”

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Shaunna said...

Ooo ouch! Poor Jihoon...I guess he did it to himself...Tori never said she would wait for him. And I don't remember him asking her to. She and Tybalt make a cute couple...tori really is sweet...that or she is just a sweet talker! LOL!

Celeste should not be trying to keep Neil from his father! I am so ticked at her for her crappy attitude over the whole thing. She is just hurt over Jeffrey...if she really knew him anymore she would know what a great father he is!

Lisa said...

Celeste is being a royal bitch. Neither Neil or Jeffrey deserve to be treated that way.

Anonymous said...

That's right Neil. Stand up to her! What she did was so, so wrong. And why do I get the feeling that Tori is using Tybalt to make Jihoon jealous?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Kinda sweet how shocked Tybalt is that her boyfriend left HER. Heh, I guess Jihoon was calling to tell her he'd met someone else?

*blink* Why the hell can't his father have him for the whole weekend? "The donor"?!? Gotta agree with Neil. Celeste has no right to talk about Jeffrey that way, since she never gave him the opportunity to BE more than just a donor. Yeah, sorry Celeste, but I really think you screwed the pooch with this one. You don't really get the right to start behaving like a mother to Neil now that he's a teenager.

Wow, just right there in front of Tybalt, she told her ex-boyfriend that she liked him. Bold girl! Aww, despite not liking the woman who raised her, Tori does have her head on straight, it looks like. :-D

*blink* Geeze, Celeste, try being more of a bitch, why don't you. Heh, you go, Neil! Yup, that's a card that boy is going to play over and over and over, I think. And I can't say I blame him one bit. *nod*

CeeCee said...

“Don’t you take that tone with me young man, I’m your mother!”
“Convenient that you remember this fact now…”

Ouch! True, but ouch. Nope, can't blame Neil at all for fighting back. Especailly since we have seen that no matter his faults Jeffrey is a good father.

*gasp* I can't believe Tori told Jihoon that with Tybalt standing there. You go girl!