Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode 30-A

*Theme Music*

“Mmmmm…. Tori…. Tori, stop…”

“Tori, I can’t do this… its wrong…”
“But it isn’t wrong, Tybalt… why does it have to be wrong?”

“Tori, I’m serious… I can’t do this… you’re too young.”
“Tybalt, you’re not that much older than me… you’re 3 years older than me… you’re only 18…”
“Exactly, I’m 18 and that makes me legally an adult and you’re… well… not…”


*sigh* “Cornelious, I just hate how this is tearing us apart.”
“I guess you should have thought about that before you started this whole nephew crap.”
“Please, I need you to understand…”

“I understand… I understand that I was an inconvenience to you… I understand that I was an embarrassment to you… I understand that I was not wanted by you… what I don’t understand is why you kept me…”
“Because I love you…”

“Love, what could you possibly know about love? Oh right, you have a fiancé and a daughter now… so now you know what love is… you never loved me… if you did you would never let me believe my parents died… I’m spending the weekend with my new family… I’ll be back on Sunday… maybe…”


“When you kissed me…”
“It was wrong… I shouldn’t have kissed you…”

“I shouldn’t even be here…”
“This isn’t happening… tell me this isn’t happening…”

“I’ve waited years to kiss you… to be with you… and you’re finally interested in me and I can’t stay…”
“This is crazy… what’s wrong with me? Why do guys run away from me?”


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“Yes? … speaking … *sigh* “Yes… but you said… I know that… you had… you’re the one…”

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“So why are you suddenly… what does she have to do with this? … so suddenly … that is absurd…”

“You thought he was confused before, just wait till he gets wind of this. … yes, fine… out.”

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Shaunna said...

Wha!? Oh no...poor Tori! I had no idea that Tybalt was already 'of age'. That breaks my heart...but maybe he is right...that could be a serious legal issue seeing as her estranged mother is a police officer.

It makes me sad for Celeste too...I know I was ticked at her a minute ago...I still am. But I am also sad for her. Even if she wanted she couldn't take back the pain she caused her son. I hope that they can work things thru...someday.

And who is Jonathan on the phone with...this guy is so secretive he always has me wondering what is beneath the surface...

Lisa said...

I do not feel a bit sorry for Celeste. She brought all her misery upon herself. If she had told Jeffery about Neil in the beginning, Jeffrey would have stood by her and she wouldn't have had to worry about her career.

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Tori and Tybalt. I thought she was using him to get back at Jihoon, but now it seems she may have been trying to get validation. Unfortunately, Tybalt is 18. Fortunately, he actually uses his brain and didn't do something that could get him in trouble. *sigh* So sad.

And I don't feel sorry for Celeste either. What the heck kind of parent lets their child think their parents died for all those years? A bad one, that's what kind. He would have been much better off with Jeffery, who has always been a wonderful father to his children.

I don't trust Jonathan one bit. What now?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Aww, poor Tori. But good for you, Tybalt! Well, it doesn't make it illegal for you two to date. Just for you two to have sex...

Aww, poor Neil. I don't blame him for being angry and bitter and not giving Celeste an inch to maneuver.

Aww, Tori, honey, it's not you. Really, it isn't. It sounds like Tybalt is torn up that he can't be with you now, but you waited too long, hon. :-(

Grr, you know, these one-sided INSANELY VAGUE conversations are getting annoying! *screams and pulls her hair out* ACK! What? What's going on now?!? I'm assuming Jonathan's talking about Neil, but what's going on??

Mao said...

Sheeesh, drama all around! Wouldn't be a Soap Opera without it, though, now would it? Very interesting... and poor Celeste and Cornelius...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I feel for Tori, losing two guys she's interested in within the space of a week. That's gotta be a self-esteem blow. Neil is certainly sticking it to Celeste, but she couldn't have thought she could suddenly step into the mother role and Neil and Jeffery would just let her. Just desserts, Celeste, just desserts.
What's Jonathan doing now? And is he talking about Neil?