Sunday, July 1, 2007

Episode 24-A

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“Listen, Jeffery, I had no intention of being here. Lori called in a panic. She hasn’t heard from Tori and she was afraid to call you… why is she so frightened… what have you done this time?”
“Done? Me? That’s rich…”

“My wife, correction my ex-wife kicked me out because I didn’t get upset when I found her in bed with another man. You want to analyze someone, Davis. Go back to Lori.”
“Now there’s a new one…”
“I… we’re not alone?”

“Elena, you are looking well… the years have been kind to you.”
“Jeffery, still the charmer I see… I would ask how things are, but… I’ve heard…”


“Yes, Jonathan…”
“I’ve been an idiot…”
“Yes, Jonathan…”

“I deserved that…”
“Maybe more?”
“Ouch… okay… maybe… yes, more…”

“I’m sorry, Celeste.”
“I love you too, Jonathan.”


“I’ve been teaching over at the… Claude where are you going?”
“Sorry, that was David, I’ll be right back.”
“I don’t see how you two are related… Speaking of David, does he know you’re back? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he found out.”

“David knows… I moved in with him.”
“You did what?”
“So what’s upstairs?” *Elena walks away.*

“Here you two are… Jeffery… just tell me, have you seen Tori?”
“She’s moved in with him, Claude let’s go.”
“Wait, but…”
“Now, Claude let’s go.”
“You still wear the pants in the family I see…”
“He may be older by 16 minutes, but yes… it was really good to see you again Jeffery.”
“Great to see you too, Elena, come by anytime… preferably without your brother…”


“Celeste, will you make me the happiest man in Coventry… will you marry me?”
“Oh Jonathan, it’s beautiful.”

“How did you know my size?”
“I simply borrowed one of your other rings…”

“Yes, Jonathan… yes…”

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Shaunna said...

Pastor Davis...stickin up for Lori. Well, Jeffrey should have called her to tell her that Tori was at least safe, but I am with Elena...I like her style.

So Jonathan is going to make an honest woman of Celeste? She seems so subdued since moving in with him. I know she is a mom now, but I miss her!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Why the heck would Lori be afraid to call Jeffrey?? It seems Davis has the wrong impression of how things are going with Jeffrey, because no way is any of that his fault, except the divorce itself.

Hmmm, does Celeste know the details of what's going on with Jonathan?

Heh, I love how everyone in this down avoids everyone else's questions... *shakes her head* Um, why was Elena in such a rush to leave Jeffrey's house? *frowns*

Whoah, I thought Celeste and Jonathan had been married ages ago! I guess they've been living in sin for a long time. *tsks*

Lisa said...

So . . . Davis and Elena are twins. Don't know that it changes anything for me, but at least we know that little tidbit now.

Yah, I'm curious, too why Elena is in a big hurry to leave now.

Sally said...

Ah ha - Davis and Elena are twins. Elena certainly has more than her fair share of secrets. Did her sudden departure have something to do with Tori? Or am I just cluxching at straws?!

suzie sim said...

Pah - FakePastor - you've been played! Lori has NO reason to be afraid of calling Jeffers. *points back* She did it just yesterday & he was very calm about her letting their daughter run away from home. :P (Jeffrey still shoulda called Lori the minute Tori showed up tho)

oooh - I Love Elena's outfit! I want one! :D

hehe - I'm glad to see Celeste hasn't lost her honesty! hehe again!

woof - she doesn't waste any time, does she? So, she & Davis are twins? ('splains the "naturally" part, lol) And she seems to have a bit of a past with Jeffrey too, makes me wonder if she will come back w/o her FP brother. ^^

*claps* Yay for Jonathan & Celeste!! S'about bloody time! :D