Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode 23

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Gods look at her… no, don’t look at her idiot, go back in the house… *sigh*

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“What is it Elena?”
“Do you think you should walk around dressed like that with such impressionable teens in the house?”
*raising eyebrow* “And what you are wearing is acceptable… how exactly?”
“In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a female, David.”

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“You point being?”
“Our three charges lean towards the male persuasion…”
“Wrong as usual, Elena.”
“No, I’m not… Kacper is openly gay.”
“Yes he is… ”
“So how am I wrong?”

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“Nancy is not so open about her sexuality… she is working on it along with her self-esteem.”
“Nancy is…”
“Yes, you heard me, if you took the time to speak with the kids instead of passing judgment on me, you may get to know them… I tire of these games Elena…”


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“So I jeopardized the mission…”
“In a manner of speaking, yes…”
“I just thought… because you are so…”

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“I am so… what, Jonathan…”
“You two have history, Davis…”
“I’m well aware of that, Jonathan. I was there…”

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“There has to be something I can do to fix this…”
“No… no there is nothing you can do but stay away from her.”
“Is that you making this decision or your libido?”


“Stop judging me! You act like you’re so perfect, like you don’t make mistakes. Well you make plenty, Mother and I’m sick of you… Ugh, I hate you!”

“Shut up, twerp. I’m going to live with Daddy… don’t you dare try and stop me!”

“Jeffery? What no nothing is wrong… ya okay so something is wrong… it’s your daughter… she ran away from home… well I am guessing to you… because that is what she said…”


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“That is it Jonathan, I’ve put up with your self-righteous attitude long enough, you think you have all the answers when you aren’t even asking the right questions.”
“I think I struck a nerve…”
“Oh you struck something alright, and when word gets around to the others what you’ve done… heavens help you, because I will not…”

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“I’m not worried, Davis… what could they do? I’m a high profile military man… I’m the General in the Veronaville Guard… what can they possibly do to me? No, I have a family now… I’m too high profile, they wont dare touch me.”

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“Tsk tsk Jonathan… they don’t have to ‘touch’ you… they just have to hand you to her.”

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Shaunna said...

Daviid and Elena...a ture battle of wits it seems and I am not certain who will come out on top. Tho we have seen David's weakness for her, does she share that weakness? Hmm...they should get their mind on their work and their common goal...maybe they can work things out a bit.

*fans self* Jonathan is so fine...I never realized how much so until now. Phew...those eyes! Anyway...another battle of wits it seems...and the first time the pastor has lost his cool...albeit a small amount...but I think his threat is real Jonathan needs to watch out for 'her'.

Ooo...look at Tori all grown up, well sort of. She has some sass to her doesn't she? Poor Lori did it to herself...I hope that Tori goes to Jeffrey, I would hate to see anything happen to her!

Lisa said...

I knew there'd be trouble for Lori with Tori. I knew Tori would hate Lore for chasing Jeffrey away.

Jonathan better watch his back.

The tension between David and Elena is so thick, one could cut it with a knife. Unless he's naked or wearing a speedo, what is so inappropriate about his attire?

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Yeah, he's still hung up on Elena badly. (And you're STILL not showing us her face! Why?) Does Elena even have a top on? And since when is a man going topless a bad thing, no matter what age kids are around? HAHAHA!! You go, David!! *punches the air with her fist* That put that snobby little b*tch in her place! *dances around*

Oh, snap! *grins at Jonathan* I think you might have stepped out of line there though, bub. Just because you're a General, I get the impression Davis is still the one in charge, not you.

Well, I guess Toni never got over her mom slapping her dad and "chasing him out" or over Martin simply existing. :-( At least Lori had the decency to call Jeffrey and warn him his daughter was on the way.

Oops, yeah, like I thought. Erm, maybe. Honestly, Davis is acting more like a schoolyard brat there though. "When everyone hears what I'm gonna tattle on you for, you'll be sorry!" *shrugs* I knew I was right not to trust Davis though, clerical collar or not. Who her? Rose? Or someone else?

suzie sim said...

hmm, so David really is still hung up on Elena. Wonder why we don't get to see that face tho. *eyes the back of her head suspiciously*

And that Davis - I swear I know that face. *nods* Maybe it's just the hair. :\ OY! Why would Jonathan want anything to do with Rose?! (I'm still assuming it is Rose they're talking about, lol!)
She has nothing he wants.

Wow - Tori's grown up & not well, huh? Lori had better hope she does go to her daddy's house & not just hit the streets. *sigh* Or the halfway house.

lol! you haven't put up with anything from Jonathan - you haven't had a chance to talk to him since you got to town! :D That's right Fake-Pastor, threaten him with a new level of Hell.