Saturday, June 23, 2007

Episode 15-A

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“So Cornelious, you know this is mostly formalities, this meeting between us.”
“Ya, just uh, call me Neil, only Aunt Celeste calls me Cornelious anymore.”

“So how is life with your Aunt Celeste and Jonathan? How do you feel about having a nephew or niece coming soon and how is school?”
“Life here is great, Aunt Celeste is strict but not uptight, the General is… well, the General and them having a kid is pretty cool, I guess. It makes Aunt Celeste happy… school, well it’s a breeze.”

“Yes, our next topic of conversation is a bit more touchy.”
“Um, okay…”
“It’s about Kacper… I know this is a strange request, but you need to stop hanging out with him.”


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“Why are you here?”
“You know why…”

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“She’s better than you think…”
“And you're worse than we’d hope. That is why I’m here…”
“Does Davis know?”
“When it comes to this one, you can’t count on Davis.”
“Trust me.”

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“Hello Rose.”
“You seem to have me at a disadvantage, you know my name… and you are?”
“Jonathan, I’m a friend…”
“A friend, of whom? You are not a friend of mine…”
“I could be, or I can be your worse enemy.”


“He’s one of my best friends…”
“Yes, I understand that, but the boy will be off limits very soon. I can’t divulge more, I’m sorry. Suffice it to say he is being prepped and molded for a larger role in life than he could have if he remained friends with you.”
“Dude, harsh… wait, you’re talking about that home he’s living in now… okay, that makes some sense. He asked me to come see him… I’m supposed to go hang out with him tonight.” *sigh* “I guess I’ll tell him then… and there is no other way?”

“No, I’m sorry Neil, there is no other way. Your aunt is high profile and that ‘home’ as you put it does not need any publicity. As a matter of fact, it needs anonymity.”
“This bites… I mean, I get it and all, but it really bites.”
“I know, and I’m sorry to have to ask this of you…”
“Nah, I know… I’ve been around this politics thing my whole life with Aunt Celeste, its Kacper I’m worried about. He won’t understand.”

The boy is smarter than Jonathan gave him credit for… as for Jonathan… he’s avoiding me. I’ll have to corner him another time.


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“You’re digging in to things better left alone…”
“Stronger men than you have tried to stop me…”
“I’m not here to stop you, I’m simply here with a warning…”

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“Oh were you talking, I think I stopped listening about 2 seconds in to this conversation.”

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“Just know that you’ve been warned…”
“I’m shaking in my heels.”

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Shaunna said...

Aw! Poor Neil...from what I can gather this is all Jonathan's doing. I knew he couldn't be trusted...sneaking around...meeting with Frank and Rose. Getting pastor Davis to keep Neil and Kacper apart. *looks suspiciouly at Jonathan*

And what is it exactly about this house that David is setting up? what is this higher plan for Kacper? Nice update girl...always keep em guessing. *g*

Aeronwy said...

*blink* Why should Pastor Davis care if Neil hangs out with Kacper? (Yes, I know he's David's boss and David is up to something with Kacper, but what justification is going to be given?) Wait, huh? I seem to be saying that a lot lately. Jonathan and Frank know each other too? What on earth is that whole conversation about?!? *blinks some more* I'm kind of surprised Neil is willing to let go of his best friend so easily. What's the deal with this "home" that David is running now? Rose? If strange men are coming up to you, knowing that you've been digging in to things (presumably things with David), you really should at least consider that you haven't been covering your tracks as well as you should have...

Lisa said...

Gah you evil woman! What is going on here?

Sally said...

Huh?! I'm glad Neil "gets it" because I sure don't!!

tktrn99 said...

What the...?? What kind of 'hood are you running, Ruby?? ;) *scratching head*

suzie sim said...

oyyyy *groans* I'm so lost! Kacper's not the one that needs to be kept away, it's him! *points to Neil* He's the one corrupting every teen west of the Simmissippi!
And J..Jonathan knows Frank? Who's in league with Davis, and living with Rose, who's getting a warning? From Jonathan? She's the one who normally doles out the warnings!
*grabs head with both hands*

I won't be able to sleep again tonight! Argh! again