Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Episode 10-A

*Theme Music*

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“Jeffery? Um, sure… what? What did David tell you? … Oh… no nothing… see you soon.”

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“Listen Jeffery, you disappeared after we got engaged, I thought you were gone for sure.”
“Okay I admit, I got cold feet. Marriage, monogamy, these are foreign concepts for me.”
“Then you can’t blame me for not calling you.”
“Like hell I can’t! You had my daughter, you own a phone Lori, you should have called me!”
“And that would have made a difference?”


“Ms. Moorehead, I know it isn’t my place to say this, but honestly… I’m glad Mr. Landgraab is gone, he did not deserve you… you are too much woman for the likes of him… although even I didn’t think he would just abandon you this way…”
“Why thank you… that is just the sweetest thing…”

“I… I can’t believe we… I mean… it was…wow…”
“No words can describe how you make me feel, Ms. Moorehead…”
“Please, I think we’re beyond Ms. Moorehead… call me Montana…”

“This was a onetime thing… I… it’s just that…”
“Mums the word, Montana… it was my pleasure…”
“Oh Gods, Virginia’s home…”
“I’ll just go now… I completely understand…”


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“Hello, gorgeous, you have my eyes…”

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“Whoa, this is going to take some getting use to, but I can do it… for you, Tori… would you like that? Ya? You want Daddy to stick around for you.”

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“Gods I can't believe I’m going to do this.”


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“Good evening Montana, shall we step inside?”

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“You got my gift…”
“Yes, it is a bit out of place, but it was a kind gesture. Not to worry, it wont be here long…”
“Are you going to sell it?”
“It? No, the house… yes…”

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“Oh David, no…”
“Yes, Montana, I'm moving to another part of town, business demands… this home is too small and run down.”
“I just got you, I can't lose you already…”

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“How do you lose something that was never yours?”
“Why do you insist on hurting me?”
“Hurting you is not my intent, Montana, I simply ensure you keep the facts straight as to keep both of us from further hurt down the line.”

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Shaunna said...

Hmmm...Lori and Jeffrey have me questoning their commitment to eachother. At first I was mad that Jeffrey was turning it on Lori...he should have called her, but he is kinda right, she should have called him too!? BTW, he is so adorable with Tori. Seems like no matter what he will be a great dad! Awww!

Oooo...Montana's maid is...*fans self* not bad! Yet she is back to David...? Glad he is staying strong thru this whole thing...he has quite the knack for manipulating...*raises eyebrow*

Excellent update!

Sally said...

Another great update with yet more twists and turns. I just love a man with a baby - even Jeffrey! And what is Montana up to now - getting close and personal with the maid?

sagana said...

I think Jeffrey is my favorite. He's sweet and will be a great dad and if he could stay away from his step-sister, he'd probably be a decent husband too.

I don't trust David at all. He's entirely too cold and calculated for my tastes.

Much fun, can't wait to see what happens next :)

Lisa said...

Even the worst of the romance sims make good parents, usually.

Still not liking David . . .

Mao said...

Ahhh Johnathan is so unassuming, he was always one of my favorite townies! David and Jeffery are snakes... but different breeds. Which one will come out the 'better man'? Can't wait to see! ;)

Aeronwy said...

Ooo, do we get to see the fireworks soon, with Jeffrey and Lori? *rubs her hands together* Jeffrey, I suspect the only difference it made is that you would have run far far away. Oh my. Montana is doing the hired help. *tsks* Is he really going to go through with it? Not that I expect that to mean he'll stop sleeping with half the women in Coventry, but still. Poor Montana. But just 'cause David's moving to another part of town doesn't mean she can't keep going to him for some relief, does it?

suzie sim said...

Ahhh, Officer Lori - are you about to get caught up with someone? *eyebrow waggles* hehe - at least he's honest about why he bolted, I still can't believe he actually popped the question tho.

good for you Montana - find someone that will appreciate you, in more ways than one! Aww - but it was just a one time thing? :( Discreet, handsome, clean and totally respectable. *sigh* They never do go for the good ones, do they?
Bah! *smacks David, because he's David & smacks Montana because somebody needs to*
I don't get why she keeps going back - she could have anyone. And I really don't get why somebody hasn't shot him yet. :\