Friday, June 22, 2007

Episode 15

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“Cornelious, I need to talk with you…”
“What’s up Aunt Celeste?”
“I’m worried about you…”

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“What could you possibly be worried about?”
“You have girls and boys marching in and out the house all the time…”
“I’m not in to drugs, Aunt Celeste, I’m way too smart for that…”
“Oh I know that, it’s just…”

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“It’s election time, isn’t it…”
“Oh well, yes…”
“Aunt Celeste, why didn’t you just say so? Of course I’ll meet with a therapist…”

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“Oh thank you, Cornelious, I should know better… from now on, I’ll just say what’s on my mind…”
“Good plan, Aunt Celeste…”
“Oh and Cornelious, you’ll be meeting with a pastor not a therapist… is that still okay?”
“That’s a new one, but sure as long as it helps you…”
“He’ll be here later today…”
“Today? Damn, okay I’ll reschedule my day…”


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“Oh Gods, it hurts…”
“Breathe, Rose… breathe!”
“Oh shut up Frank and go to work!”

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“Tell me Jasmine, what kind of man actually leaves a woman during labor and goes to work… hmmm? My thoughts exactly… one that won’t live long…”


“Greetings, Ms. Talbert.”
“Pastor Davis, so good of you to come.”

“Okay so this is just a formality, and you aren’t going to stress Cornelious right?”
“It is a formality and I will need to speak to him… you can’t just shove this under the carpet, I don’t play games when it comes to the welfare of the youth in Coventry.”

“Oh no, I uh, didn’t mean to imply that you would… it’s just that… well Cornelious is a special boy.”
“Ms. Talbert, all kids are special cases, including Cornelious, again, just because you are a government official does not mean I will treat his case any differently.”
“His ‘case’? Maybe this was a mistake…”
“Relax, everything will be fine… is Jonathan home?”
“Um, no… not yet…”


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“Welcome, Kacper… come on, I’ll show you to your room… just so you know, some of our backers are coming to see the new place… are you ready for this?”
“Thanks, Mr. Barnes… ya I guess I’m ready…”
“Just call me, David. We’ll be living together, may as well drop the formalities.”

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“Glad you could make it. Our first resident is upstairs settling in, he’s pretty nervous…”
“Understandable, we’re not here to judge him, you or the house for that matter…”
“Come now, David, no need for hostilities…”
“Hostilities? Hmmm, you have no idea… through that door to your left…”

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“I’m surprised to see you…”
“If she knew I was here…”
“You’d be dead… or at least not walking… so why did you come?”
“It’s your first day… I couldn’t resist.”
“Meh, it’s your life… come on in.”

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“So he dropped the ball and shrugs… he says, I’m a nerd not a jock!”
“Ha, that sounds like David… you’ve known each other for ever…”
“Hey now, we aren’t that old… just since college… we were in the same fraternity…”

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Shaunna said...

Teehee Neil and his having to "reschedule his day" TDF! And pastor Davis seems a bit meek in the company of the powerful women of Coventry...*raises eyebrow*. If he wants Rose he is going to need to toughen up!

Speaking of Rose...she is a tough one to please. Poor Frank I think his fate might be sealed...*eg*

Hmmm...*scratches chin*...I think I am starting to see what David is up to. Could that be Frank that I see...? Interesting...

Aeronwy said...

Hmm, I see this is a routine conversation between Celeste and Cornelious... Oh, now, Rose, be fair! You've got him trained to do whatever you say, when you say it, without any questions asked. So when you tell him to shut up and go to work, why would you expect him to not obey? That's just unfair. Ha, who do you think you're fooling, "pastor" Davis? Um, what is David doing with Kacper? Goodness, so Frank is in tight with David too?

Sally said...

I wonder whether motherhood will soften Rose? OK, I'm really scracthing my head here - but I'm still not getting the David thing. Did I miss some clues in a previous episode?

Lisa said...

Still really confused, here. Why does Neil need a therapist?

Why is Rose upset that Frank did what she told him to?

What is going on with Davis and David?

suzie sim said...

Why on earth would Neil need a therapist just because its election time? Does that bring in the sympathy vote? lol! I can't imagine Aunt Celest being able to run for anything in her current condition!

Aww - welcome little Jasmine. I'm sorry you've got a Deadly Viper for a mum!

That Paster is really making the rounds. And how does Davis/Claude know Jonathan? That's strange...

OK - Neil is NOT setting up a home for wayward boys. He just can't be. More like a male brothel! lol!