Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode 23-A

*Theme Music*

“Be with you in a sec, Neil.”
“Daddy, it’s me.”
“Tori, I’m glad you finally got here. I was beginning to worry.”

“How did you know I was coming…”
“Your mother called.”

“I’m not going back there.”
“Who asked you to?”
“You’re not going to make me go back?”
“Of course not, you’re coming to live with me.”


“What are you doing in my house?”
“I work here.”

“Not anymore you don’t, you home-wrecker! You’re fired!”

Gods that felt good…


“When your stuff showed up this morning, I thought you’d be showing up, too. Where have you been?”
“You’re going to get mad…”
“Just tell me.”
“With my boyfriend at his house… his mom made him sleep on the couch and I got to sleep in his bed… and Daddy it was so funny, his dad slept in the living room to make sure he didn’t sneak in to his room.” *giggle*
“Remind me to thank the man.”

“So who is this Neil you were expecting?”
“He’s Celeste Talbert’s nephew, great kid I think he goes to your school, a year older than you and don’t start getting any ideas, Tori…”
“Oh Daddy… is he cute?”
“Is who cute?”

“Great…” *sigh*
“Hi, I’m Neil Talbert… you’re that Tori girl… right?”
“Tori Craven… I’ve seen you around school. Aren’t you a senior?”
“Junior actually, and you?”
“I am not ready to have a teenage daughter.”
“Very funny, Daddy.”


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“Kacper? Oh my Gods! It’s you!”
“Heh, Hi Virginia.”
“I like the new look, very handsome.”
“Meh, its a look.”

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“Oh stop being so modest, you look fabulous.”
“Thanks, um.. have you talked with him lately?”
“Yes, he called yesterday… you should call him.”
“Hell, he can call me too.”

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“What is it with guys? Listen, do you think its easy for me to play the middle man between you two?”
“Um, I-”
“Oh stop, you know I had the biggest crush on you our freshman year, so just give me a break and talk to the guy.”
“Sorry Virginia, I forgot…”
“Well I haven’t…”

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Spinn said...

Great updates, as always! You've got me hooked!

Shaunna said...

Phew! I am glad that Tori made it to her dad's safe and sound with only a quick stop and the boyfriend's house. LOL Jeffrey...I don't know if anyone is ever ready for a teenage daughter!

A small, personal victory for Lori...that's not going to make anything better, but I wouldn't want that homewrecker working in my house after all that either! heart totally goes out to Kacper. The poor kid losing his best friend like that still gets me. And Virginia...stuck in the middle...*sigh*

Lisa said...

I wouldn't that maid working for me either, but I don't see her as the homewrecker. I think Lori did that all by herself.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

That's cool that Jeffrey didn't give Tori any grief about coming to his place.

Oh, that poor maid. She, well, she knew she was sleeping with a married man, but I still think she was the innocent in all that. But I also don't blame Lori for not wanting here there anymore.

Heh, good to hear Tori's boyfriend has such good parents. :-) Oh, Tori, avoid him. He's a playa!

Does Virginia know Kacper is gay? Or did she get over her crush because he just stopped being around? And I'm glad she's pushing him to talk to Neil, even though Neil was asked to break all contact with Kacper. :-/

suzie sim said...

*whew* Tori arrives safely. Thank goodness! Ironical that she wears her hair the same as her mom. *g*

*facepalm* Gawd Lori - it's been what - 4 or 5 years now since the divorce, this woman's been in your house every day & you're just now getting in her face to fire her???
Either you're slower than I thought (impossible,lol!) or you really don't spend any time at home! :D

Ya know Tor - if my son's gf showed up dressed like that, I'd probably keep a close eye on you both too! And Neil's coming over to Terrence's studio??! That's the last kid that needs any pointers, in any field, ifn you know what I mean!

Aw, Virginia turned out cute - I love her hair too! And that's kinda cute that she's urging the boys to get back together, or at least talk. But Kacper knows the rules by now.