Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 18

*Theme Music*

“There you are you bastard!”
“Excuse me?”
“Excuse you? Hell no, you should have stayed dead!”
“When did I die exactly, who are you and why are you barging in to my home?”

“Oh how I hate you!”

“Hey! Gods woman, it’s apparent you hate someone… but what in the nine hells did I do?”
“Gods that felt good.”
“I’m glad it felt good for one of us at least…”


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Not stay? Why would he say that? Gods, I hope he doesn’t call my grandfather.

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“Ro… Rom… I… can I… well, if you… okay, but…”
“You mean she’s actually living here now?”
“Yes, for the tenth time. Why are you freaking out?”
“Dude, she’s a 'Capp'!”

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“Pastor Davis… what a surprise to see you…”
“Forgive the unannounced visit, is Jonathan home?”
“I’m sorry no, he isn’t.”
“I see… how is Neil holding up?”
“Not well I’m afraid…” *sigh*
“Give him some time, he’s young. Is that him playing? He’s quite talented.”
“Yes, when he gets like this, we find it best to leave him to his music.”
“Understood, good night Celeste.”

“Jonathan, Pastor Davis is gone… why do you keep hiding from him?”
“I’m not… exactly…” *sigh* “it’s complicated Celeste and top secret… I am not at liberty to divulge any further information.”
“You always say that when you want to avoid a conversation. I’m having a hard time believing that anymore. I know you deal with top secret stuff all the time, I do understand that, but when it affects my home. That is when I question it.”

“How are you holding up, Celeste?”
“You’re changing the subject.”
“Yes, I am.”
“Fine. I’m fine. The baby is fine… and I’m going back inside.”
“Celeste wait… damn.”


“How can you act like you don’t know what I’m talking about?”
“Maybe because I’m actually quite confused…”

“Would you mind terribly explaining to me why you waltzed in to my home and proceeded to slap me? Or at least start with something simple, like your name perhaps?”
“I… um… what?”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Whoa! Looks like Montana tracked down Mal! that Mal? Who is that guy!? Can you tell I am totally hooked and completely confused? Yeah, that about sums it up. LOL

David wouldn't call Juliet's grandfather? Would he? No...

And waita darn that Juliet. She looks diffrent! Did she run away to be with her true love Romeo?

Lisa said...

Jonathan is being pretty squirrely.

Who is Montana slapping? Somehow, I don't think it's Mal. I'd say maybe his evil twin, but I think he was pretty evil himself.

Aeronwy said...

Erm, did Malcolm get amnesia when the satellite fell on him? Or is he just a good actor? Good for Celeste, not letting him completely off the hook for keeping secrets about her home from her. Honestly, I really don't believe Malcolm lost his memory. Nope. Nu-uh. Not buying it. (And no need to point out that people wind up with amnesia all the time in soaps. :-b)

Sally said...

Hmmm... long lost twin or amnesia? So, Jonathan is being very evasive. I'm having a hard time figuring out who the bad guy is - Jonathan, Davis, Rose, Frank. They're all mixed up in something - but what?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, interesting. I'm wondering the same thing as everyone else--did Malcolm lose his memory or is that some long lost twin? Hmmmm...

suzie sim said...

lol! I love it! Either Malcolm is an excellent actor, or there's really a Good Twin - 'cause you know the first one we met was evil! :D woot!

hehe - boy, Romeo is faster than even I gave him credit for! ;p

Why is Celeste lying for Jonathan? He is home. And why is he hiding from a Pastor? Some top - secret Catholic church kinda conspiracy?! (I hear Davinci Code calling to me...)

Anonymous said...

Hey - is that a Swedish baby shirt Celeste's wearing? (BEBIS)

/j68 - Swedish