Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 19

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“You sorry no good cheating son of a…”
“Whoa slow down, what is the problem? It was just sex.”

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“Just sex? Just? And that makes it okay to cheat on me in my own house, in my own bed?!”
“What is your hang up? Listen you knew what kind of guy I was when you pursued me.”
“I pursued you?! What a laugh.”
“Nice sudden lapse in memory, rather convenient…”
“This from the man who can’t keep it in his pants!”

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“Hold on, you seduced me, you proposed, you got pregnant, you had Tori didn’t even tell me so that I could do the right thing and marry you and you stand here and get self-righteous with me? Once you marry me you treat me as if I’m the hired help instead of your husband, you are never home, you are always at work, hell the nanny even spends more time with our children than you do and you lecture me on right and wrong? You have some nerve woman.”


“Greetings, I’m sorry to bother you… but your walking by is rather fortuitous, I seem to be in dire need of some guidance and insight.”
“I… what? Oh, forgive me, I find walking to be a wonderful way to clear my thoughts and I find I was rather lost in mine for the moment…”

“So, what can I help you with?”
“I just moved here about six months ago and I seem to have made an enemy already!”

“I see… that would be troublesome, what transpired between you two?”
“That is just it, I haven’t the foggiest of ideas.”
“You have to know something…”

“I know her name is Montana Moorehead and she thinks I’m someone named Malcolm.”
“Malcolm was her husband… she recently had him declared legally dead since he had gone missing for about 16 years now… so you are why she thinks he is still alive… interesting…”
“Interesting? Try painful, she has a nasty slap…”
“Oh my…”
“Indeed! Why is she fixated on me?”
“Not a clue actually, I never met the man… I must apologize… I don’t believe I caught your name…”

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“Sorry you had to be witness to that, Cyd.”
“No problem, Lori… sometimes life gets messy.”
“Can I ask a favor of you?”

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“Whew, um, sure.”
“Help me make my husband jealous.”

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Shaunna said...

That was an interesting fight between Jeffrey and Lori. He is a dog and doesn't try and hide a way I can respect that. But will Lori's plot to make him jealous work? Hmmm...

Gah! Woman! Still no true ID on this Mal looking character. But he doesn't seem to be the real Mal...

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's so wrong that Jeffrey's such a dog but I like him, isn't it? So now Lori is going to try to make him jealous. I wonder if he'll really care?

*waiting patiently to find the identity of this Malcolm-look-alike*

CeeCee said...

*gack* Just sex? Oh man, what a dog! Although he's right. Her memory does seem rather faulty doesn't it?

And we still don't know if that's Mal or not. Evil Ruby.

*ack* And now she's going to see how stupid she can be too? Yikes!

Lisa said...

If Lori didn't want to be around Jeffrey, then why did she want to marry him so badly?

What is the deal with this I-may-or-may-not-be-Malcolm dude?

GreeneyeLia said...

Goodness, Jeffery reminds my of my ex-boyfriend, who also claimed that since he hadn't technically done 'it', it didn't count as cheating and that I basicly had to get over myself... well, I did and I got over him as well :-)

Curious, as to what's up with this Malcolm-look-a-like... curious, curious, curious!

'As the world turns' should definetely hire you as one of their writers, Ruby!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Whoa, goodness, gracious, that was quite a fight. And, although he was wrong for sleeping with someone when he's married, he pretty much was spot on with everything else. Although I don't know that Lori knew what sort of guy he was, since he doesn't exactly advertise to his conquests that he's sleeping with half of Coventry...

Hmm, so is Spence really just an unfortunate twin? Or is he Malcolm with amnesia? Or is he trying to set up an alibi for convincing Montana he's not who she thinks he is...

Who's Cyd? And I'm kind of surprised Lori cares enough to try and make Jeffrey jealous.

Sally said...

Woohoo - I go on vacation and get back to LOADS of updates! And is that Cyd Roseland? I haven't seen him in Coventry before...

suzie sim said...

*blinks* It was just sex?! Nobody is that stupid, Jeffers. And nobody forced you to get married either - to thee I cleave, etc. End of story. If you don't like the hours she keeps or the way she's treating you, say something. Don't bed half the town & blame your wife. BatRastard.

Argh - well, he sure doesn't sound like Malcolm, but that could still be amnesia instead of a twin. mey - what's his name??!!

Woof - Lori's not too distraught there! She seems to have a strand of stupid in her DNA too. Poor Tori!