Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode 12

*Theme Music*

“Last time I checked, I don't do favors... unless they involve some form of *eyebrow wiggles* nudity and sex...”
“When are you going to give me a tour of your studio?”
“You changed that subject quickly... okay, I'll play... you're in it, what you see, is what you get...”
“What's upstairs?”
“My private loft... it is where the shy clients change before I paint them... I've recently had it redone... it now serves as a private place where we ‘get to know each other better’ before we start...”
“Take me there Jeffery...”

“You're rather aggressive today... you really do want something... what do you want, Rose?”
“Right now, less talk... more action... we can chit chat later...”

“I need you to do something for me Jeffery…”
“This should be interesting…”
“I need information… I need you to find out what you can about David Barnes…”


“Kacper, seriously it’s not that difficult.”
“For you maybe, but I can’t dance… I’ve never even kissed a girl… I’m such a loser.”
“You can’t be a loser… you’re a friend of mine. I don’t associate with losers.”
“Good point.”
“Come on, I’ll teach you to dance… just don’t tell anyone.”

“Told you it was easy, you got the moves now… try this one…”
“Oh man, sorry… was that your foot.”
“Ya, but don’t sweat it.”

“Okay now watch the feet, no don’t ‘watch’ your feet… that’s it… step… step…”

“Now this is one slick move I learned… lean in, and when you get this close you whisper something sweet in her ear and be sure to ‘accidentally’ brush your lips against her ear as you pull away.”
“No way, that’s it?”
“Works every time, my friend…”


“Babe, we've gone over this, you can't expect me to do this. I've known him for years, we're friends.”
“You see, this is why you’re perfect… he won’t suspect you, because you two are already friends!”
“Babe, I would never do that to you, why would you ask me to do it to someone else? Seriously you need to ask something else of me…”
“Just think about it… don’t give me your answer now… just… consider it…”
“What is this between you two?”
“Aren’t you going to paint me now?”
“Again you’re avoiding my questions… one day you will answer me, Rose.”

“Damn Babe, have you been working out? You look great…”
“Of course, I have to stay in shape to keep ahead of you…”
“Cute… very cute…”

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“It isn’t that I don’t want it Jeffery, it’s just better if I left it with you… I do love it…”
“As do I, as will anyone who sees it… you’re gorgeous, Babe… but of course you should know that by now…”
“Yes you’ve been telling me that for years.” *Rose rolls her eyes*
“Yes and one of these days you’ll believe me…”

Crap, it’s almost dawn… where did tonight go? Gods let her be asleep when I get home…

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Lisa said...

Why does Rose want Jeffrey to spy on his friend?! The suspense is driving me nuts!

Shaunna said...

Intersting...very interesting. Lisa definitly said it...the suspense is driving me nuts too! What is it about David that Rose wants to know???

Ah, so young Cornie is discovering some things about how to talk to 'girls'...uh huh, yeah sure. *giggle*

Sally said...

Boy, Rose is one woman of mystery! I really am confused about Rose's behavior - when are you going to Reveal All??!!

Aeronwy said...

Geeze, Jeffrey doesn't even pretend the upstairs room isn't for his "extra-curricular activities," what with that large bed and all. Rose is STILL trying to dig into David's background? *blink* Boy, those two boys are getting awfully chummy during the dance lesson... Ha! I hope Lori is waiting up for Jeffrey.

suzie sim said...

bwuahaaahaaa! Kacper, that's not just lessons, hun. *w* Our little Neil is working both sides of the fence - he does fit in this town! :D

And Jeffrey-*shakes her head* I'm so... so well, surprised is not really the right word. Could it be admiration at the unwillingness to spy on a friend? Or is there just an underlying fear that he could turn the tables & rat you out just as quickly? lol!!