Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode 12-A

*Theme Music*

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“Good morning… yes, this is Mrs. Anderson… I’m… I am… thank you… yes, this is definitely good news… bye.” At least it would be good news if my husband was home to share it with me. Where is that man?

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It is about time…

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“Hey Babe…”
“Don’t you 'hey babe' me.”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Where have you been all night, Jeffery.”
“At the studio, I told you that I was going. All you had to do was pick up the phone, Lori… ”
“I’m sorry, its just…”

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“If you want confirmation, call Rose…”
“Your sister?”
“Yes, she was with me all night… I have a great new painting up of her, you’ll have to come by and see it.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“You’re… Babe, this is great news.”


“Thanks, Neil, you’re the best.”
“I told you it was easy. There’s more advanced stuff but I’m not sure you’re ready…”
“I’m ready…”
“No, seriously, I don’t think you’re ready.”
“I’m ready…”

“Neil… I…”
“Shhhh… you said you’re ready.”

“You’ll do fine, who are you going to the dance with?”
“Ah, then there is one more thing I need to teach you.”


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“Dammit woman, why can’t we hire a plumber?”
“Plumbers cost money.”
“We have money! How much can a plumber cost?”
“More than I'm willing to spend.”
“Tight ass…”
“Ti ah…”
“Oy Tori, stop repeating everything Daddy says.”

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“Okay Kitten, let's get us cleaned up before your mother has a fit.”
“That's right, Daddy’s little girl.”

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“Time to… heh, shake your money maker, little one…”


“I want to thank you, Carmen.”
“Hmmm? What is it, Senior Barnes?”
“I will be moving soon. I will not require your services for this house any longer.”

“I not clean good for you, Senior Barnes?”
“You clean wonderfully, Carmen. I am moving to a new home, that’s all.”

“Oh Senior Barnes, I will miss working for you.”
“I will miss your help, Carmen. If you need a reference letter from me, I will be happy to write one up for you.”
“Si! Gracias, Senior Barnes.”

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Shaunna said...

Looks like the tension is mounting between Lori and Jeffrey. And a new baby on the way?! Hold on, this is going to be a bumpy one!

Looks like Neil learned a thing or two for sure...wonder if he will use the skills on Amanda...*eyebrow wiggles*

Can't wait to see David's new house! Too bad he couldn't keep Carmen as a maid, she was spicy! *giggle*

Sally said...

Great update! Lots going on here. Firsk shock - is Cornelious gay? Or is he just sharing some tips with a friend?? I'm thinking Jeffrey isn't going to last long as as married man, unless another baby will keep him home. Got to go read more...

Aeronwy said...

Heh, yeah, good thing nobody knows your doing your sister, otherwise, that might not be so comforting to your wife. Oh my, is Neil making a play for his friend?? He is! That tramp. Man, David is breaking all ties, isn't he. *frowns* What is that man up to?

suzie sim said...

uhoh - here comes trouble! Staying out all night does not rank you for hubby of the year Jeffers! ;) Argh - but he's got an alibi, good thing Lori doesn't realize how well he covered his "subject" last night. *giggles*

wgt Neil! It does my wee heart proud to see the younger generation following family traditions! :D Now, if only we knew who's family. *nudge*

hehe - I love watching them fix the shower. Don't you wish you could fix everything around the house by cussing & hitting it with a wrench for 30 minutes?! :D
Tori's too cute!

Hmm, David's not thinking about giving out freebies, is he? I bet Carmen will be seeing the new house soon! lol!