Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode 21-A

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“You avoided my question earlier. How are you holding up?”
“I’m okay.. I found a little place, 2 bedrooms for when the kids visit… only she won’t let them come visit.”
“Do you blame her?”

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“What is that suppose to mean? Martin’s too young to even know what’s happening, and Tori, Gods Tori is so torn up over this. She’s filling their heads with… Gods knows what…”
“Calm down, Jeffery, I’m just saying they’re growing up without you…”

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“I’d be there for them, I’ve always been there for them. Don't try to paint me as a bad father. I may have been a bad husband, but when it comes to my kids…”
“I’ve hit a helluva nerve didn’t I?”
“I… yes.”


“What are you doing Martin? That is mine and Daddy’s! You can’t play with that.”
“Mar’in pway…”

“Everything was fine around here till you came. Now everything is wrong and it is all your fault.”
“Mar’in no pway?”

“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you… you made Daddy go away, I hate you!”


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“Come on, I can’t hear Jasmine from out here, you’ll be staying for dinner I suppose.”
“I can cook now you know.”
“Yes, so you’ll be staying for dinner.”

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“What is with the glow?”
“It’s suppose to wear off after an hour, it hasn’t yet… its been months. The doctors have run numerous tests, she is as normal as any toddler…”
“With the exception of the glow?”
*sigh* “Yes… they say she will out grow it… they’re all just guessing now. I’m going to check on dinner, watch her for me…”

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“Hello Jasmine, can you say Jeffery?”
“Close enough… you poor sweet thing, you have your father’s nose.”
*chuckling* “That’s right, nose! You are clever aren’t you.”


“Now you know it isn’t really Martin’s fault don’t you.”
“Yes… but he makes me so mad. He get’s everything. It’s always about Martin.”
“Aw, not always… does your father call you?”
“Mommy won’t let him… but…”
“But? You can tell me, remember I don’t tell your mom.”
“The nanny let’s me call Daddy before Mommy comes home.”

“You know you can call me anytime you need someone to talk to, right?”
“Yes, Pastor Claude, you telled me that already.”
“Okay Tori, just making sure you remember.”
*whispers* “It’s Mommy’s fault Daddy left. Mommy hit Daddy… she doesn’t know I sawed her.”

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Shaunna said...

First of all, roller coaster of emotions...this was a great update girl!

Hmm...I am going to disagree with Rose! Jeffrey was/is an exceptional father. If he did anything right, it was how he treated and cared for his children.

Awww! Poor Tori and Martin...I just want to scoop them up and make it all better. But it seems that Tori is not as misguided as it seems...she is on to her mom...hmm...I have a feeling that Lori better watch her step...

Anonymous said...

Poor Jeffrey and poor Tori and Martin. I can't believe Lori is beng so selfish about this whole thing. Jeffrey has always been a wonderful, devoted father. To deny her children him is awful. At least the nanny sounds good and realizes that Lori is doing something terribly wrong. And Tori saw her mom hit her dad. Interesting. I wonder when that will come out to more than just Davis...

tktrn99 said...

Poor kids...I even feel sorry for Jeffrey!! TDF about Jasmine's glow!! Looking forward to more...

SirenPrincess said...

Wow. I loved the scene with Tori and Martin. I really like that sand set, and the kids just made me want to hug them.

You know, your blog is definitely my favorite. It's the one I always click on right away when I see you have an update.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, Ruby, I finally caught up on Coventry. And I and just drooling for answers along with the rest of your victims--I mean, readers. lol
Oh, I just want to hug Tori. It's so sad. I knew Lori and Jeffery's marriage wouldn't last, but I thought she'd be better than to deny him visits. He should take her to court.
I haven't seen Frank lately... *suspicion*
I wanna know about Mal! *pout*

Lisa said...

*cries for Tori and Martin* Lori is being a bitch! If she's that concerned about the kids seeing Jeffrey with other women, then she should have him come over to her place to see the kids. BOO, Lori!!!!

Uh oh, Tori saw Lori hit Jeffrey. Poor kid. I hope there's nothing squirrely about Davis. He kinda reminds me of Myrddin from

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Lori won't let the kids go visit Jeffrey? That's not right! Hmm, well, at least he realizes he was a bad husband. And, except for screwing other women in front of his daughter and filling his daughter's head with evil things about her mom, he wasn't a bad father. Oh wait. That is being a bad father. Just because he was there around the house doesn't make him a good father.

Oh, poor Martin. Not fair for Tori to blame him, although I suppose I can see how to a young child that her baby brother could be why. :-( Yikes! I hope Lori catches on to this and tries to do something to help!

Aww, at least Jasmine doesn't have to be afraid of the dark, right?

I really can't figure out Pastor Davis. I don't trust him, I really don't. But he does seem to have the welfare of the children at heart. But I can't shake this feeling that his "Project" is something wicked. At least SOMEONE is trying to help Tori deal with her parents' break-up. And I'm glad the nanny lets her call her dad. *sigh* Unfortunately, Tori's too young to know that Jeffrey left not because Lori slapped him, but because he couldn't keep it in his pants and they couldn't pretend everything was okay in their marriage. So now, instead of blaming her little brother, she's gonna blame her mom. :-(

suzie sim said...

Woof - that is one raw nerve! You were a bad husband, lousy friend and I'm not sure I like your brother act either. *eyerolls* Don't start trying to drag your father o' the year award out of mothballs. You blew that when you set up Lori to catch you. :P

Poor Martin & Tori - I hope she stops blaming her little brother soon. :*(

Cool - there's that toddler now! Too cute!

OH! And little ones see more than we think, huh?! I wonder how that's going to sit with The Pastor?