Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode 10

*Theme Music*

*yawning* “Hey Jeffery, what brings you here this early in the morning?”
“Morning huh… Dude, I hate to break it to you, but its 5 pm.”
“That would explain this deep desire for some pizza… Meet you out back; our game is still waiting for us… I’m going to do us both a favor and jump in the shower real quick.”
“In that case, I’ll do you one better… I’ll order us that pizza… anchovies and mushrooms on your half right?”
“Easy sauce, light cheese, you got it…”
“That’s disgusting, David… I don’t know how you can eat that crap.”
“It helps maintain this girlish figure of mine.”
“I’d rather do extra laps in the pool.”

“So what’s new with you?”
“Engaged… you?”
“When is the last time you spoke with Lori?”
“Months… why?”
“Call her…”
“Hmmm, okay…”


“Yes, that’s right… this is my new residence and this is where I want the carpool to pick me up… right… okay… thank you.”

“How was work? Did you get settled in? Where’s Cornelious, did he get home from school okay?”
“Breathe Jonathan, Cornelious is in the study doing his homework, work was fine, I just got home so no I’m not yet settled in…”
“Then I got home just in time to give you the tour and let’s see where the movers put your things.”

“So that was the study, the downstairs bathroom, the living room… well that leaves the bedrooms upstairs, come with me, I’ll show you to your bedroom.”
“Um ‘my’ bedroom?”
“Sure… it’s up here just up the stairs.”


“Do you remember when my mother married your father…”
“Gods you hated me for at least a year…”
“I never hated you, Jeffery… I was angry with your father and took it out on you.”
“I know… what are big brothers for?”
*laughing* “I can’t believe you said yes… this is just hilarious… ‘The’ Jeffery Anderson… engaged… who are you and what have you done with my brother?”
“I don’t know what happened really… damn she’s better than I thought… I can’t believe I underestimated her…”

“I told you… I warned you… but did you listen? Of course not… Jeffery you always think you know better than I do… when will you learn to listen to me?”
“Thanks Rose, kick the man while he’s down…”

“Aw, poor baby… come here… let Rose make it all better…”
“I’m not a… ah hell, who am I kidding…”


“Here you go, this is your room, Cornelious is just across the hall and I’m on the other end of the hall… what? What’s wrong? You don’t like your room, but it’s the biggest one in the house… okay second biggest but it’s almost the same size as mine.”
“It isn’t that Jonathan, I thought we’d be sharing a room.”
“Celeste, I love you and would like nothing more than to share a room and um, bed with you. I just didn’t want to be presumptuous since we… you know, haven’t yet…”
“So where is your room?”

“It isn’t much but it is home.”
“Not much? You have a 3 bedroom home, with 2 bathrooms, a study… a den… and you live here alone?”
“Not anymore I don’t.”

“No, thank the Gods, you don’t.”
“Celeste… you’re um, you’re in my room… and uh…”
“Kiss me Jonathan.”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

*snicker* Jeffrey and David are hilarious. I enjoyed their back and forth. Also glad that David did not spill about Lori...hope Jeffrey takes his advice and calls Lori!

*fans self* Jonathan was cute to begin with, but put that sim in a uniform and phew! Nice to know that he is a gentleman, although whether or not I trust him is yet to be determined.

Excellent update ;)

Sally said...

I'm still thinking that Jonathan is too good to be true. Or is that just because I'm comparing his gentlemanly behavior to the debauched lifestyles of Jeffrey, David, and the rest of Coventry?!

sagana said...

I don't believe it for a second. If he IS that nice - he'll be hit by a satellite any second now ;) Either that or his mother was secretly in love with her father and she's his step-sister. Or he's got a split personality. Isn't that how soap operas work?

Just love this story.

Lisa said...

Did I miss the episode where Jeffrey became engaged? Why hasn't he seen his so-called fiancee in months?

So Jeffrey and Rose are step-siblings? If so then their relationship isn't quite as creepy.

Aeronwy said...

Oooo, now that's a tasty way to open this episode! *smacks her lips* Wait, so Jeffrey knows he's engaged?? I'm so confused! Oh, so Rose and Jeffrey are step-siblings? I thought they were half-siblings. Okay, that's just kinda weird, not freaky creepy. Well, it's about damn time Celeste made her move. Maybe if Jonathan rocks her world well enough, she won't go back to Jeffrey for a little sumthin-sumthin. *waggles her eyebrows*

suzie sim said...

hmmm, Dawg 1, Dawg 2. Now - what trouble are they going to stir up. Don't tell me they're sleeping with each other too?? XD
Chess? Get Out! I bet $100 simoleans that Jeffrey doesn't know how to play chess - David will smoke 'im.

Jonathan - you're a little hyper, calm down, k? Most excellent crib, tho. *w*

And a big collective *whew* from the audience as we realize that Rose & Jeffers don't share a parental unit! Thank you! Now they're just back to horn-dawgs, not Cardinal-Sin, burninHell dawgs.

*rubs hands together* Go on Jonathan! Be presumptious! Please! lol!!

Rachel said...

yay Jonathan and Celeste!!!!! Man there's a lot of WooHoo in the Soap Opera challenge!