Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode 11-A

*Theme Music*

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How did I get myself in to this mess? *sigh* I need a distraction… I don't have anyone scheduled… on the other hand that has never stopped me before… so now the question of who… who would make a delicious distraction?
“Hello Jeffery…”

“Rose, what brings you here?”
“I saw the car out front and thought I'd take a chance… are you busy? Expecting someone?”
“No appointments today, I'm all yours…”
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“I was just thinking I needed a distraction, and here you are…”


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“This is my last visit here isn't it…”
“Yes, yes it is… would you like to spend it talking?”
“Mmmm, no…”

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“I'm going to miss this David…”
“As will I, Montana…”


“Then by all means allow me to distract you… family life isn't all you thought it would be?”
“Tori is awesome, she's not the problem… Lori is trying to domesticate me… this talk is not distracting… its focusing…”
“Oh my poor Jeffery…” *a sly grin crosses Rose's lips* “Dance with me Jeffery…”
*raising an eyebrow* “That's usually my line… how can I refuse you?”
“That’s what I’m counting on…”

“Is this better?”
“Mmmm, much better, you smell like jasmine… Gods I love that scent… it's intoxicating…”
“Of course you do, it's the one you gave me… listen Jeffery… I need to talk to you… I'm calling in a favor…”


“Cornelious, there is a girl downstairs to see you. She’s cute… I think she said her name was Lydia?”
“Leticia, Aunt Celeste… I’ll be down in a second.”
“You remind me so much of your father…”
“How’s that?”
“Oh, he um… well he was very artistic… like you.”

“Hi Cornie…”
“I told you to stop calling me that.”
“Aw, come on…”
“What do you want?”
“Will you go to the dance with me?”
“Ya sure… is that all?”
“I guess… I have to go…”
“So go…”
“But Cornie…”

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Lisa said...

Light bulb moment! Cornelius is Jeffrey's son, isn't he? Why on sim-earth didn't Celeste tell him?

I would fall out of my chair laughing if Lori came home and found Jeffrey and his sister together.

Shaunna said...

*bg* Just have to say I loved this update.

Ha! I knew Jeffrey was second guessing Lori...tho I am not sure what he expects her to want him to do if not settle down. He is the one getting himself into all of this...

Cornie! TDF! Leticia is really cute. Aww little Cornelius is really growing up.

QueenofSimtopia said...


I have been keeping up with the posts (thanks for the lots of them that you have done recently, excuse my bad grammar). But, I haven't been commenting much so here goes...


You are an amazing writer. Seriously, I get so addicted to this story, just like I do to TV soap operas. Anyway, "Cornie" is such an interesting kid. I can't wait to see what he's like later on... all the kids are so cute! What happened to Montana's kid (whose name escapes me at the moment)???

Sally said...

Aww, Coreliuous is growing up to be a heart-breaker just like his Dad?!

Aeronwy said...

I -almost- feel sorry for Jeffrey. Almost. I still don't understand why David is ending things with Montana just because he's moving. It's not like he's leaving the state... I wonder what Lori will do, if she ever comes home to find her husband being "distracted." *blink* So Neil is Jeffrey's kid? I thought he was too old to be the product of Celeste finally giving in to Jeffrey's seduction! Man, Neil's kinda cold. *frowns*

suzie sim said...

So Jeffrey hasn't let a little thing like a wife and daughter slow him down, huh? Now he's scheduling girls like his Dawg-bud David? :|

*still doesn't get Montana*
*still doesn't like David atall*

Aha - Rose has an ulterior motive!! woot! Use & Abuse away! :D
And we're still not seeing a good shot of Cornie's face... hmmm. He must look an awful lot like his daddy. *g* Inquiring minds need to know! lol! Meh - but he acts more like David. *grumbling off about asshats and testosterone*