Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 16-A

*Theme Music*

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“Is he looking?”
“No, he’s… walking, wait he’s slowing…”

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“He’s not paying attention, you can let go now…”

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“Thank you?”


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“Davis! You came, oh thank the Gods.”
“I always do, what is your emergency Frank?”
“He didn’t… yes, of course he did. I’ll go talk with Rose.”

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“Why can’t I stop thinking about you, Rose?”
“After all these years? You can’t possibly say you still feel the same way.”
“Yes I can.”

“Mmmm, jasmine, he always liked you in jasmine.”
“Why did you leave me, Claude?”
“He never told you?”


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“Yes, Nancy?”
“Have you ever thought about having kids… you know, a family of your own?”
“Once… a long time ago…”
“What happened?”
“I lost my chance, I let her slip through my fingers and now… I have no idea where she is.”
“That is so sad!”

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“It is all a part of life…”
“What about that Moorehead lady…”
“What? Who have you been talking to?” *laughing*
“Um, no one…”
“Uh huh… you don’t want to move that…”
“Yes, I do…”

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“Aw man!”


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“He? Tell me what?”
“Jeffery… oh forget about the past, college was years ago.”
“I can’t forget it, Claude, it hurt me, it hurt me deeply.”
“I love you, Rose.”
“I… I…”
“I know.”

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Lisa said...

Maybe Davis was the "one who got away." Maybe losing him has made Rose cold.

I wonder what he'd think if he knew Rose is sleeping with her step-brother.

Shaunna said...

Hm...Jeffrey should be careful kissing Montana like that in public...isn't he married now?

Oh, and Jeffrey is also the reason that Rose and Claude never...*sigh*...that dog! At least those two were able to clear the air and I am with Lisa...maybe Claude leaving her broken hearted is the reason she is so clod now...wonder where this will go...

Sheesh and Frank really sealed his fate inviting the "pastor" over...he might not know it but he will regret it.

Hmm...looks like Nancy is on to the whole David digs Montana thing...and how David denies it as if it isn't obvious! LOL!

Aeronwy said...

Hehe, guess Montana likes the way Jeffrey kisses, eh? Does Frank know Claude's history with Rose, that he's sending him to go talk to her? "He" who? Her brother?? Erm, why is David sitting around topless in front of a teenage girl he's supposed to be guardian for? WHAT!! What didn't Jeffrey tell her!! *shakes her fist at Ruby* Viscious evil woman.

tktrn99 said...

Gah! More questions! Who was the 'one who slipped away'? And, wait...didn't Jeffrey get married! Jeez, what are you doing to my brain?!

suzie sim said...

I don't think that Jeffrey should be standing around a public market, necking on Montana! hehe, but Montana doesn't seem to mind!
Oy!! Frank?! Called Davis over??! To "talk" to Rose? *keels over from the irony* Yeah - and we wanna know who "HE" is!!

Ahhh, and David let one get away, huh? Is that why he's just a rent-a-dick now? lol

oh - He is Jeffrey? And Davis is obviously still in love with Rose, but Rose has changed a LOT since college, buddy!