Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Episode 20-A

*Theme Music*

“Just don’t just slap me again. What is wrong with you?”

“I… I can’t handle this, Jeffery… it… I… I just can’t.”
“Don’t walk away from this, Lori. You walk away and we’re through.”

“I’m just not strong enough to handle this, I’m sorry.”
“You’re strong enough to slap me across the face, you’re strong enough to sleep with another man… but suddenly you’re not strong enough to talk to me?”


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“Articulate as always I see.”
“Right,” *ahem* “staying for dinner?”

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“Why are you here, Elena?”
“Davis naturally and this project of ours.”

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“You cook?”
“There are a things about me that would surprise you, Elena.”
“Doubtful… I believe I would be the one person that knows you best.”


“I can’t believe I hit you… I can’t believe I slept with Cyd! I’m a horrible person.”

“Get a grip, Lori. No one is perfect, just don’t slap me again. I have taken a lot of abuse in my life but that is one I will not stand for. Are you calm now?”
“I guess so.”
“Okay so what is it you want?”

“I want a divorce, Jeffery.”
“Okay… just know I will want to visit my children. If either of them want to live with me, I’m good with that too. Tori’s going to take this hard, you know that… as for Martin, well he’s still young. I’ll send for my stuff when I have a home, until then I’ll stay at the studio… kiss my kids for me.”
“Good-bye, Jeffery.”
“Good-bye, Lori.”

“Daddy? Daddy, don’t leave me! Daddy, don’t go… please don’t leave me…”

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Shaunna said...

OMG! My heart is completely crushed! Oh Tori *comfort*...wow that was...wow so sad the poor baby! *tear* So that is it with Jeffrey and Lori, sad, but I hate to say I never expected it to last. *sigh*

Oh and this mysterious Elena is a part of the project as well eh? And from what is said in their conversation it seems she has a whole diffrent impression of David...could he have been that diffrent in college? What happended with these two??

CeeCee said...

Poor David. Usually he's so suave he's almost slimy. Now he's having trouble even saying her name?

I guess we all saw the divorce coming. Awww, he called them "my kids" again. How sweet.

Oh no. Poor Tori. *cries*

sagana said...

She shouldn't divorce him. That's a mistake.

I still don't like David. Elena looks a lot like Lori from the back, doesn't she.

So Mal has a twin, hm. The good twin skippy.

Mao said...

Awww, I knew it wasn't going to last, but it is still sad. But really, you can't have a true relationship if you're going to bed different folks, yeeesh.

I must know, where did you get that towel Lori is wearing?? I've found male towels, but no female ones!

tktrn99 said...

Oh, the poor kids!! Man, you had a slapping-frenzy going on for awhile there! Hmm..I wanna see this Elena. What is this project??

SirenPrincess said...

Ohhh, poor Tori. I know it's a soap opera challenge, so making the bad stuff happen is necesarry for point building, but it still makes me sad to see sims unhappy. You actually made Jeffry suddenly seem like a nice guy, though, so kudos on that.

I'm still anxiously awaiting the truth behind Mal or whoever he is.

Lisa said...

*crying* Poor Tori. She and her daddy love each other so much. I see her wanting to live with him. She's going to be very angry with Lori.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Poor Jeffrey. Why do I have a feeling he really did love her, in his own twisted way. :-(

Poor David. Looks like the woman who broke his heart isn't giving him any encouragement either. Heh, I bet she doesn't know him as well as she thinks anymore. And I KNEW you weren't gonna give us any information on who this mysterious woman is!

Wow, just like that. I guess he didn't really love her after all. *sigh* And he's right, Tori is going to take it HARD. She's not going to want to live with mom at all. But he should have slept on the couch and stayed long enough to say goodbye to the kids. Leaving in the middle of the night is wrong. See? Toldja it was wrong to leave in the middle of the night like that. Now, instead of the parent she's closest to being able to explain things to her, she's going to assume he's abandoned her.

Sally said...

Yikes - I thought Lori was building up to something, but DIVORCE?! Is there any chance of a reconciliation, at least for the kids' sakes?

Elena, Elena - who are you?

suzie sim said...

*pokes Jeffers* You started this bub. Yeah, she was stupid, but you don't get to play all Downtrodden.

lol - Naturally seems to be a key word here! She doesn't seem to be very swoony over him, considering she's been brooding for years. :\

Bah - take the kids dude, you know she's never home. Poor Tori! She's going to be really acting up now - start saving for the Dr. Woo bills. :P

Rachel said...

Oh, poor Tori. Why do the kids have to suffer when their parents are stupid?