Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 17-A

*Theme Music*

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“Oh listen to you, the one with the witty comebacks.”
“Gods I hate you.”
“The feeling is mutual, but being a clergyman it is my obligation to forgive you.” *sigh*

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“Oh don’t do me any favors, the high, mighty and self-righteous Davis. Now stop beating around the bush. Why did my wife call you?”
“It’s Tori, Lori is worried because she’s been acting out.”

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“How the hell would she know, she’s never home and when she is she never spends time with her. Fine, if it will get you out of my face, speak with my daughter, but I warn you. Do not poison her mind against me.”
“I believe that is your area of expertise.”


“So X=5?”
“Correct, if you want to check your answer, simply work in reverse back to its origin.”
“That was easy…”
“People have a tendency to over complicate matters.”

“Thanks David, oh hey… so I invited a girl over…”
*raised eyebrow*
“Uh no, not like that…”
“I thought not.”
“She ran away from home and she needs a place to hang, ya know? So… can she stay?”
“Naturally, if you vouch for her character than she can stay.”
“Dude you’re the best.”

“Hermia? Hermia… shhh… stop… I’m…Hermia! Geez, I’m fine… yes, don’t worry about me… NO! I mean, um, no… well, because you can’t…”
“Oh my Gods, okay um, Hermia… I gotta go… love you too and tell Grandpa to stop yelling, I’m not coming home.”


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“Are you going to let me win?”
“I didn’t plan on it. Do you parents always let you win?”
“Daddy says you have to learn to win, but he lets me win sometimes. He said it’s for my self… self…”
“Yup, self-condifence.”

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“What about your mom, does she let you win?”
“Mommy doesn’t play chess with me, but one time she played with Daddy way late at night.”
“How do you know that?”
“Cause I had a nightmore…”
“Uh huh, and Daddy gave me a hug and read to me.”
“You really have a great dad.”
“He’s the bestest Daddy!”

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“Hey Buddy, sorry I am late.”
“Daddy sad?”
“Nah, Buddy, Daddy’s not sad… worried… but not sad. Are you ready to play?”
“Ma’tin play wi Daddy?”
“You bet, Martin, just you and me today.”


“I… uh hi, I’m Juliette, Juliette Cap…”
“I work with Kacper and he knew I ran away from home and told me I could maybe hang out here?”
“I see…”
“Is that okay?”

“Kacper already told me you were here. We have a few rules…”
“Um, okay…”
“Keep your grades up, so the school leaves us alone, don’t get into trouble with the law, so they leave us alone… and most importantly respect everyone that lives here, including yourself… no drugs or alcohol.”
“That’s it?”
“Pretty much, yes… oh, and stay out of my rooms.”
“I can totally do that.”

“You’ll be sharing the girls’ room with Nancy. Right now you are the only two girls here. The only boy here at the moment is Kacper, who you already know…”
“I have to share a room?”
“Share or go home.”
“Sharing is good…”
“You’ll want to change your look… everyone changes their look upon arrival… the less you look like your old self, the better to blend in with your new life and new family. Nancy can help you… providing you ask her nicely.”
“Um, thank you Mr. Barnes.”
“It’s David… and don’t thank me yet... you may not want to stay…”

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Shaunna said...

Hmm...Jeffrey the dog has a good side? I have to give him mad credit for being a great dad. What is up with Lori? Never home with her beautiful kids? They sure are beautiful btw! Love them just want to pinch them little cheeks.

Well, hello there Juliette I knew that there were problems at home what with your families fuding, but I had no idea...interesting...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...why is little Tori acting out? Because her mom is never home or because she saw something between her dad and another woman? I must agree with shaunna and give Jeffrey credit for being a really great dad though.

Juliette moves in to the home for runaways and agrees to the rules. So why does David think she might not want to stay? I'm having a really hard time believing that home is all good...

Lisa said...

Jeffrey is a dawg, but he is an incredible dad. Why does Lori think Tori is acting out? What is Davis up to?

Yeah, why doesn't David think Juliette will want to stay?

Aeronwy said...

Whew, that's some serious bad blood between those two men. Is that Juliete on the phone? Heh, Tori is kinda cute, even if she's acting out. Hah! I knew that was her. *preens* Geeze, David doesn't accept ANY lips, does he. Guess it comes from being a dominating gigolo all those years.

I still think there's something shady going on with that home, that David is so worried about attracting ANY attention. *stares suspiciously at David*

Sally said...

I agree - David is one very cold fish. But I can't figure out what his real purpose is running the home.

It's funny, I'm beginning to warm to Jeffrey. He may be a womaniser but he's a great Dad. I wonder what the full history is between him, Davis and Rose..?

tktrn99 said...

What is David up to? I'm sure there is an alterior motive buried in here somewhere. Aww...I almost feel sorry for Jeffrey. He may be a man-whore, but at least he's a good dad! :)

suzie sim said...

hehe, so does Davis have the power to officially tell Jeffry to go to Hell? *cheeky grins*

humph! Maybe Lori's never home because Somebody's got to work in this family! *eyes Jeffrey* And I don't mean selling your paintings.

I still don't trust David. What's he grooming these kids for? Sounds like the beginning of a cult to me. Aha - that's Juliette! Romeo should be barkng around the doors any minute now! :D :D

Aww - is this the first we've seen of Martin? He's a cutey! It's a shame that Jeffers is allergic to monogamy, he seems like such a good dad. :\

*smacks David* Go put some clothes on, man!

(argh!! now I have to do the typing test, and I always get them wrong the first time! *nosewrinkles*)