Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode 7-A

*Theme Music*

“Virginia’s awake… go see to your daughter… I’m going now… and I won’t be back… you know the arrangement and I will not deviate from it again…”

That woman makes me weak…


“Allyn, what a pleasant surprise…”
“Hi, just stopping by for a second…”
“Come in, come in… I have an appointment on their way, but I have a few minutes for a visit…”

“You’re trees are so healthy, Jeffery, I’m so proud of the effort you’ve put in to them.”
“I had a good teacher, those were wonderful pointers you gave me… they were a wreck before you came to their rescue.”
“Oh Jeffery, you’re just being nice…”

“When are you going to let me paint you, Allyn? You have such luscious lips…”
“You… want to paint me?”

“Naturally, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked… why does this surprise you? You’re a beautiful woman, Allyn.”

“Mmmm, saved by the bell… my appointment is here… say you’ll come by tonight…”
“What time? I have to work late tonight…”
“Late then, say… 10 pm?”
“Perfect… I’ll see you then…”


“David, always great to see you!”
“Lori, you are simply glowing… how far along are you now?”

“Any day now, actually he’s late…”
“She isn’t late, are ya girl… no you're not… have you told him?”
“Not yet…”
“What on Simearth are you waiting for?”

“David, call the hospital, it’s time!”
“Don’t you dare have that girl here… hold on”



“You’re looking wonderful, Celeste… come on in.”
“Are you painting Allyn now, Jeffery?”
“Jealousy, Celeste? That shade of green isn’t as lovely as the one you’re wearing…”
“And you’re avoiding the question…”

“I’m sorry Jeffery, I have no right to ask you what you’re doing and not doing… I have so many things going on now, my head is spinning…”
“I can only imagine, where is the little man?”
“School… the bus arrives at 3”
“So you have a couple of hours before you need to get home…”

“Gods, I didn’t come here for sex Jeffery! I need a friend, I need…”
“You need to calm down, I didn’t exactly offer… I was thinking of your schedule and what time you needed to be home for your nephew… what is going on with you Celeste?”

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Shaunna said...

Oooo! Weakness from Mr. Heart of Stone! I knew there was something soft below the surface on David. Prolly best to let Montana keep thinking that he doesn't care...but how long can the charade continue??

And there is that heat I was hoping not to lose with Celeste and Jeffery. Altho he didn't have to go to her she came to him. Looks like that Jonathan is going to have a tough time of things...

Lisa said...

Sooooooooo. David is being an asshat to Montana because he likes her! That makes perfect sense. If you're a first grader.

Lori is having Jeffrey's baby?! Will she ever tell him?

Celeste is rather touchy today. Don't suppose she's preggers too?

tktrn99 said...

Holy cow....David admis a weakness, even under his breath? I didn't think he had it in him!, not on the lawn!!! Celeste is touchy! I don't think Neil is her nephew...I think it's a lovechild from Jeffrey!!!

Aeronwy said...

She does? You can't tell it from the way you treat her, David. Okay, David is like a gigilo or something, but Jeffrey is just a horn dog! Oh goodness.... so did Lori get Jeffrey's genes? *giggles* Whew, Celeste and Allyn don't care much for each other, do they...

HA! No way you weren't thinking of sex, Jeffrey, you just managed to think fast when you got caught at it. :-b

suzie sim said...

Pah! *skips grumbling about David*

Ahhh - Jeffrey, when a system works, stick with it, huh?!

Lori?? D'oh! Who's the baby daddy??! Whee! A new Game!! *seg*

Love the looks on the lady's faces as they pass at the Dawg's Door...
Go on - haul off and slap him Celeste! Somebody needs to! :D

Rachel said...

I so need a chart of whose sleeping with who. I'm getting really confused!