Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 18-A

*Theme Music*

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“Hi Romeo…”
“You look, wow.. you look great.”
“Oh thank the Gods, I thought you might hate it.”

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“Mmmm no way baby, you are looking hot!”
“I love you, Romeo.”
“Hey, what’s with the tears?”
“I’m sorry Romeo, but you can't come here any more. You need to forget where I live… if I don't break ties with everyone… well he will send me away!”

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“Baby that’s crazy, just come home then.”
“I can’t you don't know what he did… oh my Gods or what he will do to me if I go back.”
“What about us? You, me… us?”
“College, we have a year before we graduate, I’ll see you at Coventry College and then.. no?”
“I’m not going to Coventry College, I’ve been accepted at Veronaville University… come home with me Juliette.”
“I can’t…”

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“Bye Romeo…”


“Hey, oh you have company… my bad… I’ll just um, can we carpool in the morning?”
“Yes, that’s fine Carla… I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Thanks Spence!”
“I think you should be leaving as well… whoever you are… since you don’t seem to be willing to tell me your name…”

“Montana… Montana Moorehead… you’re Spence?”
“Oh hey Mal, ya left your window open on your car… see ya in the morning!”
“Thanks Carla, I’ll see to that immediately.”

“Mal… Malcolm?”
“I’m sorry someone treated you so harshly you felt the need to lash out at me… perhaps the next time we meet will be under better circumstances.”


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Why is the maid still here? Oh Gods, Jeffery!

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“Jeffery! In my own bed! Ugh, that is so disgusting.”
“No, that was damn good.”

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“Hey Babe, you’re home early.”
“That is all you have to say to me?”
“Uh, how was your day?”

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Shaunna said...

Oh no! What crossed lovers broken up, I guess you haven't told us what Juliette left home for. Heh. Too bad for ole Romeo...Juliette does look darn adorable.

You minx! Your totally stringing me on thinking that is Spence and then the Mal slips...*shaking head* think I was expecting some kind of closure...pfft! It is great tho!

Hmmm...Lori seems well aware of her husbands infidelities...why doesn't she try? Always working...this relationship has me wondering...

Lisa said...

Man, Juliette is brave, giving up Romeo to escape from home. I wonder what her dad did to her.

Is it or isn't it Mal? Inquiring minds want to know!


Aeronwy said...

Aww, poor Juliette is losing her Romeo now that she's in this halfway house. *stares suspiciously at Spense/Malcolm* BUSTED!! *cackles* Can't wait to see what Officer Lori does now. Although she knew what he was when she married him, so I'm not sure why she's surprised now...

Sally said...

There's something very fishy about that halfway house. But I'm sad that Juliette has let her Romeo go - perhaps Romeo won't give up so easily?

So it IS Malcolm - right?!

Jefferey is finally caught out at home. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Ah-ha. So that's why David thought Juliette might not want to stay at the half-way house--she has to give up everyone she had ties to in the past. Poor thing.

Hmmm...and Spence/Malcolm? Why the two names? Is one his last name and one his first? Is it really Montana's Malcolm? Oh the questions!

Heh, Jeffrey got busted. He doesn't look or sound too remorseful, does he? Heh.

tktrn99 said...

Is it Malcolm or not?! I'm confused! Oh man, had be almost feeling sorry for you! Jeez, is he ever busted! Poor Romeo and Juliet! *giggle*

suzie sim said...

Juliette did clean up cute! Aww - why doesn't she just move in with Romeo & his family? I'm sure the Monty's won't mind, lol!!

hehe, oops - so Is He?? or isn't He?? Dang - just as Montana was hitting the road!

Jeffers did that on purpose. He's being way too calm about it. *nods* This must be some kinda pay back for Lori siccing the Pastor on him. :\