Monday, June 25, 2007

Episode 19-A

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“Are you sure that’s a smart move?”
“Are you saying no?”
“Oh I didn’t say no, I was only making sure you knew what you’re asking for.”

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“Oh good, now that you’re through be sure to change the sheets. I’m sleepy.”


“So you say her husband has been missing for 16 years? Not much of a husband if I may be so bold…”
“Quite right… I cannot imagine what would possess a man to abandon his wife and child in such a manner.”
“Child? They have a child as well?”

“Yes, Virginia, she is about 15 I suppose, according to Montana she was due when he originally went missing. She was a bit fuzzy on details, something about a satellite in her yard and such.”
“It is no wonder she is so angry with him.”

“So what brought you here to Coventry, Mr. Spence?”
“Work actually… my office transferred me. Tell me Pastor Davis, do you think it foolish of me to visit Ms. Moorehead and explain the mix up to her?”
“Do you know where she lives?”
“Oh, mercy… no, I suppose I won’t be visiting her then.”
“With your approval, I can visit Montana on your behalf. It may be a few days before I can visit her, but I will do so as quickly as possible. Would that be acceptable to you?”
“Yes and thank you, Pastor Davis, I really appreciate this.”


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“Jeffery Anderson…man, I love your work.”
“Why thank you, you just made my night.”
“My favorite is that one, your know, the woman chained to the…”
“Oh my Gods… are you two serious?”

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“Aren’t you angry? Hurt? Upset? Anything?”
“Tired and a little thirsty… what’s wrong with you?”
“Jeffery you just walked in on me and Cyd making love!”
“Sex and making love are two separate things, Lori. I’m getting a drink of water… did you want something, Cyd?”
“No, Cyd is going home now.”
“Uh, nah man, I’m good… night Lori.”


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“Yes, David…”
“How are you holding up?”
“I left my family, I lost my boyfriend, the only boy here wont give me the time of day and I don’t know why I care.”

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“You just lost your boyfriend and your family… I’m guessing you care because you really want to feel accepted for you… you just have to know you can’t change a person Jules, you have to accept them as they are. Getting him that job at the Top Dog with you wont change things, although I’m sure he appreciates the gesture. On the other hand, what do I know…”

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“I’m sorry, what?”
“Wow, where did you go?”
“College… never mind… just don’t expect too much from Kacper, he’s a good kid…” *sigh*

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Shaunna said...

*shaking head* Lori! That was a bold move, I guess she thought it neccisary. Doesn't seem to have Jeffrey too concerned. So is that his philosophy? Does he love Lori and find..ahem...satisfaction from the other women in his life? Hmm...will Lori go for that?

So Pastor Davis will be paying a visit to Montana on this Mr. Spence's behalf. I really wanted to see this guy get his butt kicked by Montana again *giggle snort*. Either way it could ne interesting...

And what's on David's mind...seems like his thoughts are definitly elsewhere. *shoots thoughtful glance at ruby*

CeeCee said...

Wonderful!!! I absolutely love his response. *cheers* "Go Jeffery!"

Is Davis playing matchmaker? lol

Wow, David really is still hung up on on Montana, isn't he? Or is it someone else? Hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Heh. I'm not surprised that Jeffrey didn't give a hoot about Lori sleeping with someone else. His response was quite funny sure to change the sheets. *snicker* I wonder if that marriage will actually last. his name is Malcolm Spence. That's a bit of a coincidence, isn't it? That a man looking just like Montana's Malcolm is named Malcolm? Will we ever find out if it's a case of amnesia or a twin or just some crazy coincidence?! I'm sure we will, but I am rather impatient. heh.

And just what was David thinking about from college? Very interesting web you weave girl. very interesting indeed.

Mao said...

Whew! Lots to catch up on. Much like a regular Soap Opera, my head is spinning. I'm keeping afloat, though and wondering what all this mystery is building up to!

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, so many updates. They were really fun to read.

Lisa said...

Wow. Lori really has no right now to be upset about Jeffrey's other women. *snicker* "Be sure to change the sheets" TDF!

Awwww. Poor Jules doesn't realize that Kacper is gay. Rebound romances never work anyway. Move on Jules!

tktrn99 said...

Oh man...Lori just got played!! Ouch! That stung! So, is this Malcolm Spence going to be a twin...or did the recently departed Malcolm steal his identity? Oh, too many questions!

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm, I'd say that backfired a wee bit on Lori there. *snickers*

Hmm, either Spencer is VERY good at playing people or he's on the level... Although I've noticed he hasn't actually offered anyone any information on his background, like where he grew up or moved from or anything. I think I'm gonna reserve judgement, for now.

Whew, yeah, I'd say that backfired in a BIG way. *snickers* I keep wanting to not like the cad, but somehow, Jeffrey's just so, I don't know, laid back about it all that you can't help but like him anyway.

So Juliette is sniffing after Kacper, eh? Does she know he's gay?

suzie sim said...

Bad idea Lori. Stooping to his level while those sheets aren't even cold yet. *eyerolls* He Just Doesn't Care.

And if Mr. Spence looks enough like Malcolm #1 so that Montana was convinced, why haven't WE seen his face yet?? hmmm?

*shakes her head at both of them* Now it's really just a matter of working out custody, isn't it? :|

bah - a few more months Jules, and you can go off to college & find some non-twisted sim to fall in love with, get married and start spinning out kids. Kacper is a good kid, but he drives on the other side of the street. *nods*

Rachel said...

LOL Jeffrey yawned when he found his wife with another man and told them to change the sheets! THat's too funny!