Thursday, June 14, 2007

Episode 7

*Theme Music*

“Am I going to die, Boss?”
“If you get caught, there is a distinct possibility… so, are you up to the challenge?”
“I was serious when I said anything for you… I’ll do it.”

“I won’t fail you, Boss…”
“See that you don’t… good night, Jack.”


“Sorry for the delay, you should just ring the bell… I’m usually home. I added a little extra for making you wait.”
“Thanks, Mr. Anderson! You’re like the coolest adult.”
“I will take that as a compliment… you have great cheekbones, Amy. When do you graduate from high school? One of these days, you’ll have to let me paint you.”
*giggling* “Thanks, Mr. Anderson… I’ll remember that.”

“Jeffery Anderson?”
“And you are?”
“Oh sorry for my lack of manners, I’m Jonathan Terynynck. We have a mutual acquaintance, Celeste Talbert.”

“I’m Jeffery, what can I do for you Jonathan?”
“I came here to ask you… hell, beg you if I need to… Jeffery, I need you to stay away from Celeste.”


“Where is Virginia?”
“She is taking a nap…”
“How long will she nap?”
“A good hour, sometimes two…”

“Good, come here, Montana… or I may regret coming…”
“Oh my…”

“No more words Montana… or I leave…”
*Montana nods silently*


“Let me get this straight… you want me to stay away from one my best friends… and I should do this for you… why?”
“Oh hells, I’m not handling this very well… you know you have a conversation in your head, you know the words you want to say and then when it comes down to it… you flub it all up.”
“You aren’t convincing me… why don’t you start with the part of who the hell you are and why should I?”

“It’s complicated… Celeste and I met through work… we don’t exactly work in the same field, suffice it to say we have had the occasion to work together…”
“Get to the point where I care…”

“She and I have gotten close… and she is still holding back… and I know it is because of you. You are what stands between me and Celeste…”
“You’re in love with Celeste… why didn’t you just say so?”
“I thought I did…”

*Theme Music**Commercial Break*


Shaunna said...

Oooo...David really taking on the power roll here. I think I am liking Montana in the submisive roll. LOL.

Jonathan!? Who does this Jonathan think he is to keep Jeffrey away from Celeste??? Altho he is kind of a looker...regardless, Jeff and Celeste have some serious sparks that I enjoy watching. I am interested to see how this plays out...

Lisa said...

David is such an asshat to Montana, but she might be deserving it. I haven't decided yet.

tktrn99 said...

What did Montana do to David? He came over there?? Jonathan....stand up to Jeffrey!!! He had his chance!

Aeronwy said...

Well, at least she compensates her employees for the risks she's asking of them... Good god, Jeffrey, she's a teenager!! Hmm, what's up with Jonathan? Man, David really is quite in charge of that "relationship" isn't he.

“You’re in love with Celeste… why didn’t you just say so?”
“I thought I did…”

Bwahaha!! Poor Jonathan. I don't think he stands much chance, the little dweeby guy. *pats Jon on the head*

suzie sim said...

woof - legs for days! @@! Nothing like a moral-booster before a deadly assignment, huh boss?! lol!

ewww on trying to pickup the newspaper girl already! ROTF! Jonathan has a thing for Celeste?? Has he told her??! Yikes!

hehe - Montana spent some of hubby's simoleans on some new boobs, or that dress is just uhhh, more flattering. :D But she must really have a thing for domineering computer geeks.
*still is itching to smack David*

Aww - Hells - Jonathans' cute, in a bumbling doofusy way. He doesn't stand a chance in this 'hood! XD

Rachel said...

Hitting on the paper girl is just creapy! I loved this line, “Get to the point where I care…” Wish I could say that in real life.