Friday, June 15, 2007

Episode 8

*Theme Music*

“That’s better, we need to work on your jumping skills woman, you’re jumping all over my case from an innocent comment… now talk to me.”
*sigh* “I have to stop posing for you Jeffery, I need to spend time away from you… I need to clear my head…”
“I see… no problem, you can have whatever space you need Celeste… I’ve never demanded anything of you.”
“That is true Jeffery… you’ve been so patient with me.”

“Celeste, look at me… whatever time, you need… its yours… just remember I’m always here to listen… first and foremost, I am your friend…”
“With benefits?”
“Most definitely with benefits…”

“Oh not again Jeffery… I can’t… I can’t… I can’t think straight when you’re touching me…”
“Then maybe it’s time for you to go home…”

“Good-bye, my sweet Celeste…”
“Good-bye, Jeffery.”


What the… oh, she's good… she's almost too good…

That will take care of it, no way in anymore… find another hole to crawl through.

Davis is going to want to hear about this…


“Every time… I’m such a weak person… I can’t quit you… you’re in my blood… you’re in my soul…”

“I am guessing now isn’t the time to say, you started it?”
“No, it isn’t… and I know I did… I came here today to break things off with you… not for… this… Jeffery, I met someone… he’s wonderful… you’d like him…”
“Does he make you happy?”
“I think he could if I could just get over you…”
“I just want you happy, Celeste… that’s all I’ve ever wanted for you.”

“So just like that you’re letting me go?”
“Celeste you were never mine to keep…”
“I… huh, I hadn’t thought of it that way… I feel like such a goof…”
“A beautiful goof, but a goof you are… Jonathan is a lucky man…”
“You know Jonathan? How did you…when did you… did you…”
“Relax Celeste, we met, and he’s seems like a decent kind of guy.”
*sigh* “Thank you, Jeffery.”


“Senior Barnes, there is a man… he stares in the window…”
“Dark hair, goatee, brown suit?”
“I hate to ask, Carmen, but I need your help again…”

“He's gone now…”
“Mmmm, you have magic fingers, Carmen… and thank you.”

“He's a scary man?”
“Scary? Not really, trouble… si.”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

I love David...he always keeps me guessing.

And *heart breaks* Celeste and Jeffrey...these two I can't seem to put my finger on either.

Great update.

Lisa said...

C'mon Celeste! Time to get over playa Jeffrey and move on to someone who only wants you. At least we hope so.

What's David up to now?

You're blog is very unpredictable, Ruby. I love how you keep us guessing!

Sally said...

I'm loving it! So, Celeste has seen sense and moved on from Jeffrey. But what does Jeffrey want? And now a new mystery involving David. Must go read some more...

Aeronwy said...

Hmm, I'm almost surprised Jeffrey let her go home after getting worked up. He's a player, but maybe he's not a complete cad... Um, huh? What was all that about? Wait, isn't THAT David, on the phone?? HAH! Okay, I guess Jeffrey knew her well enough to know there was no way she wasn't going to get her pleasure first. *shakes her head* I just don't know what to think about Jeffrey... Who's the guy in the window?

suzie sim said...

*gasp* is she going to stop seeing him?? And he's going to be all Big about it?! *blinks*

What is the skanky art that David has all over his house?! Ninja biker chicks? lol! Such an Ass.

Aww - poor Celeste. You can't help who you fall for, even if you know they're using you & gonna break your wee heart, huh? You can go back and marry Johathan if you want, but it won't help. *sigh*