Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode 21

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“Let’s see, brooding, quiet, mysterious, cold, calculating, unapproachable and controlling, nothing about you has changed.”
“You forgot jaded and heartbroken.”
“That was years ago get over it.”

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“You left me at the alter, not something someone gets over so easily.”
“We’re working together now, David, I suggest you don’t allow your personal feelings get in the way of our objectives.”

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“Did you ever ask yourself why… Why did I leave you, David?”
“It is because you are brooding, cold, calculating, and controlling.”
“You forgot mysterious, quiet and unapproachable…”
“No, I didn’t.”


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*sigh* Jeffery… I don’t know if I'm ready for this.

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“Rose you look wonderful, what a great house, rather open for you isn’t it?”
“Hello Jeffery, how are you holding up?”

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“What’s wrong?”
“What? Nothing…”
“I’ve known you most of your life Rose, what is it.”


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“Jules… not the hair, dangit!”
“They’re out of control.”
“They’re teenagers.”
“That is no excuse.”
“Extract the bug that crawled up yo-”
“Don’t finish that thought, David.”
“Too late.”
“I forgot childish…”

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“You’re excused, David. So Kacper, how is it living here?”
“It’s cool, I mean the girls gotta share a room, but heck it beats the streets right?”
“Go easy on the kid Elena, he isn't me.”

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“Now that David’s gone, how is it really living here with him?”
“Seriously, its cool. He’s way smart, helps with homework and doesn't lecture you when you mess up, just reminds you of your responsibilities and lets it go… you know, not like some people always, in your business and stuff.”
“I see…”
“You aren’t seriously thinking of replacing him are you? This place would totally suck without him.”
“Actually we are, but not now… when you’re ready, you will take over care for this place and David will open another one… that is the plan anyhow.”
“Really? Me? Cool.”
“I take it he hadn’t told you…”

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“There you are…”
“What now Elena, come to pour salt and grind it in to my wounds?”
“No, I’m moving in.”


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“Nothing, really… come on I have drinks on the deck..”
“Drinks on the deck… rather domestic of you.”
“I’m a mom now, Jeffery… motherhood changes a person…”

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“Rose, talk to me…”
“About what Jeffery?”
“Whatever it is that is on your mind. You want to say something so say it.”

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“Am I that transparent to you Jeffery? I told you, it is just being a mother makes you look at things a little differently, that’s all.”
“That is not all, but I suppose I can't make you answer me.”

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Shaunna said...

Quite the firery red head this Elena is. And left him at the alter!? Wha? They were engaged...and now she wants to move into the house? This is gonna be will things work with these two at eachothers throats?

Rose looks beautiful...and kinda like a changed woman. But what is it that Jeffrey senses...could she be hiding something more under that cool mom demeanor?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...interesting dynamic between Elena and David. I wonder, now that she's moving in, will the old flame be rekindled? David really does seem like a good guy in his role at the home for runaways--which, by the way, I'm still not convinced is all good. :P

What is wrong with Rose? Something obviously, but what could it be? Unhappy in being a mother? Or unhappy with the father of the child? I don't know...

tktrn99 said...

Elena moving in?? This will be interesting to watch! Oh Jeffrey and Rose...does she want something from him? What is on her mind??

Lisa said...

I agree with Alexis, something feel fishy about the runaway home.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Heh, okay, maybe Elena does know David well. And I see she's pretty darn cold herself. She left him at the altar?!? Oh, that's just wrong. So... why'd she agree to get married in the first place? And will we ever see her face?

Hmm, what's up with Rose now?

Heh, good for David. I'm glad to see that Kacper stood up for David and didn't change his response when he left the room. WHAT?? Why on earth is she moving in?!?

Geeze, why does she (read: YOU) have to always be so darn mysterious, eh? Why can't she just say what's on her mind? *grumbles in frustration*

suzie sim said...

Ifn Elena wasn't such a Bee-otch, I think I'd like her, she's got David's best points pegged. lol! I may just like her anyways. ;)

wooh! Rose has a new house! *claps* very nice! And what isn't she ready for? Sex? pah! Recriminations about living with Frank? Not warning Jeffers that The Pastor is back?? :D

Soooo, this program is a Home for Runaways? But was Kacper a runaway? I didn't know he problems at home. :\ hehe - Elena's moving in? That's GOT to put a crimp in David's style! *evil grins*

hmmm, has motherhood really changed Rose that much? And where's the essential ingrediant for motherhood? *tapping fingers* Is the kid in school already??! :D