Friday, June 15, 2007

Episode 8-A

*Theme Music*

All these damn interruptions, how is a man to get any real work done? *sighs* What is that incessant noise?

This house is falling apart and too small, it just will not do…

“What? No, I did not compromise the… of course… don't be absurd… 7 then…”

“Good to see you Deana”
“Tell me you have good news…”
“Naturally, would I have anything less for you?”


“Oh my stars! Jeffery!”

“Jeffery! There’s was a burglar in your living room!”
“Yes, I heard the alarm go off… come back to bed…”
“Aren’t you going to do something about it?”
“Did the officer show up?”
“Well yes, but…”
“And the burglar got caught?”
“Well yes, but…”
“Then what is the problem?”

“Now… where were we?”
“Are you really going to paint me?”
“In the morning… tonight, you inspire something else in me…”


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“Say Mommy…”
“Well Mommy doesn't know where 'Da' is…” *sigh*


“Thank you for walking me home… it is good to know chivalry is not dead.”
“I’d walk to the ends of the Simearth for you, Celeste…”

“One day Celeste, you will no longer see me as merely some guy… one day you will look upon me as a man deeply in love with you… a man that will honor you… cherish you and your nephew… treat you like the queen that you are…”
“Oh my, Jonathan this is all so… so sweet…”

“I love how the stars sparkle in your eyes, Celeste… you’ll learn that I am the man for you and one day you will agree to be my wife.”

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Shaunna said...

Buwahahaha! Jeffrey's additude about the burglar kills. He is such a character. Somehow I had a feeling it wouldn't take him long to get Allyn (sp?) into the sack. Love that pic BTW...bow chica bow wow!

Hmmm...Jonathan is so sure of himself. Celeste might be taken with him, but I am a bit skeptical...*raises eyebrow*

Lisa said...

Jeffrey is such a dawg. He kills me with using his painting as a lure for the sweet young thangs.

Sally said...

I agree with Shaunna - if Celeste was so taken by Jeffrey's cool ways then is she really going to fall for Jonathan's intense loving?!

Aeronwy said...

Okay, just what is David up to now? Jeffrey isn't giving up his bed-play for anything, is he. *chuckles* Poor Montana. She can't inherit everything if nobody knows Malcolm is dead. :-( Oh, geeze, dude, enough with the syrupy words. Grab Celeste and take her. It's obviously what she likes or she wouldn't keep letting Jeffrey have his way with her. ;-)

suzie sim said...

how cute - David & Deana have matching outfits! lol!
hehehe - Burglar interrupts rendez-vous?! Not at Jeffrey's! I'm kinda surprised that he didn't jump up & tip the cop, just to meet a new babe! XD

Gack - Montana! Didn't you have the satelite company check the scrap for fingerprints? errr, or anything else under there??!

oooh - too pushy Jon! slow down - you're scaring me, and I'm on your side! You're walking the girl home, and already threatening marriage....

Rachel said...

I love Jonathan, he's so sweet. I hope Celeste will be with him and not be stupid.