Friday, June 29, 2007

Episode 22-A

*Theme Music*

“You’re right, I’m sorry… a toast then… to you, to your daughter, to your new home and to me giving you space to think outside of me.”

“Oh Jeffery… to life, to happiness, to our children.”

“To old friends, to new friends, to family… to love… whatever the hell that is.”
“… yes …”

“I’m always here for you Rose…”
“Thanks Jeffery, I know… but right now is not the time… trust me, you will know when the time has come.”


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“Go play, Pumpkin… say your piece, Davis… what do you want?”
“Surely you must know since you’ve been avoiding me for months…”

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“Nothing was being done, Davis. She needs to be stopped. Those children are important, they are so vulnerable and-”
“And nothing… Jonathan, you are not a one man team. We work together, we have been monitoring what she is looking in to, and you grew impatient tipping our hand to her.”

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“I don’t understand.”
“She didn’t know we were on to her Jonathan, she was easily side stepped every time she thought she was getting close…”
“Wait, no… she had gotten too far in… she was pry-”
“She was prying in to David’s personal life… nothing more.”


“Jeffery… long time, I’m surprised it took you this long to come for a visit.”
“Life, my man… life… it gets in the way of things you want to do by forcing you to do things you must.”

“You’re not having any cake?”
“Oh Gods no, couldn’t eat another bite; Rose made her fabulous spaghetti tonight. Have you eaten? I’m sure we can warm some for you, you know how she always makes too much.”
“You know, small talk with you about Rose is probably the last thing I want to discuss.”

“I suppose, hadn’t thought about that too much. How is life going with you two?”
“As well as can be expected, she won’t let me in and I won’t let her go.”

“May I be excused?”
“Sure Princess…”
“Uncle Jeffy?”
“Yes, Jasmine?”
“Thank you for my swing…”
“You’re quite welcome.”

“Jeffery, something is wrong… she’s closed me out even more than before…”
“Me too, Frank… me too…”
“Should I call Davis?”
*sigh* “I haven’t given up on my sister yet, Frank.”

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Shaunna said...

Excellent pictures! You really have an eye for this, they are great!

Hm...well, Jeffrey seems to be willing to give Rose time. Frank can't be helping much...I kind of see him as a nag. LOL...time will tell, but I am soooo curious!

So the connection with Jonathan and pastor Davis is Rose? How interesting...I had almost forgotten that she was so into finding out what David was up to...but still, why did she want to know about his past, well...what did she want to know would be the better question.

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued. Absolutely intrigued. So...what exactly is going on with Rose? I know she never really loved Frank, so her not letting him isn't a big surprise. Her not letting Jeffrey in though...that's a bit more surprising. I wonder what she's up to, and what does this all have to do with David and Jonathon and the pastor? Hmmmmmm....

Mao said...

Wow... so they're talking about a female they are after and suddenly Rose is acting suspicious. Is there a connection there? Or is it merely coincidence??

The relationship between Rose and Jeffrey is very interesting indeed...

Lisa said...

Evil woman! Every time you give the answer to 1 question, you give us 10 more questions! Evil, evil woman.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Well, to avoid a fight on her daughter's birthday, I'm glad he's dropping it. But for my own sanity, I'm pissed at you for letting him drop it! *shakes her fist*

*sigh* Okay, if you don't start revealing some of what the hell this damn Project is and soon, I'm going to find a way to find you and throtle you! *screams and pulls out her hair* What the heck is going on!!!!

*blink* Why should Frank care about making small talk about Rose with Jeffrey? As far as he knows, they're just brother and sister, doesn't he?

*crawls under her desk and cries* Why?? Why won't you let us in on some of the details, Ruby? WHY?!?

Sally said...

OK - I'm with the rest. Please tell us more!! The mystery surrounding Rose has been going on since the beginning and I still have no clue what's going on. You're killing us....!!!!

suzie sim said...

Bwuahahaha!!! " will know when the time has come.” Ohh - doesn't that have an ominous tone to it?! I love it!~

The children are important? Who's children? All the children? Roses' children? Are she & Jeffrey a science experiment?? What the heck is a Pastor doing monitoring and side-stepping anyone?! That's it - he's not really a man of the cloth! :\ Davis is hiding behind that collar & is up to something creepy!
*glances around for the pods....*

hehe - wtg Frank - how much do you know about Rose & Dear Brother? hmm? ack - what is up with Rose? Don't tell me that she's afraid of Jonathan's threats - not when she's so close *waggles eyebrows* with Davis. Or doesn't she know that Davis is controlling The Project?? *boggles*