Thursday, June 28, 2007

Episode 22

*Theme Music*

“Great house, Rose. A real step up from the mobile home you were in.”
“I liked my mobile home, it was surprisingly roomy, but yes, this is a great house…” *sigh*
“Where are you, Rose?”

“What? I… help me set the table.”
“Like when we were kids, you got it… is that… you didn’t make your famous spaghetti did you?”
“Yes, I know it’s your favorite, just don’t overdo it, when Frank gets home we’re having cake for Jasmine’s transition… you will stick around wont you?”

“Wouldn’t miss it… I just wish you’d talk to me…”
“It’s nothing… I told you… stop worrying, Jeffery.”*sigh*


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“Hello Pumpkin, how’s Daddy’s little girl?”

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“Alright, let’s see if we can get you walking…”

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“That’s it, good girl!”


“It’s delicious as always.”
“Mmmm, thanks.”
“Did I do something? Did I forget to do something? Should I leave?”

“There is something that is going on in your head and you aren’t saying a thing and it really has me on edge here. It is in every move you make, every comment left unsaid… we’ve known each other for years Rose, I know you better than anyone and you can’t hide your feelings from me very well.”

“Everything in my life does not revolve around you Jeffery. Besides, I’ve been hiding my feelings from you for years. You just see what you want to see; now that you’ve left Lori suddenly you can read me? It isn’t that simple, women aren’t that simple… please… let’s just drop it… it is a very special night for my little girl and I don’t want to fight with you… not tonight Jeffery.”


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“You’re Daddy’s girl, yes you are…”
“Hate to break up this touching moment…”
“Such language in front of your daughter…”

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“Who let you in?”
“Neil… what did you do to upset him?”

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“What makes you think I did anything to upset him?”
“Because he let me in while Celeste has been lying for you… why would he do this unless he was upset with you, since we both know I’m not exactly his favorite person…”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Something is eating Rose and she won't say! Gah! I am dying to know what has her so...withdrawn. Is she in love with Jeffrey?

Jonathan is adorable with his daughter, but oops! Let your gaurd down for a minute and the pastor is back! LOL. Wonder what it is with these two as well...

Lisa said...

What is going through Rose's head?! The suspense is driving me nuts. (Well, nuttier.)

AeronwyDiobhell said...

I don't believe Rose. I think it is something. Maybe she's more freaked out by that guy telling her to drop her snooping into David's life? Well, okay, she's right, he is being a bit intrusive. But she's still hiding something.

Ooooh, can't wait to see why Jon has been avoiding Davis. *rubs her hands together* And too funny that Neil let him in and stopped covering for him. *giggle*

suzie sim said...

Harumph - I'm so torn! Something's bothering Rose so much that even Jeffers can tell, but she did say It's Nothing. That's usually close to "Nevermind", lol!

Aww, what a sweet toddler - she looks like Celeste. :) And did we miss a wedding, or did Jonathan just move her in & forget about the ring part?

hehehe - That Pastor sure gets around! But I'm sure we're not going to get much information out of this conversation - durn you! I can't wait to see how these 2 know each other!