Sunday, June 24, 2007

Episode 17

*Theme Music*

“My name is Tori Craven, it is a pweasure to make your acquaintance…”
“Hello, Tori, my name is Montana Moorehead, is your father home?”

“Oh Jeffery I came to say sorry for last night…”
“You’re forgiven…”


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“You look so sad Neil, like you lost your best friend.”
“That would be because I have lost my best friend.”
“No way, Kacper? What happened?”
“Nothing.. don’t worry about it.”
“What can I do to make you happier…”
“Oh you little minx, don’t you worry… you know how to make me smile.”

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“What’s that noise?”
“That would be the General…”
“Oh my Gods, I have to go…”
“You don’t have to go, he wont care that you're here, Melody”
“I know but he scares me.”
“Alright… well, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

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“But you never talk to me at school…”
“Have you ever tried? ”
“Well, no…”
“Next time try saying hi then.”
“What would the other kids say?”
“That I have great taste in friends.”


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“Jeffery Anderson…”
*sigh* “Claude Davis… why are you at my home?”
“Your wife called me.”

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“You did it, you really went through with it? I thought you were joking. I can’t wait to tell Rose.”
“She knows… I’ve been to see her.”
“Funny, she hadn’t mentioned it to me.”

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“Of course not, did you tell her you've heard from me?”
“No… why are you here?”
“Like I said, your wife called me. Now that has to be one of the funniest things I've ever said. Jeffery Anderson the confirmed bachelor… is married… the irony.”
“Go to hell Davis.”


“Oh hey you made it, cool come on in, I’ll go find David, he owns the place.”
“Yup, David Barnes, he’s cool don't worry.”

“You are failing math, Kacper… we had an agreement.”
“Man, I know but I just don't get it.”

“If you had questions, you should have brought them to me.”
“You mean you know algebra?”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Montana came to appologize to Jeffrey...and then puts him right back into the same perdicament...*shaking head*. Poor Lori! What is up with her btw...I look forward to seeing what she knows and does not know about her dog of a husband!

Oh and it's Melody Tinker! They make a cute couple...LOL Neil had me cracking up...such a smooth talker already! Sheesh!

Looks like David and Kacper are doing a service for Coventry. Kacper is looking cute in his work get up! And how sweet that David is helping with the homework...what a good guy *melt*!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Montana came to apologize to Jeffrey and they end up kissing again. But who kissed who I wonder?

Aeronwy said...

Erm, wait, right there in front of Tori? Kids talk, you know. Goodness, Neil really is playing the field there, isn't he. *tsks* Geeze, I'm just getting more and more confused, trying to figure out all the overlapping story lines! I can't wait to see how things work out though. :-D

Aeronwy said...

Shaunna - Don't go thinking David's a good guy. Remember what he was like before he started running this halfway house. I suspect there are some not so pure motives behind this. *nodnod*

Lisa said...

I hope Tori didn't witness Montana's and Jeffrey's little display.

*giggle* Neil is smoooooooooth. Like buttah.

*ponder* Why has Lori called Davis?

“You mean you know algebra?”
“Naturally.” TDF!

suzie sim said...

OY! Is that Hawaiian for "I'm Sorry"? I've never seen it put quite like that before! :D
hehe - yeah Neil, you should try talking to them every once in awhile! Course, why talk when you can smooch, huh? lol!

hehe - finally Jeffery & Davis, face to face. And why did Lori call him over, does she know what her hubby's been up to lately?!

And WHO is the red-head that Kacper is so happy to see?? hmmm?