Thursday, June 21, 2007

Episode 13-A

*Theme Music*

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“Jeffery… no don’t… Jeffery, I don’t… Gods do you ever listen?”

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“Jeffery… what sort of mess did you get in this time?”
“Marriage, Rose… it’s not a mess, it’s just marriage.”
“Not to a woman it isn't…”

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“I’m hungry…”
“You’re always hungry… doesn’t that wife of yours feed you?”


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“You’re serious aren’t you…”
“Well ya, unless you don’t like girls or something.”
“Aunt Celeste would have kittens.”
“Okay, later then, you can come back… she doesn’t have to know.”

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“What time does your mom go to work?”
“She has the night shift this week, be here after 10.”


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“Now this is a switch…”
“I know, I know… it’s almost frightening… I’ve become so… so… domestic…”

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“How is Tori?”
“Gorgeous, you need to meet her some day. It would be good for her to know her Aunt Rose.”
“I don’t know how good an idea that is Jeffery, she may be better off not ever knowing me.”
“What a horrible thing to say. She’ll love you. I have a son now.”
“When did this happen?”
“About a week or so ago… his name’s Martin.”


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“I didn’t think you’d come.”
“It was your idea, you’re not having second thoughts now are you?”
“No way, come on in.”

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“Damn girl, where did you learn that?”
“I’ll never tell, but I have a few more moves to show you…”

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“So your mom just leaves you home alone when she works?”
“Yup, I'm a little old for a babysitter don’t you think?”
“I suppose…”
“You can come over anytime, Neil… but I better not hear anything at school about this or the deal is off. My mom catches wind of you coming over and well…”
“Well what?”
“She’s excellent with a scalpel.”

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Shaunna said...

*shakes head at Jeffrey* Such a dog, but I love every minute of it. Aww...he's getting domestic.

Oh..ahem...I see that Neil is having his cake and eating it too. That boy better be careful!

"She's excellent with a scalpel." ROFL!

Lisa said...

I wish my daughter could say that I'm good with a scalpel! TDF!

SirenPrincess said...

Another great update. I'm really loving your story. The teens were especially interesting in this episode. Just like in real soaps, you're preparing the next generation :-) And the scenes with the little girl were adorable.

Sally said...

Loving it. It's great to see the teens growing up and starting their own story lines. Still wondering what Rose is up to...

Aeronwy said...

Good god, even the high schoolers are tramps in this town! I wonder why Rose doesn't want to meet her neice? Afraid she'll pick up that her daddy and aunt are a little more friendly than they should be? Whew, I hope Neil and, um, Montana's daughter who's name I've blanked on, at lease used protection. I love that she's laying down the rules like that though. *chuckle*

suzie sim said...

*blinks* No... *blinks again* Is Rose pregant?? She's got a kind of a sway to her walk, and a tee shirt that actually covers her belly.... and Jeffers is cooking...
harumph! Call me suspicious, but I think Jeffers has another baby on the way!

hehe - Oh my - try not to spill any of that spaghetti sauce, it can burn you know. (puts an entirely different spin on playing Hide the Noodle)