Saturday, June 30, 2007

Episode 24

*Theme Music*

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“Mom… Mom, wake up…”
“You work too hard…”
“mmm hmm…”
“Go to bed, Mom…”

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“You were hogging the bed, V…”
“Ya, well I’m not anymore… besides isn’t past time for me to have my own room? I mean seriously, Mom… you keep promising me…”
“Oh ya, bought a house yesterday…” *yawn*
“Right… sure… go to bed…”

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“I get my own room and everything? Its huge!”
“I made a promise to you, V… sorry it took so long to make good on that promise…”
“Can I have a car?”
“Yes, you can have your own car…”


“Okay so this is the house, the first bedroom upstairs is yours, all of your clothes are up there, make sure to put them away before they wrinkle.”
“Thank you Daddy, um…”
“What is it, Kitten?”
“Did she like, um, did she send my bed and stuff?”

*laughing* “Your princess bed? Yes… but I had them take it to Goodwill… you have furniture in your room, Kitten. It’s been waiting for you since I moved in here and remember… the old rules still apply… got it?”
“Yes, Daddy… do my homework, keep my grades up or all my privileges are taken away.”
“Neil will be by after awhile, he’s helping me paint the bathroom upstairs. I have some work to do at the studio and will be back around 6:30.”
“I love you Daddy.”
“I love you too, Kitten, welcome home.”

“I’m glad you stopped by, Daddy is letting me live with him… and he isn’t home until later…”
“Gosh Tori, you’re so pretty, why are you dating me instead of the other more popular boys?”
“Because you’re my boyfriend, Jihoon… you’re the sweetest boy at the school.”
“I’m… I’m graduating early to go to college…”

“I’m going to miss you, Jihoon… I hear Daddy’s car…”
“I better go… I’m going to miss you, Tori.”


“Hey David… um, what’s wrong?”
“Mmmm, nothing…”
“Come on David, something is wrong…”

“What are you talking about? Why is something wrong?”
“Every time something is bothering you, you spend the whole day in your pajamas and play this pinball game and mutter stuff to yourself.”
“I do not… you’re totally making that up.”

“Hey David, so what’s wrong?”
“Toldja so…”
“That is not funny…”
“What did I say?”


*sigh* More interruptions… “Be with you in a second…”
“Take your time, we’ll wait.”
*Jeffery closes his eyes and takes a deep breath*

“Davis, what a nice surprise.”
“I find it hard to believe you find my visit either nice, or a surprise.”
“Hmmm, I was merely being polite… you are right… your visit is neither.”

“I’m here about Tori.”
“Naturally… I don’t see how my daughter is any of your business… I don’t see how anything in my life is any of your business… but you do… and you seem to find a way to intrude in to my life a lot lately… why is that, hmmm?”

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Shaunna said...

Awww! Montana and Virginia have a new house...and it looks pretty spectacular! And V is a little spoiled eh? New car and all...well at least her mom is taking good care of her.

I love Jeffrey with his kids. I am so glad that Tori is staying with him. LOL glad he got her some new furniture. And she is so sweet with Jihoon! Will they get to stay together with him heading off to college!? And the pastor sticking his nose in again...Tori is definitly better off with her dad *nods*

Poor David...looks like something is on his mind. I don't have to guess...I know it has to be Elena...

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Interesting underwear she lets her daughter wear. *tsks and shakes her head* I guess things are going well for Montana and Virginia. (Shouldn't they have gotten all of Malcolm's fortune when he was officially declaired dead though?) Hmm, goth girl with geek boyfriend? That's not something you see every day. Now, having invited him over while her dad's at his studio, is she planning some hanky-panky? *stares at the troubled girl* Aww, nope, they're just saying goodbye. *sniffles*

HAHAHA!!! Too funny that the kids know David as well as he knows them. *snickers behind her hand*

Oh my freaking god, you're STILL hiding Elena's face?? What the heck! *storms off*

Oh, who am I kidding. I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. :-( Good for you, Jeffrey, telling Davis your daughter is none of his business. *nod*

suzie sim said...

*giggles recklessly* I'm getting all caught up & I don't know if that's a good thing or not!! I may have to start poking at you for updates! XD

Yeaah - Hello, richest family on the block can afford more than one bed! lol! Unless she married the wrong Malcolm & they didn't get a penny! woof - she just got her own room, and now she wants a car too? pbblt Teens!

D'uh Daddy! Fishnets & Leathers don't wrinkle! *blinks* And Neil & Tori will be in the house? Together? Alone?? hmmm ~ I don't know....

*laughs at David for being busted by a teen*
*laughs more at David busted by both of them*

Aww, give it a rest Jeffers, The FP has really left you mostly alone for awhile. And he's been good for Tori in the past. I think. :|