Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Episode 29

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“See, this is why I wasn’t going to tell you…”
“Why? Why would you talk with that man? You know what he had me do…”

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“He’s not as bad as you think Neil… he helped me through a lot. He listens with out judging me… he really listens… ya know? He’s a great guy. Besides you could have said no.”
“He’s a great guy? Are we talking about the same Pastor Davis? I… Gods you’re right, I could have said no… I’ve been brainwashed by that… my 'mother' for so long I didn’t even think to say no…”

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“It’s getting late, I gotta get home… Daddy will be worried.”


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“Hey Cara”
“Hey Girl, did you hear?”

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“Yes I heard, what do you know?”

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“They say he is so fine.”
“You aren’t dead girl, you’re divorced…”

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“Cara just tell me, what is the new warden like?”


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“Want a ride? I got the General’s car…”
“Nah, I like the walk… gives me time to think…”
“You can always talk with me, too…”
“Thanks Neil.”

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“Call Daddy, Neil…”
“Ya ya…”

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“You promised!”
“Okay already… geez woman!”


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“Hi, I’m Elena Davis.”
“Um, hi… I’m Virginia… can I help you?”
“Got a minute?”
“Who are you?”
“Oh sorry… I’m Elena and I’m a friend of Kacper’s”

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“So you see, this is why I was kind of… I don’t know worried.”
“No, not really… I mean, okay, so you’re worried about too many people knowing where this house is… I get that… and no Kacper didn’t tell me where it is… and no, I didn’t ask… but…”
“But? But what?”

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*sigh* “I guess I don’t understand why Kacper and Neil can’t be friends.”
“Hmmm, I can see how that is confusing…”
“I’m friends with them both and I see how much it hurts them both… I guess there is a reason, and if there is, Neil isn’t talking and Kacper… well I’m not sure he knows.”
“Hmmm, David was right…”
“Sorry, never mind… let me look in to that, I’m sure my brother had his reasons…”

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Shaunna said...

I am glad that, if nothing else, Niel and Tori have eachother to lean on in this strange time in their lives...and I want Neil to talk to his dad...I think he would be surprised...

ROFL! Cara hit the nail on the head...Lori is not dead *snicker*...and the new warden *perk*? Can't wait to lay my eyes on him...I sure hope we get to!!

So Elena is going to look into her brother's decision to keep Neil and Kacper apart...wonder what will come of that. I am happy to see her showing some concern for the kids at least and not just arguing with David LOL!

lissabry said...

hmm ok I finally got caught up *wow* so many twisted plots here I love it! and since I havent seen anything said I just hafta ask... is Elena = Shaunna? or am I way off base here? Im loving the stories so far and cant wait till the next update :)

Galena said...

So Lori is looking at the new warden. Can't wait to meet him,maybe in the next entry.

I am also interested why Kacper and Neil can't be friends, did Celeste think they were getting too close?

Lisa said...

I hope Elena's truly trying to help these kids and not just looking for a way to mess with David more than she already has.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Tori's wearing too much make-up! *sigh* I just hope she doesn't wind up regretting trusting Pastor Davis, 'cause I really still don't trust him.

Hmm, who's this new Warden? And when do we get to see him? *grins*

*stares suspiciously at Elena* Just what are you up to now, missy? *peer* And yes, I too would love to know why Neil and Kacper can't be friends.