Thursday, July 5, 2007

Episode 31

*Theme Music*

“Tori, I’m sorry you feel as if I’m running away from you… trust me… I don’t want to. I just know that… well you’re so young… there are so many guys closer to your age that you could be dating…”
“Tybalt, I don’t want just any guy… not even Jihoon gave me butterflies like you do…”
“I give you butterflies?”
“My stomach feels funny when you’re near me…”

“Oh this is torture… I’ve waited so long to hear these words from you…”
“Then stay with me…”
*soft groan*

“Hey!” *laughing* “No fair…”
“No one said I was going to play fair…”

“How can I tell you this?”
“Tell me…”
“I can’t… Gods, I just can’t… Tori, I’m moving… I’m going to Coventry College.”
“I’ll meet you there…”
“You’ll meet someone else before then…”


~~ Coventry Correctional Institute ~~
“Evening Officer Francine, how are things?”
“Warden… prisoners are all accounted for.”
“Outstanding… I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”


“You haven’t gone to you studio for months, how come?”
“No reason, Kitten…”

“Come on Daddy, it’s me you’re talking to… are you hanging around the house because you’re worried about me or is it something else?”
“It’s nothing like that, Kitten… I just have a lot on my mind lately and…”
“Talk to me Daddy, what’s wrong?”

“No offense, Kitten but I’m not going to discuss this with you.”
“But why? I want to understand, and I can’t help if you don’t talk to me…”
“When did you become Dr. Phil? Listen, it’s not that simple, trust me… my life is pretty… complicated right now… I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.”


“Kiss me…”
“My pleasure…”

“This doesn’t change things between us, okay… I mean… I can’t be… well…”
“Not to worry Montana… I just consider this one of the perks of my job.”

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Shaunna said...

Awww! Tybalt and Tori are so cute together, tho eeesh I can't wait for him to get a new look...that shirt is...questionable LOL. Apart from the shirt I think it is sweet the feelings these two have for eachother...I hope she does meet him there, but isn't Jihoon there too? What kind of wrench will that throw in?

Oooo a correctional institute eh? Love the set up, and what a good looking staff! So that must be the warden that Lori's coworker mentioned...wouldn't mind a closer look at him *eyebrow wiggles*.

I wish Jeffrey could talk to Tori...maybe he will realize that it might help him...that Tori is somethin else...prolly my fav character!

Well, hey there Montana...gettin busy with the help *giggle fits*

Lisa said...

Aw man, Tori's getting dumped for college again! I hope this doesn't break her heart.

Hmmmm. Why isn't Jeffrey going to the studio anymore? Is he trying to set a good example for his kids?

Anonymous said...

Correctional institute? What kind of surprises do you have for us in there? And something's wrong with Jeffrey...I wonder what it could be? Interesting...

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Aww, poor Tybalt. She's really testing his resolve there, isn't she. *grin* Hehe, you go, girl! (Just don't land him in jail...) Erm, isn't that kinda what she said to Jihoon too? Huh, okay, nope. She only said she'd miss him. Guess she really does like Tybalt. :-) Hmm, not a good shot of the Warden, but he does look pretty cute. (And I love the jail set! Where did you find that desk?) Aww, Tori really is an awesome kid. And what's up in Jeffrey's life?

Montana's gettin' busy with the maid again, eh? I guess she needs a little sumthin'-sumthin' every few years and, since David isn't available anymore, it's back to him. *snicker* BWAHAHAHA!!! "I just consider this one of the perks of my job." Okay, that was priceless! *cackles*

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You're making Tybalt likable. I'm having a problem with this, lol. Remember kid, Tori=jailbait. For now.
Jeffery hasn't been back to the studio? Ran out of women to "paint"? Afraid of getting into a catfight? Or is he trying to be a good example (even though they're clueless as to what's going on there)?
Montana! You're lowering your standards! You must be really... uh, yeah... *blush*