Monday, May 7, 2007

Episode 3-A

*Theme music*

“Well hello, there… and who might you be?” Yummy…
“Jeffery… Jeffery Anderson… and you are Malcolm Landgraab IV… I’ve heard about you…”

“Well it is definitely a pleasure to meet you…”
“Wish I could say the same… what are you doing in Montana’s home?”
“Ah see, that is where you’d be mistaken, this is no longer ‘just’ Montana’s home… I live here… with my fiancé…”

“You have got to be kidding me… you… are engaged to Montana?”
“Yes and you, Jeffery Anderson, will do well to keep your opinions to yourself… I know a thing or two about you as well, starting with a certain little brunette… if you catch my drift…”
“Jeffery? Jeffery! I haven’t seen you in ages, how have you been? I see you met Malcolm…”
“Mr. Anderson was just passing by Montana, it’s a shame he can’t stay…”
“Careful Landgraab…”


“Nice choice of color, it sets off your eyes…”

“You should try relaxing… it will be easier on you in the long run…”
“I’ll relax when we’re done…”

“I’m sorry Jeffery, I don’t know what I was thinking or expecting…”
“You lost me, Officer Lori… what are you going on about?”
“I feel like such an idiot! Gosh I thought for sure this was just some kind of hoax to…” *blush*

“And yet you came anyway…”
“Well I was curious… and I do love the painting!”
“Then it’s yours, we’ll do another sitting someday soon… I’m sorry to cut our session short, but I need to see a friend…”
“A woman?”
“Why Officer Lori, do I detect a hint of jealousy?”
“Thanks for the painting Jeffery, that was actually kind of fun.”
Hmmm, very interesting….


“Montana, how much longer are you going to be in there?”
“Hmmm? Oh sorry Mal, I was just thinking… it was so weird for Jeffery to walk by but not stay… not even for dinner! I mean, the guy doesn’t cook and he always stayed for dinner before…”
“I have something for you; I would love to give it to you before I go …”

“Montana, my little vixen, with this ring… I thee wed…. to have and to hold… to kiss and to ravish…”
*giggle* “Oh Malcolm! Is this legal?”
“All the papers are drawn up and taken care of… we’ll do this again in front of the judge in the morning… and you may want to put something on for that…” *eyebrow wiggles*
“I love you, Malcolm.”
“Of course you do…”

Soon Malcolm, very soon… don’t lose it now… Gods I need my Sully…


“Welcome to the neighborhood, my name is Rose; I’m part of the neighborhood welcome wagon…”
“Oh how lovely, I’m Lori… Lori Craven… I wasn’t expecting company…”
“We don’t need to stay, we just stop by to help you with any questions you may have about the neighborhood, let you know the best hair shops, shoe stores, school districts, doctors, dentist, that sort of thing…”

“And he knows the best shoe stores?”
“Ha! Now I wouldn’t put anything past David… you would be surprised at what he knows… or more accurately what he thinks he knows…”
“Ah and the pleasantries begin…”

“It isn’t as if I need you tagging along, nerd boy… you are more than welcome to go home with your tail between your legs like the coward you are…”
“You have no idea what I am, Rose… keep this up and I may forget that I’m a gentleman!”

*Previously**Theme music**End Episode*


Shaunna said...

Hrm...a little jealousy from Malcolm to Jeffrey? Really, after all he has done behind Montana's back!? The dog! I do like that they made it official...but what does that really mean? It sure won't keep Mal faithful!

Lori is lovely. I look forward to more from her and from Rose of course. And Rose...forever on David's case! Makes me wonder...

Great update!

Twoyys4me said...

the plot thickens... :)
Mal and Montana actually got married- I'm shocked! I think she's in for a fall though.
Nice to meet Lori and looking forward to catching up with the other residents of Coventry soon!

Lisa said...

What's Montana gonna do when she finds out about Malcolm's boy toy?

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, I love your story. Now I'm almost wishing I were doing a soap opera challenge instead of a prosperity challenge. Particularly, I love your screen shots, they are quite impressive. And I love the story line with Mal and the love triangle. I can't wait to read more.

Rachel said...

You sure are good at getting just the right camera angle aren't you? Nice up date, I can feel the tension mounting.

Fee said...

Wow, they made it legal. Hope she doesn't find out about Malcolm's dirty little secret.

Aeronwy said...

Meeeyow! Never seen 2 guys do the whole b*tchy cat-fight thing. *giggle* Pfft. Officer Lori, Jeffery doesn't move that fast. It would be too obvious. Geeze, what the heck is Malcolm up to? Whew, lots of hissing and claws out in this episode! *claps*

suzie sim said...

hehe - Malcolm's checking out Jeffrey? (something about the pot & the kettle comes to mind) Aww - do you mean to say that Jeffrey really had his lil heart set on Montana? lol!~ And she's the first one with a ring in the whole 'hood! :D Irony, sweet Irony.
So he hurries home to work on the next quest, errr conquest, Lori? The dress is gorgeous, btw! ;)

And Montana is just clueless, OY! She doesn't realize that Jeffrey has a thing for her, and she doesn't realize her new Kaching Hubby has a thing for the boys *eyeroll* Maybe when he starts picking out window treatments....

And what the heck is Rose's problem with David anywhooo?

Fairy D said...

Hmmm. Malcolm and Jeffrey sure don't like each other and what's up with Rose and David. I get the feeling they have history