Friday, May 25, 2007

Episode 5

*Theme music*

“Has someone been a good girl?”
“I’m pleased… and just how good are you?”
*Lisa smiles shyly* “I’ve dreamed about you every night this week, but I didn’t call… oh but I wanted to… I’ve learned my lesson David; I won’t bug you when it’s not my day.”

“That’s my girl… and I know just how to reward you…”

“You’re shirt… it’s a joke right? I mean… you do plan on finishing… aren’t you?” *a mischievous smile planted firmly on Lisa's lips*
“Oh aren’t you the clever one… yes Lisa, I will finish… you will tell me when I’m done…”


“Now what… oh my gosh, Malcolm?”

“Where is that man when I need him? I guess it’s up to me to take care of this mess… oh mercy what a stench!”

“Hello salvage? Yes, you are not going to believe what I have in my front yard… yes, top dollar and its yours… oh hells, who am I kidding, just come and get it out of my yard… the stench is horrendous… right… satellite… no idea… okay thanks…”

“Hello? What? Sullivan, slow down… what about Malcolm? No, Sullivan he isn’t here… I thought he was with you… I haven’t seen him in days… No, don’t come here… you are not welcome in my home!”


“Jeffery, what brings you across the street?”
“I just needed a friendly face… so where else would I go?”
“Usually you call and I go to your house… why the sudden change?”
“Because you always come to my house… and I needed a change of scenery.”

“Welcome to my home, Jeffery… come on in.”
“Mmmm, jasmine… Gods I love that scent… I always think of you when I smell jasmine.”
“And women really fall for this garbage?”
“You’d be surprised…”

“I’m actually glad to see you Jeffery…”
“And what”
“There is usually an ‘and’ here or perhaps a ‘but’… this time it should be an ‘and’… you sound like you’re up to something… so out with it Rose.”
“I’ve been researching David… I haven’t found any dirt on the guy… yet… there has to be something…”

“Could it be he’s just a nice guy? He doesn’t have to be some evil criminal mastermind bent on world domination…”
“Uh… no… I know he isn’t that… but what he is… that is the mystery and I’m determined to figure it out!”
“You know that huh, okay fine… I’ll play along… what do you want with me?”
“Spy on him…”
“Spy on him? On David… you’re crazy… I’m not spying on him, he’s a friend.”
“Exactly… he would never suspect you…”

“I gotta use the head… you’re really pushing our friendship on this one Rose…”
“Second door on the right, Jeffery… Jeffery?”


*Theme music* *Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Rawr! David gettin some with Lisa finally. TDF that she mentions his shirt!

What's this now with Montana? Baby on the way, missing hubby (faithful or not), and a satalite in her lawn...? Very interesting.

So that is what Rose is up to. Trying to get the scoop on David. But will she want to know what she might find? Okay, I don't even know what I meant by that...

Great update!

Sally said...

Oooo - a satellite and a missing (wealthy) husband. Could there have been a *convenient* accident?!

Twoyys4me said...

ooh, did Malcolm get squished by the satellite? that would be deserving of that sneaky snake. LOL.
David is a bit too smooth isn't he? oh I can't wait to read on!

SirenPrincess said...

Oh, I hope Malcom's not dead. Maybe it's a fake soap opera death, huh?

Lisa said...

Was the satellite death rigged?

David sure is a playa. I didn't see that coming.

Rose, shame on you for asking your brother to spy on his friend. Jeffrey, shame on you if you do what Rose asks.

tktrn99 said...

A satallite death? Man, you get all of 'em!! Poor Malcolm...muhahaha! Becareful, might be asking for trouble!

Aeronwy said...

Geeze, just who IS David? Oh no way!! Malcolm just got hit by a satellite?!? Hahahaha!!!! Good things come to those who wait, eh Montana? *cackles loudly* Gotta love a benevolent god(dess). *cheers* Whew, okay, good. Glad to see Rose is just digging in to David's past and isn't planning some evil against Lori. Friendship? I thought they were siblings. *grin*

suzie sim said...

hehe - he maybe a computer genius, but his painting skills are a 3rd grader level! But I guess he's creative in other ways, hum? And Lisa's certainly not shopping for art! :D
rotf!! Malcolm was taken out by a Satelite?! *nods* Excellent! And Montana's left holding the vast estate? Clever girl, I couldn't have done it better myself! *claps*
aha - now it's all much clearer - I need to read the 5 before the 5A! D'oh! *facepalm*

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! That line about finishing was hilarious!

Fairy D said...

I always knew Lisa was a player.
Good Riddance Malcolm.
Dang it Rose why are you so obsessed with David.