Monday, May 21, 2007

Episode 4

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“I see you’ve met our resident artist Jeffery Anderson… what did you think of his new studio?”
“It was very quaint, I look forward to the opening…”
“Aren’t we all…”
“You mean he hasn’t announced the grand opening yet?”
“No not yet… you must really be something for him to invite you in…”

“Ignore her; she’s got this weird thing with Jeffery…”
“Hello, I was talking here… I don’t have a weird thing with Jeffery… I’m just rather protective of my brother… loyalty David, something you wouldn’t understand…”
“Um, so should I be concerned here? I seem to be in the middle of something between you two… lovers spat perhaps?”

“Ha that’s rich, who could love someone like David? He’s a spineless, fake of a man that has no integrity and only half a brain…”
“Gods how I loathe you, Rose…”
“Hmmm sounds like a lovers spat to me…”

“So you say Jeffery is your brother? Gosh he is so talented, does the talent run through your family? What is your family like? Is it a big family? Are you all this gorgeous?”
“My, my… you’re an inquisitive one…”

“Oh ignore her… she’s a moody one and overprotective and overbearing… as for doctors and dentistry we have some of the finest physicians in Veronaville County…”

“I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one… she asks too many questions… up on the hill Jeffery said, but which one up the hill…”

“Oh my gosh, look at the time, I have to finish getting my application sent to the academy…”
“Academy… as in police academy…”
“Yes, please, I don’t mean to be rude but could you two please see yourselves out…”
“Gods, woman you get under my skin!”
“Maybe there is truth to what I say about you, David… and that is why it bothers you so…”


“Is it safe, Malcolm? I mean isn’t the ‘missus’ coming home soon?”
“I don’t care, Sully… I won’t go another day without making love to you… Gods I’ve missed you.”
“Oh Mal, I love you…”
“I love you too, Sully.”

“Malcolm… what is… why is… Sully? I don’t understand…”
“Welcome home, ‘dear’… how was your day?”
“Malcolm what’s going on? Are you… are you gay?”
“Come on now, you mean to tell me you haven’t heard the rumors? Even your dear friend Jeffery knew…”
“Jeffery? That is why he didn’t stay for dinner…”

“I thought you love me…”
“Hold on… I love Sully… I never told you that I love you…”
“You married me! Why would you marry a person you don’t love?”

“Simple… I needed a wife to inherit my father’s money… the fool knew I was gay and disapproved… so he added a stipulation in there that said I must marry a ‘woman’… and that ‘woman’ my dear wife, is you.”
“I’ll divorce you!”


“Oh Jeffery so good of you to come by…”
“I was just leaving the studio when you called… what’s up?”
“I um, got a new stereo and I… oh poop…”
“Oh poop? Such strong language, Officer Lori…”

“Nice stereo, but I have a feeling dancing with me isn’t why you called…”

“No you’re right… I wanted to thank you again for my painting and to celebrate… I have successfully submitted my application to the academy!”
“Congratulations are in order then… how shall we celebrate? Dinner, dancing...”
“I want you, Jeffery…”

“Come again? I’m sorry… I don’t think I follow…”

“Then follow me…”


“Ah, but you won’t do that… you signed a pre-nup just yesterday… so no… you won’t be divorcing me anytime soon.”
“Oh Gods… this… this was your plan all along? I’m just a…”
“A means to an end…”

“Sully Baby, I think you should go now… apparently I need to talk with ‘the old ball & chain’.”
“I love you, Mal.”
“I love you too Sully, now go straight home… no shopping tonight… we’ll go buy you something special tomorrow.”
“Oh Gods, how could I be so blind…”

“You bitch!”
“I hate you!”

“That’s right, Montana… you’re stuck with me… get use to it!”
“It’s not that Mal… I’m pregnant…”

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Shaunna said...

Oooo! Things are getting warm around here...where to start?

Rose and Jeffrey are brother and sister? Wha? Wow. Interesting twist.

OMG! Well, it was bound to happend sooner or later. So Mal and Sully have been found out. And what what what!?? Montana is preggers?

What next girl? What next? I am on the edge of my seat!

lissabry said...

ohhh so much drama and WOW Mal didnt blink an eye when he got busted *ouch* I knew he didnt love her .. but .. WOW ok gotta see what happens next !

PRMami said...

Holy smokes ! What an episode - poor Montana ::smirk::

Bubbs said...

Poor Montana!! And she is pregnant? Oopsie!!

SirenPrincess said...

I'm absolutely loving this blog. So many great plot twists. Thanks for the update.

Twoyys4me said...

Poor Montana- I think we knew it'd end in tears- let's hope she knows a way to exact revenge. *smirk*.
Another great episode all around.

tktrn99 said...

Holy Cow!!! So much going on....oh no! Poor Montana! Damn woman, just pack up and leave him!! My my, Officer Lori is getting a bit of a wild side!! Wooo!

GreeneyeLia said...

Wow, thinks are definetely heating up. Excellent stuff!


Mao said...

Pregnant?? Oh dear... two dudes, a chick, and a baby... ha!

As for Officer Lori, what is she up to?

Lisa said...

I think Montana loves Malcolm's money more than she loves him. Except for having the creep's baby, I don't really feel sorry for her.

Officer Lori, step away from the man-ho.

Sally said...

Interesting love triangle - though I'm not sure how much love is involved. It seems like Montana and Malcolm are both more fixated on cash then love. And a baby on the way - nice twist?! Watch out Officer Lori - you don't want to go fooling with that develi...

Fee said...

Wow, things in the Montana/Malcolm household just got a lot more interesting.

Aeronwy said...

Gotta agree with Lori. Sounds like a lovers spat to me too. Especially with such vile stuff spewing out of their mouths. *giggle* HAH! Looks like Malcolm is finally getting his just desserts. *rubs her hands together and keeps reading* Good for her, she should divorce him! And hopefully his father's will stipulates that if he gets divorced, the wife gets half. *cackles* Hmm, what is Lori up to? *blink* Dayum, woman, that was fast! And how on earth does Jeffrey manage to get the girls to all think they're seducing him? So? She signed a pre-nup? Who cares? She'd still be better off without him around and I'm sure he'd still lose out on daddy's money. Hmm, not sure if I should feel gleeful about that last comment, 'cause it can make life difficult for Malcolm or if I should feel sorry for Montana, 'cause you know he's going to do nothing to help her raise their kid.

Fairy D said...

Jeffrey got a shock but I'm sure he'll enjoy that little surprise.
Montana shoulda thought before she signed that pre-nup still Mal is such loser for hurting her like that and now a baby. Poor kid.