Saturday, May 26, 2007

Episode 5-A

*Theme music*

“Don’t go in my room, Jeffery… Jeffery… Gah!”

“Oh my Gods, you went in to my room… you never listen…” Okay Rose, you can handle this… it’s just Jeffery… don’t freak…

“Dammit Jeffery, I told you not to go in to my bedroom, is there nothing sacred to you? Do you not care that I asked you not to come in here? Are my words falling on deaf ears?”
“What? What are you so worked up about… as if this is the first time I’ve been in your bedroom… okay maybe not this one, but when we were kids I went in your room all the time, hell how many times did I sleep in your bed?”

“That is not the point! We aren’t in kids anymore, Jeffery… what if I had a man over?”
“You would have told me to go home, Rose… it wouldn’t have been the first time I walked in on you either… heh, remember that football player… what was his name?”
“Geez, Jeffery…”

“You’re a mess, ya know that?”
“Thank you for noticing… have you calmed down yet? Or do I need to throw you in a cold shower?”
“It has just been years since anyone has just walked in to my room uninvited, Jeffery… maybe I over reacted…”


Hmmm, it’s no ‘Picasso’ but it isn’t half bad… the man behind the painting… now he’s a real piece of work…

I can’t believe he went home… he didn’t even stay the night… he’s going to be harder than I thought…

Maybe if I befriend that sister of his… you will be mine, Jeffery Anderson… mark my words…


“Man, I’m starved, what do you have in the fridge?”
“You’re kidding… tell me you’re kidding…”

“Jeffery, you don’t cook… remember?”
“Yes, I know… I was hoping you’d take pity on me as I stumbled around your kitchen…”

“That only works on women that don’t know you as well as I do… I’m cold Jeffery come back to bed… I’ll make you breakfast in the morning…”

“Now there’s an offer I won’t refuse… tell me, why we haven’t ever done this before?”
“You’re my brother…”
“Right… that’s a good reason… back to bed naughty little girl…”
“You are twisted, Jeffery…”
“I do what I can…”
“Mother would castrate you if she ever knew…”
“Ouch, she did have a temper… you got that same fire, Rose…”
“And you’re a dog like your father… I think that’s fair.”
“Ouch, low blow, Rose…”


“David, it’s been a while, it’s good to see you.”
“You look as lovely as always, Montana… I’ve been worried… how are you?”

“I’m okay David… I want you to meet someone very dear to me…”
“I’m intrigued, and who might this dear person be?”
“Out back, I’ll grab some drinks and meet you there.”

“Well hello there little one, and what is your name?”
“Poor Montana, you look just like your father… you must be a constant reminder of that low life deadbeat of a husband… I can’t believe he ran out on…” *sigh* “I’m sorry Virginia, it isn’t your fault you are a constant reminder of Malcolm… shall we play?”
“Pway, Daye!”

*Previously**Theme music**End Episode*


Shaunna said...

So do I sense a little bit of 'Cruel Intentions' in the relationship between Jeffrey and Rose? Gonna need moreon THAT turn of events...

Lori seems to have things figured out. SEEMS being the operative word. She definitly has her sights on Jeff...along with every other woman in Coventry.

Awww! Our first little one. Hello there little Virginia. She really did get Malcolm's looks. Um, yeah...

Loved the update!

Twoyys4me said...

eewww Jeffrey and Rose- that's
Little Ginia is cute, even if like her father...
Lori is determined to get Jeffrey isn't she? she needs to get in line...:)

Lisa said...

Ugh, Lori, stay away from Jeffrey. He's a man-ho.

EW! Jeffrey, Rose, what ARE you two doing?! EW!!

Poor Genia. She's stuck at the bottom of the gene pool.

tktrn99 said...

Wait a minute! Jeffrey and Rose?! OMG, no!! Ahhhh! Lori's looking to stake claim to Jeffrey...well, befriending Rose may not be the best idea now! Little Ginia does look just like Malcolm...poor thing!

Aeronwy said...

What's wrong with him going into her bedroom? Why do I keep thinking those two have or will wind up sleeping with each other? There's just something very off with Rose and Jeffrey. *shivers* Wow, looks like Officer Lori has her claws out for her Mr. Officer Lori.

ACK! What'd I tell you? I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! "Like YOUR father"? So they're only half-brother and sister? Not that that makes it any more right. Geeze. Sluts, the both of them.

Hmm, so I guess nobody could tell there was a body under that mess, eh? Virginia is cute, even if she does look just like her dad.

suzie sim said...

but, but, but... in the beginning *points to the cast page* it says Rose is in love with Jeffrey....
please tell me they're step-siblings! *bites fingernails*
*giggles at the V8* Oh - Sweet Lori's not quite as sweet as we thought, hmmm? meeeeow!

Ack!! my eyes - it burns!! You're so bad!

Whoa - how'd Montana have a baby so fast??! And what the heck happened to Malcolm? Did I miss a chapter?! *scurries back to the Index*

Rachel said...

Why did she freak out so much when he went in her room? Interesting.

Fairy D said...

Rose and Jeffrey? Is there anyone he won't sleep with? Poor Lori needs to run away from him instead of towards him.
Montana best watch herself with David he isn't as nice as she thinks.