Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Episode 1

*Theme music*

“Oh not again… please, not now!” *banging on the side of the computer* “On the other hand…”

This is so lame, he's bound to see right through me… no, Jeffery assured me this will work… “David! Hi, its Celeste… yes… I'm sorry David, I didn't know who else to call. You will? … oh, okay… right then… mmm-hmmm… great, thanks… see you soon.”

“That machine is ancient, Celeste. When are you going to invest in something of this century?”
“Come on now, it can't be all that bad… can it?”
*laughing* “Oh it can… and it is… it isn't a problem that I couldn't fix… this time… so don't worry… listen I have to go, Montana called me as I was on my way over here… and…”
“She needs you… of course… thanks again, David.”


“Well? How's progress?”
“It’s not working, Jeffery! He doesn’t give me the time of day… why did I think I could do this?”
“Trust me, a few more classes with me and you’ll do just fine.”
“I wish I had your confidence…”
“You will, Celeste… you will…”

“Okay, give me your best shot…”
“You’re kidding me right?”
“No, I’m very serious.” Jeffery softly caresses Celeste’s arm, looks deep and intently in to her eyes. His voice softens, “Celeste, when you’re near me like this, my heart races and I can’t think of anything or anyone but you…”
“I… um…” Celeste falters and blushes deeply.
“See? Now you try… charm me, wow me…”

“I… I really think… you near… ugh! Jeffery, I feel silly…”
“I’m not Jeffery, I’m David. You want this man, you want to know him, you want to feel him, you want him in every way humanly possible. Now try again.”
“You make it seem so easy.”
“Your skin is so soft. I love touching it, the way your body responds, its intoxicating. Try again!”

“I’ve never felt this way before, you take my breath away. I’ve never been intimate with a man and I’m scared… but you make me want to throw caution to the wind and see where life can take us.”
“Hot stuff! Whew… Celeste if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you actually meant that.”
Celeste blushes again, “That’s because it’s true.”
“You’re a…”
“A virgin, Jeffery… it’s not a disease, it’s a choice!”

“I’m sorry, Celeste. You should have told me before, I wouldn’t have pushed you so hard… come here… you’re shaking… relax, silly… you did well. He’ll be yours in no time.”
“Thanks Jeffery, why can’t I be like this with him?”
“I don’t know, maybe because you think he’s your ideal man? I’m your best friend… I’m some shmuck you don’t have to impress? Pick one…”
“Oh Jeffrey, you are no shmuck, and you really are my best friend.”

Celeste smiles up at Jeffery… “I love how I can be myself with you.”
“What are best friends for?” Jeffery kisses her tenderly and walks away.


“Hi, I’m Lori… I just moved in to the house around the corner.”
“Hello there, Lori, it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jeffery… Jeffery Anderson.”
“I’m sorry to impose, but um, do you have some sugar… oh that sounded so lame.” Lori blushes.
*laughing* “No problem, come on in…”

“So what brings you to Coventry?”
“Work actually… I’m um… oh…”
“You’re… ‘oh’? Interesting occupation, don’t think I know it…” Jeffery smirks confidently.
“Sorry, I find that I do ramble on a bit when I get nervous, and it isn’t good to be nervous when you’re a cop.”
“‘Officer’ Lori, is it? Impressive… I would never have guessed.”
“I’m not an officer yet, but you’ll see… I will be!”
“Ah, there’s the confidence! Good for you… dance with me Officer Lori!”
“I, oh… dance? With you?”
“Careful, you’re letting that confidence slip away… grab it while you can.”

“You dance divinely, Officer Lori…”
“You are so funny, Jeffery.” *giggling*
“So tell me Officer Lori, where might Mr. Officer Lori be this fine day?”
“Mr.? Oh no, I’m not married…” *blushing*
“A warning for?”

Jeffery dips Lori, looking in her eyes, searching for a brief moment…
“Save me a dance at your wedding, Officer Lori.”
And with that Jeffery walks in to the kitchen for her sugar, a smile playing on his lips.


*whistling softly*
“Hey Jeffery, got a second?”
“Sure thing, Rose… let me just finish this up.”

“So tell me Rose, what brings you across the street this time of day?”
“Why are you raking leaves, Jeffery? It isn’t like you to be so… domestic.”
“I’m just getting the house ready to be sold… what’s up, Babe?”
“Sell… the house? You’re moving? When, where… why is this the first I’ve heard about it?”
“Calm down, I’m not moving… yet… I’ve got my eye on a little house up the street around the corner.” A big grin crosses Jeffery’s face.
“I know that look… and there are no vacant homes up there… what are you up to Jeffery?”

“Up to? Me?” Jeffery feigns a hurt look and laughs. “You know me too well, Rose. There is a young lady up there that I will be moving in with… she just doesn’t know it yet.”
Rose tries to cover her hurt with a forced smile, “Only you Jeffery… only you.”

“Tell me you’re staying for dinner…”
“Ha, I’m not cooking for you again tonight, Jeffery.”
“I’m hurt, Rose… besides, I plan on ordering in… does Chinese sound good, or maybe some pizza? Besides there are a couple of others coming tonight and I could use a good ally.”

“Thanks for helping me out again yesterday, David… I don’t know what I did wrong.”
“I could tell you, but I doubt you’d understand. Shall I explain it to you? I’d be more than happy to…”
“Gods, why did I say I’d stay? Tell Jeffery, I’m going for a swim…”

“You’re not fooling anyone with this nice guy act you know.”
“What are you talking about, Rose?”
“I see right through you, David. You got this nice boy act down and it may fool some of the women around here… just know that I’m not one of them. You're pathetic!”

“Rose… you have no idea…”
“No David… it is you that has no idea… watch yourself… this is your one and only warning.”

“Pfft, you think you’re the only one who has any brains in this neighborhood? There’s a fine line drawn, David… don’t cross it.”

“There you are! Rose… what’s wrong?”
“Why did I do it? What was I thinking? I mean, he’s nothing… a speck… a simpleton…”
“Rose? You’re rambling, Baby… what is it? Who is it? Is it David? Did he upset you?”
“Jeffery, I have to go… there’s um, something I need to do…”
“Rose, you need to not drive yourself so hard… that’s my job.” Jeffery winks at her trying to lighten her mood.

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

LOVED it! Excellent writing and I am so on the edge of my seat for the next installment.

Jeffrey is a fox! And he seems like he is the common thread throughout the neighborhood. I know why tho...he is the romance sim! ;)

David seems to have some tricks up his sleeves...can't wait to see what they are!

Toni said...

Oooo...what an intresting opening episode. A lot of characters there with alterior motives, I think. Hmm..who's playing who? I'm staying tuned!

Suzie sim said...

Bwuahahaha!! I'm gonna love this story, I can tell! What a great looking bunch of sims you've got started here! :D *claps*

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... this David dude is such a PLAYER! I mean, he plays on women's emotions! Wow ... I mean, don't get me wrong ... he's GOOD! But it's gonna get him into trouble. Oh yeah.

Bubbs said...

What a great starting episode!! I think I need to read the rules now. :) This could be extremely twisted...I love it!

sagana said...

Oh this looks like so much fun. I'm loving the story already. Is it David who's a player? Or Jeffery? Or both? Anyways, who cares, they're both going to be lots of fun *pities the females in this hood* :)


Fee said...

This looks like it's going to be great. There are some gorgeous sims in here - can't wait to see how this plays out.

Lisa said...

I'm intrigued . . .

Twoyys4me said...

wow there's some great happenings going on! rushing to read chapter 2!

Rachel said...

My goodness Jeffery has all the ladies pining over him. this should be very interesting.

Aeronwy said...

Hahaha! Great start already. I can't wait until Jeffrey gets caught at his playing around. *rubs her hands together*

Fairy D said...

I just love Jeffrey. He's going to be the one to watch with all that smooth talk of his.