Thursday, May 3, 2007

Episode 1-A

*Theme music*

“Okay Celeste, I’m here. What’s your ‘emergency’?”
“I’m losing him, Jeffery… he’s been with ‘her’… or at least over her house… I don’t think she even knows how wonderful he is!”
“There is a lot of that going around lately…”

“I just need to work on my confidence… maybe… no, I do!”
“Well, that is a start in the right direction… shall we have some fun?”
“What do you have in mind?”
“A little more role playing is in order… maybe a little dress up? Let’s play, shall we?”

“There has got to be something fun in here… oh? And what do we have here?”
“Oh my… no Jeffery, that’s from Halloween! Oh how embarrassing…” Celeste blushes…
“Ah come on, Celeste, just for me? I have to see you in this get up… where did you wear this number and why wasn’t I invited?”
“I’ve never worn it… I bought it and then I chickened out… not surprising huh?”
“Model it for me, you show me yours, I’ll show you mine!”

“Why do I let you talk me in to these things?”
Jeffery lets out a low whistle. “Nice…”
“This is crazy… I have to change…”

“Celeste, wait…”
Exasperated, Celeste asks, “What is it, Jeffery?”
“You look great, Celeste… really… you should have gone to that party in this outfit… if David ever saw you in this get up…”
“Well he won’t… I’ll never wear it again…”
“Oops, hold still…”

“Jeffery! What on simearth are you doing?”
“What? You’re slipping out, Celeste…”
“Oh my stars! My nips are showing!” Celeste runs into the bathroom to change.
“Mmmm, and it was a lovely sight…” Jeffery turns to face the bathroom where Celeste ran off to and sighs. “Damage control time,” he says to himself.

“Celeste, I’m sorry I made you feel uncomfortable.”
“No Jeffery, I over reacted… you’ve been so good to me and I thought… oh I don’t know what I thought.”
“Yes you do, Celeste and its best if you just come out and say it.”
“It’s nothing, really! I… you… my skin… it… it felt as if it was on fire where your fingers touched my skin… it scared me and I over reacted… it’s not your fault.”
“It is my fault… I touched you in a way that frightened you. That was never my intent.”

“Jeffery, when you hold me like this, I feel as if I could do anything. Why is that?”
“Because you trust yourself with me… it is that ‘I’m not a threat’ thing again.”
“Then why does my body react to your touch like this?”
“Chemistry… physical attraction… primal urges…”
“Primal urges?” Celeste laughs nervously

“What was that?”
“You try…”
“Are you serious?”
“Very serious… just reach around… and grab my ass… come on... give it a squeeze…”

“Like this?”
“Whoa, watch the nails… but yes, like that…”

Jeffery kisses Celeste, “It’s time for me to go…”
A soft moan escapes Celeste’s parted lips, “Please… please don’t go…”
“Lessons are over for today…”
“Stay… please…”
Jeffery’s voice is soft and husky, “play time is over Celeste… I have to go.”

“Jeffery, no… I can’t let you go… not now, not like this…”
“Oof, Celeste, what the…”
Celeste whispers in his ear, “take me Jeffery… please… I want you, to…”
“No Celeste… that is your body talking… not your heart… it is time for me to go home.”
Jeffery goes home smiling.


“Malcolm, it’s always such a pleasure to see you.”
“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you Montana. How was your day?”
“Hectic, but my night is shaping up rather nicely.”

“You smell so good, Montana. Shame I can’t stay… I have to get to Club Dante… I need to deal with the bartender.”
“Can’t you stay for a little while?”
*eyebrow wiggles* “Maybe for an hour?”
*giggling* “Or two?”
“Most definitely!”

“When are you going to move in with me, Malcolm? You’re here all the time.”
“Why Montana, are you propositioning me?”
“I’m proposing a merger of our households, Malcolm, nothing more… don’t you go and get cold feet on me now, Mister.”

“Cold feet? Me? Never… is tomorrow soon enough for you? I will arrange everything… but you have to be sure, Montana… I don’t do things half way… I didn’t get where I am today by skating by. It’s all in or nothing.”
“Mmm… Malcolm, I love when you talk to me like that… it is such a turn on.”
Malcolm chuckles, “You’ve got one hour to stop that, Ms. Moorehead.”


“Celeste? What brings you here?”
“I had to see you… I have to apologize…”
“Silly girl, what do you have to apologize for? You didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I did! I… well, I tried… I tried to seduce you… and that was so wrong of me. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of our friendship that way.”

“If I had stayed, Celeste, it would have been me taking advantage of you… that is why I left. Is that the only reason you’re here? I have 25 more laps to do before I’m finished.”
“Oh, um, no… you said something about ‘if I show you mine, you’ll show me yours’ and I want to see…”
*laughing* “Oh no… you can’t be serious…”
“Fair is fair, Jeffery, you promised!”
“A promise is a promise… come on in.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this for you, Celeste… just let me find it in this mess.”
“I can’t imagine what it is… you never said.”
“Let’s hope it still fits or this will be over rather quickly.”

“You look like Adonis.”
“Ha, you’re funny.”
“I’m serious, Jeffery, you look… sexy…”

“Aw thanks, Celeste… hey… what’s this? Tears?”
“Jeffery, I feel like such a poop.”
“Strong words, Celeste… stop beating yourself up… you aren’t a ‘poop’. Listen let me change, because we obviously need to talk… and I just can’t take myself serious in this get-up.”

“Spill it, Baby, what has got you so riled up?”
“I’ve been throwing myself at you Jeffery and you’re always such a gentleman. I feel like such a… such a… a hussy!”
“Whoa, hold the phones, you are no hussy… you just need some guidance, you’re still so… fresh… untouched…”
“Is that even a word?”

“Gah Jeffery, why can’t you take me serious?”
“I take what you say very serious, Celeste… you have no idea.”
“Enlighten me, Jeffery!”

Jeffery pulls Celeste in to his embrace, kissing her softly, looks her in the eyes as a soft smile plays on his lips, “Serious enough for you, Celeste?”
“Yes Jeffery… oh yes…”
“Good-bye Celeste, it’s getting late… I need to get over to the studio before I lose my light.”
“Studio, oh… right,” Celeste is breathless, “I’d love to see it someday.”
“You will, you promised to pose for me… but not today…” Jeffery kisses her on her forehead and walks her to the door. Watching her walk down the street, a broad smile breaks across his face… “Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the Fly…” Laughing at his own joke, Jeffery leaves for his studio.

*Previously**Theme music**End Episode*


Shaunna said...

Geez girl that was as fantastic as the first...and the build up between Jeffrey and Celeste is phenomenal!!! I have to admit I was cracking up at the close up of his hand on her booty! How very clever ;)

And seems as tho Montana has her rich guy! None more notorious than Malcolm Landgraab!

Anjel76 said...

Jeffery is smooth ... REALLY smooth. Does he care for her at all?? >:O((

Fee said...

Poor Celeste, I think she's in way over her head with Jeffery.

Kerry said...

Wow, Ruby, you know how to keep yourself busy! Sounds like there will be no shortage of drama with this challenge!

Lisa said...

Yeah, what Anjel76 said. I wanna know. Now.

Rachel said...

This is so interesting to watch. I feel bad for Celeste.

Aeronwy said...

Whew, I think celeste is in way over her head there. And shame on Jeffrey. You know he's just stringing her along until he can take her without her throwing a hissy fit. *shakes her head* This is definitely a soap opera!

suzie sim said...

rotf! I can't believe she put that costume on for him! :D too funny -showing off your CC like that! *w*
Now really - does anyone NEED goosing lessons? lol - Celeste, you're such an easy mark!
And Montana - making the moves on the Malcolm! WTG! *claps*
Rawwwrrrl! I don't know about spiders Jeffrey, but you're definitely a HornDawg! :D

Fairy D said...

This is awesome Ruby. I am enjoying every minute of it even the 2nd time around LOL!