Friday, May 4, 2007

Episode 2

*Theme music*

“Montana, are you happy?”
“Happy, Malcolm… with what… what do you mean?”
“Me… you and me… us… are you happy?”
“More than I thought I could be, Malcolm. I don’t want to scare you off or anything, but I’m very much in love with you.”

“You’re in love with me, or my money?”
“You mean you aren’t one and the same?”
“I love when you talk dirty to me, Montana.”

“It’s about time…” Malcolm gets up and looks at Montana sleeping, “my little nymph.”Malcolm walks to the bathroom scratching and mumbling.

“Malcolm, where are you going?”
“I have to go to the club, Montana. It doesn’t run itself and I have to earn the big simoleans in order to keep you happy. We really aren’t going through this again are we?”
“Mmm-hmmm, didn’t think so.” Malcolm starts singing. “Oh hey Montana, since you’re awake… I’ve bought something for you today.”
“For me? I love pressies!”
“Yes, I know, the shinier, the more expensive, the better…”
“Pfft, I’m going back to bed.”
*laughing* “Oh don’t play hurt, it doesn’t suit you.”

“Montana, my little vixen… will you do me the honor?”
“Oh my stars, Malcolm! Are you serious?”
“As serious as a naked man can be… Montana… you haven’t answered my question.”

“Oh! Yes, Malcolm, of course I’ll marry you.”
“Gods you smell good…”
“Mmmm, Malcolm, I thought you had to go…”
“If your body didn’t feel so delicious against mine, I wouldn’t be late… round four?”
“Please and thank you!”

“Damn it, I’m late…” A wicked smile pulls at the corners of Malcolm’s mouth, “that demanding woman…”


*click* “Oh no…” *click, click* “Come on… I have a deadline!” *click, click, click* “Gah!”

“David… yes… well, I know but… okay… please… my document is lost! No, the one I was working on… save? Well, no… I thought you said… but, I thought… yes… okay, thanks.”

“You really screwed the pooch this time, Celeste. This pig won’t fly anymore. Your memory is overworked and dismal, your processor is not even a Pentium for cripes sakes and your graphics…” *sigh* “Celeste, it is high time you got a new machine and this time there are no more excuses, you call my guy and he will hook you up… you just tell him what you need it for and he will custom build your computer. I can’t fix this one anymore. I mean, come on Celeste, a 486?”
“And my résumé… is there no hope in saving it?”
“Uh, no… you’ll have to redo that. Didn't you have a back up for it?”
“Back… up?”
*shaking his head* “How many times, Celeste… every time I tell you to back up your work on a flash…” *David closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.* “You now officially have an expensive and large paperweight… listen I have to run to Montana’s…”
“Hmph, naturally…”
“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Montana is said to be a user… she uses you and tosses you aside like yesterday’s trash. I just don’t want her to hurt you, David. You’re too good for that… I would never treat you the way, you’re…”
“Celeste! How could you say such a thing? Montana is nothing of the sort… she is simply misunderstood. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand here and let you talk like that about her. You know how I feel… why would you hurt me like this… I gotta go…”

“Crap… that didn’t go well… oh Gods, what did I do? I have to fix this… I… I need Jeffery…”


“Sullivan, what are you doing here? You should be at the club.”
“I’m sorry Malcolm, I was worried.”
“Gods, leave the worrying to me Sully… that’s my job. Everything is fine… now why are you really here?”
“You’re with her now, aren’t you?”
“We’re engaged, if that is what you mean…”

“Damn Sully, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.”
“I’m sorry Malcolm, it’s just…”
“Ya, I know… I know… come on in… we’ll go to the club together.”

“You’re so tense, Malcolm… you work way too hard.”
“Oh that’s the spot… you’re right, I had no idea how… ow, that’s it, there… Gods, I hear the ambulance… Montana’s home, do us both a favor, go downstairs and meet her while I get ready… and don't screw this up.”

“Oh um, hi?”
“Hello, Ms. Montana, I’m Sullivan, the bartender down at Club Dante… but everyone calls me Sully. Malcolm is upstairs changing… he’s giving me a ride to work.”
“Oh so you’re the bartender? I’m glad we finally meet! I’ve heard such wonderful things about you. Malcolm is quite fond of you. How is work these days?”
“Busy! You should come by some time… it’s a happening joint. So um… oh I hear congratulations are in order… ‘Boss man’ says you two are engaged.”


“Hi Jeffery… um, no I’m okay… no really… I’m okay…” *Celeste sigh* “You know me, too well Jeffery… I stepped in it big time… tonight? Okay… thanks, Jeffery.”

“So you just let him walk out?”
“What was I suppose to do?”
“This… you wrap your arms around him, look him in the eyes and tell him he’s not hearing you… that he needs to stop for a moment to hear you, to listen to you, to really see you.”
“I’m falling apart Jeffery. Stay with me, please? I won’t make an ars of myself like last time…” *Celeste blushes*
“Silly girl, of course.”

“Yes, I still feel so… so…”
“Frustrated… unwanted… silly… rejected…”
“You can stop now… all of the above.”

“You should never feel that way Celeste, you’re too wonderful a person to be treated like that.”
“Jeffery, you would never treat me like that… you have always been so good to me…”
“Celeste…” Jeffery’s voice is suddenly quite husky…
“Yes, Jeffery…” Celeste’s voice and body responds…

“I know I should leave, Celeste…”
“I don’t want you to leave me this time, Jeffery…”
“You’re vulnerable, Celeste and it isn’t me you want…”
“Yes, Jeffery… it is… don’t deny what my body is telling you…”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

That darn Celeste...running to the arms of Jeffrey when things don't go well with David! At least she is learning a thing or two when she is with Jeff ;).

Montana and Malcolm eh? I think that they make an interesting couple. At least she got to marry the rich sim she was after...but he seems to swing both ways if you get my meaning. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Excellent work as usual!

fee said...

Celeste needs to make up her mind. I don't think she knows what she wants, I mean who she wants! Malcolm seems to have a hidden agenda too. I love the naked proposal!

Anjel76 said...

Wow ... drama, drama EVERYWHERE! Rule one of trying to get someone ... do NOT trash the person they like. HA!

Who IS this Jeffery guy anyway?!?! *sigh* Is he a good guy, or a bad guy? Or just a player. I'm getting mixed signals.

Loved the whole "naked proposal" thing. Looks like he's got a man on the side though.

Lisa said...

I agree with Anjel76. It does appear that Malcolm and Sully have something going on.

Twoyys4me said...

wow that Malcolm sure is a player! I hope Montana knows what she's doing. Great job so far!

Rachel said...

Looks like Malcolm plays for both teams. Such drama!

Aeronwy said...

Heh, Montana and Malcolm are kinda funny together. She loves him for his money, he loves her because she loves him for his money. *shakes her head* Ooo, naked proposals! Oh my... I guess Malcolm plays both sides of the fence, eh? Oh my. Looks like Jeffrey has another knotch on his bedpost, eh? *tsks at Celeste*

suzie sim said...

Bwuahahahaaa! Your simmies just wander about naked, pulling engagement rings out of their ....
ears? XD Wtg Malcolm and Montana - that's one unique proposal!
Awww, Celeste, you shouldn't dish the guy's crush, even if she is already engaged to someone else. He'll figure it out soon enough. :(
Oy - and Malcolm's a playa too?! lol - Sully - welcome pawn! *eg*
Poor Celeste, such a trusting soul. I'm not looking forward to the day her eyes open either. :\

Fairy D said...

I knew it Celeste is really in love with Jeffrey.