Saturday, May 5, 2007

Episode 2-a

*theme music*

*crying softly*

*Jeffery stops short as he hears Celeste* Aw man, she’s crying… why do they cry? “Hey Celeste, have you seen my shirt?”
“I, um… it’s in here…”
No kidding… *Jeffery rolls his eyes, takes a deep breath and walks back in to the bedroom*

“It's late… are you okay, or do you need me to stay?”
“No! Um, no I’m okay… thanks Jeffery… um, for cheering me up…”
“My pleasure, truly… call me tomorrow if you need me, okay?”
“Oh I will, no problem… mmm-hmmm” *Celeste puts on a cheerful front*

Why… why did I do it? Man she’s like a drug… I just couldn’t stop myself…

*uuuurrrghle* “Oh Gods... why did I... how could I...” *crying*


“Sully, what are you doing here? I thought we discussed this. You are to wait for me at the club… what’s wrong?”
“Nothing… it’s just…” *pout* “Mal, if you like her more than me, I don’t think I can handle it.”
“Geez, nothing worse than an insecure queen... Get in the house before someone sees us.”
“Mal, you’re such a brute… why are you being so mean to me?”
“Sully, if you don’t get in the house… I’ll never spank you again…”
“Bully…” Sully sulks towards the house.
“Gods… women!”
“I heard that…”

“You're the one I want, Sully… no one could ever replace you… you know your Mal only loves you… now talk to me, Baby… why are you flipping out on me?”
“You don’t love on me anymore Mal, not even at the club! I need your touch, Mal… you know I crave it… I need it… oh, just kiss me…”

“Sully Baby, you know you have to be strong… Montana is going to be home soon… if I kiss you can you be strong… for us… for our future?”
“Kiss me and we’ll find out…”

“Hey there future Mrs. Boss Lady!”
“Hi there Sully, I take it you two are carpooling again tonight…”
“You betcha, it beats walking… so um you two set a date yet?”
“Sully you seem more anxious for us to be married than I am… is that… is that Malcolm’s cologne you’re wearing?”
“Oh heh, yeah… he said I never smell good enough for the ladies, so he threw some on me. Do you like it?”
“Of course I do… I bought it for him…”


“As I live and breathe… Jeffery, what are you doing up the hill skulking… wait... Celeste? Were you… you weren’t…”
“Babe, whatever you’re thinking… you’re probably right… so what are you doing up here?”
“I was coming by to see Celeste, we are going to work on her résumé… that girl can’t lie very well, not even on her résumé… only… here you are…”

“Listen Babe, I’m heading home… I’m beat, emotionally and physically”
“Pfft yeah, I’m sure you are… hmmm… and Celeste? I’m sure you could care less about the state you left that innocent girl in.”
“That’s the thing… she is so innocent… its intoxicating… you can’t tell me you haven’t felt it… tasted it… otherwise why would you be here?”

“Moi? Oh do not mistake my intentions bro; you are the snake… not I…”
“Ouch, well you do have a point… just remember I’m the silver tongued snake that got your tail out of many situations back in high school.”
“As if you’d ever let me forget… what kind of state did you leave this one in?”
“I heard her crying… why do they cry? I mean… Gods know I can’t handle a crying woman…”
“You’re a dog, Jeffery… now let me take care of Celeste… go home, boy.”
“Woof!” *mock salute*


Why is the script not working? Gah, a typo? How elementary. *telephone rings* “Damn it, how am I supposed to get any work done with all these interruptions?”

“What? … yes … yes … no … if you must … fine.”

“Lisa… what is your emergency?”

“You see, I just had to… but I… because if I didn’t…”
“You don’t have an emergency… do you Lisa…”
“No, I’m sorry David… I just really needed to see you… I really need you tonight, David.”

“Come her naughty girl, we’ve talked about this… what is your penalty?”
*giggling* “Oh David… I love when you’re so strict.”
*phone rings* “Hold that thought…”

“What? … yes … yes … no … I have a lose end to tie up … fine.”

“Oh my David, are you going to tie me up?”
“Tempting, Lisa, but no… I must go… but if you’re a good girl and go home to your family, I will let you come again later this week… deal?”
*Lisa pouts* “I just got here…”
“Yes and now you’re leaving… kiss me good-bye now Lisa…”

*Previously**Theme music**End Episode*


Shaunna said...

Awww Celeste, my heart breaks for her. She really is so innocent. It seems like Jeffrey is further condusing us by admitting to feeling BAD about his encounter with Celeste???!!!

Well, well, well...Malcolm has a side dish. I was suspicious, before, but the suspicions were SO confirmed. Look out Montana...

I have to admit to cracking up at David. It is exactlly how I pictured front of the computer. What I didn't see coming is Lisa Ramrez!? This David guy's got a few more dimensions than what meets the eye.

Great update!

Lisa said...

“Sully, if you don’t get in the house… I’ll never spank you again…”

Bwahahahahaha! Funniest line ever!

Anonymous said...

Im hooked!! Have been since. I crave soaps here in Denmark since I cant get ANY!!!!

Oh what tangled webs you are weaving.


Bubbs said...

Working all day, I have to get my soaps somehow. :) I love soap operas and the books like them.

Great update!!

GreeneyeLia said...

Xcellent update, love to read more.

"back-up, back-up" sound very much like my dear ole hubbie, who works in ICT. Thankfully, he now backs up all my files for me, bless him!

Rachel said...

My, my our sweet Ruby has some kinky thoughts...
I mean poor Celeste. Interesting update here.

Fee said...

Poor not so innocent anymore Celeste. And LOL at Malcolm and his no more spanking threats!
I love it.

Aeronwy said...

Heh, Montana and Malcolm are kinda funny together. She loves him for his money, he loves her because she loves him for his money. *shakes her head* Ooo, naked proposals! Oh my... I guess Malcolm plays both sides of the fence, eh? Oh my. Looks like Jeffrey has another knotch on his bedpost, eh? *tsks at Celeste*

suzie sim said...

Awww - Celeste! Is that remorse? Or is Jeffrey just that disappointing after all his hype? :D
*giggles again* "nothing worse than an insecure queen..." Poor Sully - he's so abused! Ye-ahh -when your boyfriend gets engaged to someone else, I guess you would be feeling a little insecure. So Jeffrey's the obvious Dawg, but Malcolm's the quiet one to watch out for, huh?
soooo - Jeffrey and Rose are an item, or she's just stuck on him despite knowing all the exploits he gets into? hmmm - it almost sounds like they're brother & sister, but that can't be right.
This isn't Passions, lol!!
Oy - And Brainiac David is taking care of the townie housefraus?? rotf!! This is HI-sterical! :D

Fairy D said...

Malcolm and Sully..Why am I not surprised?
Jeffrey needs a beating for hurting Celeste like that and David is a shocker.