Sunday, May 6, 2007

Episode 3

*theme music*

“Happy, Montana?”
“Very, Mal…”
“Are you going off to the club tonight?”
“Mmmm, okay…”
“That’s it? You don’t want to argue?”
“Hmmm, no… I was just thinking, I may actually get some sleep tonight…”

“Montana …”
“Yes, Malcolm…”
“What do you think about kids?”
“They’re small, they smell funny and they’re expensive… not to mention we’d have to start wearing clothes and we would probably have to move since this is a one bedroom home… and… why do you ask Malcolm?”
“Nothing, we’ve just never discussed them before.”
“Mal, we don’t discuss much… we are still getting to know each other… there is no rush, lover… we have the rest of our lives to figure out where our lives are heading… in the meantime practicing making babies is much more enjoyable…”
“I do love when you talk dirty to me…”
“You like that, huh… then how about this… hostile takeover… CD’s… capital gains…”
“Oh Baby!”


*soft jazz music can be heard*

“Stop fidgeting.”
“I’m cold.”

“Hold still…”
“I’m bored…”
“You didn’t have to do this… you chose to do this… now hold still, I’m almost done.”

“Is that me?”
“Ouch… I didn’t think it was ‘that’ bad…”
“Oh no, it’s not bad… it’s not bad at all, it’s great actually… I didn’t think I was that… well…”
“Beautiful… gorgeous… breathtaking… sexy… stop me when you’ve heard enough.”
“You embarrass me, Jeffery. I love it.”
“Then it is yours.”
“You spoil me. How can I thank you for everything you’ve done for me?”
“You just did… and you are quite welcome. Listen take care of that painting… you’re my first.”
“I’m your…” Celeste blushes, “oh Jeffery you’re always teasing me.”

“I’m glad you came out today… I didn’t think I would see you again… especially when you didn’t call the next day… I almost called you, but I didn’t want to rush you.”
“I’m glad I came too… it’s great to see you again… I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I am sorry for taking advantage of you and our friendship. I don’t want to lose that. You are so important to me and I panicked… I thought I’d lost you.”
“You aren’t getting rid of me that easily, Celeste…”


“Sully, why am I not surprised you’re back?”
“Because you know me so well, Mal… because you love me as much as I love you… because you know I need you… because…”
“Sully, have you ever heard of a rhetorical question? That was a rhetorical question… now get your sweet ass in the house before we’re seen.”

“You there, there are some wet towels in the bathroom, see to them before they sour…”
“You know what, Mr. Landgraab, I put up with you because Ms. Moorehead pays me to… but I don’t like you, and I know what kind of person you are… you may have some people fooled, but not me… now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”
“Are you speaking to me in such a manner?”
“Yes sir, I am… if you want to fire me and explain to your fiancé why, feel free… I’ve worked for Ms. Moorehead many years and she trusts my discretion… I might just be the maid, but I deserve respect as well.”
“Bold words, Maid… I just hope you don’t regret them…”


“Officer Lori, what brings you to my humble abode?”
“I wanted to see you again, Jeffery… the last time we spoke… it left me with some… questions… I was hoping you’d supply answers to.”
“Ask away…”

“You spoke of a Mr. Officer Lori… you aren’t by chance…”
“For a lack of a better word… yes…”
*laughing* “No, Officer Lori, but a beautiful woman like yourself won’t stay single for long…”

“Your eyes, Officer Lori… they’re quite intense for someone so young…”
“Jeffery, are you hitting on me?”
“Actually, I was going to ask if you’d pose for me…” *Jeffery hands her his business card* “I have a new art studio up the hill and would love to paint you… interested?”

“Oh!” *blush* “I feel like such a fool… I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions like that…”
“It’s quite alright; I’m sure a lovely lady such as you is hit upon on a daily basis… I for one am not unmoved by your beauty, I just have a more ‘artistic’ admiration for you…”
“Thank you, Jeffery… it’s quite refreshing…”

“Are you free today? I can meet you in 20 minutes…”
“See you there…” Interesting…

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Your strategic picture taking is getting better everytime. Montana and Malcolm are a hot couple...tho his behavior has not gone unnoticed I see!

Yet another connection between Jeffrey and Celeste...the sparks between them are surely flying wether or not either of them meant it.

And Lori had Jeffrey wrong...or so she thought about moving in up the hill...can't wait to see where this one leads them!

tktrn99 said...

OMG! Those were some steamy scenes! *fans self* Great job! There are so many intertwined storylines...I love it! Hmmm...artistic appreciation? Sounds like Jeffery is using that "appreciation" to his advantage! Can't wait for more!!

Twoyys4me said...

Wow, some steamy scenes there! Is Montana getting broody?

Jeffery seems to be enjoying himself... those poor

Looking forward to the next one.

Lisa said...

I see Jeffrey is still working his wiles on the ladies. I hope Celeste doesn't get hurt.

suzie sim said...

lol! I love Malcolm & Montana's "pillow-talk"! :D And oh my, is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?! *grins*
And Malcolms got a little sumpin' on the side, eh? Not such a great idea to let the maid see your boytoy & then piss him off! ;)
woof! That Jeffrey is smoooooth! I can't wait to see how long he can keep this up! *claps*

Mao said...

Ooooh, very cool! and VERY Soap Opera-ish. I love it. The Jeffrey/Celeste thing is especially interesting. What a trainwreck!

Sally said...

Wow! Where to start? I just read your entire blog from beginning to end. I somehow missed your first few updates. Anyway, I love it.

The script style is hilarious. So many great one liners.

"What do you think about kids?"
"They’re small, they smell funny and they’re expensive… "

Too funny! And the intertwined plots are great. What's Malcolm doing with Montana? And I lurve Jeffrey's character - the old rogue. I'll defintely be keeping up with this blog - can't wait for more.

Rachel said...

Once again, such Drama! That Mal is such a sleeze ball. I never did like him. Cheating jerk.

Fee said...

Ohhhh, is Malcolm getting clucky? If the maid knows what he's up to it won't be long before Montana finds out. I love the drama.

Aeronwy said...

Heh, I love Montana and Malcolm. They're just too funny together! Although he's a sh*t for running around on her with Sully, but oh well. Wait... Celeste thinks SHE took advantage of HIM?!? Such an innocent. *shakes her head* Ooo, looks like Malcolmn may have his cake snatched away from him before he can eat it too. *cackles* Dayum, Jeffrey really is quite smooth.

Fairy D said...

Jeffrey strikes again. Those poor women I feel sorry for them.
Malcolm better watch it or that maid just might tell his wife about the boytoy and then those steamy nights will be over.