Sunday, July 1, 2007

Episode 25

*Theme Music*

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I can’t believe I'm here… this is crazy… I’m crazy for being here… she wont-

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“Hello Lori”

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“It’s so good to see you Rose, I didn’t know if you’d still… well you know…”
“Lori, that is between you and Jeffery… not you and me… if you had really hurt him… then we’d have a problem.”
“Uh… I’ll remember that…”


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“You look great, the years are very kind to you.”
“Still the smooth talker I see, is my… is Cornelious here?”
“Yes, he’s here…”

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“It is so great to see you again.”
“You may want to hold on to that sentiment until after…”


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“So… what’s up?”
“I had no one else to turn to Lori, I… well, I don’t have many female friends. I know two and…”
“I got the short straw?”
“You were home.”

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“Ahuh… you’ve always been pretty straight forward, Rose. At least I always know where I stand with you.”
“Lori I don’t have the mind capacity to be pleasant right now, that is why I called.”
“Right, so what has got you so worked up?”

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“There’s this man…”
*sigh* “No, David isn’t a man, he’s an imbecile.”
“I’m sorry, please… continue…”
“His name is Claude… and… Lori I… I…”
“Oh wow, you’re in love…”


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“What?! When did you plan on telling me? Did you plan on telling me?”
“Well, I figured it wouldn’t come to this…”
“Dammit Celeste!”

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“I had my career to think of, being in politics and all…”
“That is the sorriest excuse I’ve ever heard. At least Lori had my absence as an excuse, you left without a word and after telling me to butt out of you life and the whole time… aw crap…”

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“What? What is it?”
“I left them upstairs together…”

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Wow! What a great update.

So Jeffrey IS Neil's dad...ut oh and he is all alone with Tori. eek! Let's hope it's not too late...heh. The pictures are perfect tho...Celeste breaking the news to Jeffrey...telling him to hold that sentiment...LOL!

Interesting that Rose would turn to Lori. And she is in love with pastor Davis!? What about Frank...father of her child? Aren't they living together?

CeeCee said...

So, she finally decided to tell him, eh? Bout time. Geez, hope that brother and sister aren't getting to know each other too well. *shudders*

SirenPrincess said...

Very, very nice pictures this round. Yours are always great, but these were really good.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Huh. I forgot Rose and Lori had been friends before Lori and Jeffrey hooked up. I'm glad they're still friends, despite the no longer being sisters-in-law.

Oooo, is Celeste finally going to tell Jeffrey that Neil is really hers and his son? *rubs her hands together and leans forward* D'oh! Commercial break! *grumbles*

Rose, you need to get over him, 'cause he's unattainable now. I guess this is what's throwing Rose off her game though, poor thing.

Heh, yup. Poor poor Jeffrey. Nobody tells you when you father kids. *snickers behind her hand* HAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG, does he really think Tori and Neil will be fooling around, knowing Jeffrey's only gone to answer the door? *giggles* Only in a soap. *shakes her head*

Lisa said...

AHA! I knew it! I knew Jeffrey was Neil's dad. Ha! I knew Celeste was lying about him being her nephew to save her political career. *whispers* Bitch.

Sally said...

Ewww no - not Tori and Neil??

So, is that what's up with Rose? She's in love? But there has to be more to it then that... it doesn't make sense!

suzie sim said...

Umm, Rose? She did kinda hurt him by keeping him from his kids. *nods* but yeah, I don't s'pose Jeffers spent many lonely nights crying over Lori.

*blinks* Celeste?? Is going to stir things up?? Now?? *seg*

LOL!~! “No, David isn’t a man, he’s an imbecile.” Rose is really growing on me! Oh - and she IS in love with FakePastor! :D Now... who left who in this one??

YES!! *fistpumps* I KNEW Neil was Jeffer's son - Dawgness runs in the bloodline! *claps & bounces*

OH - you're going to have to spill the truth to Jonathan too. oh - and you just got engaged.....