Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode 27

*Theme Music*

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What is that smell? Right, I was hoping that whole shock/fire thing was a bad dream…

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“Bye Mommy!”
“Have a good day at school, baby.” *sigh* If Jeffery finds out about this, he’s going to try to take my son…


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“Who me?”
“Yeah… is that not okay?”
“Well, sure but…”

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“You go to my school… I mean, Coventry High… not, well… ‘my’ school… but…”
“Wow, didn’t mean to make you so nervous… ya… I go there… are you new there? I don’t remember seeing you, and I thought I knew everyone at CH…”
“I um, yes…”
“Okay, well hi and um, relax a little… I’m going in, don’t much care for rain… messes up my hair… that sounds weird coming from a guy, huh…” *shrugs*

“Oh uh, hey… my name is Jules…”
“I’m Neil… so what year are you?”
“Senior… why?”


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“Andewson wesidence… Hi, Daddy! … uh huh … uh huh … mmmm, uh huh…”

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“Daddy? Why wont you tell me? … not even a little hint? … uh huh … uh huh …”

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“uh… uh uh … uh huh … but … alright … uh huh … love you too, Daddy… bye!”


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“Why? Nothing… its called small talk, you should really try it sometime… Well, take care and I’ll see ya around school.”
“Wait, that’s it? That’s all you wanted was to say hi?”

“Well… ya… why, people don’t just say hi to you?”
“Not really… no…”
“Well I’ll tell ya what, next time you see me, give it a try…”

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“Wait, don’t…”
“Don’t… go? Don’t stay? Don’t ever talk with you again?”
“Don’t go…” *blush*

*Theme music**Commercial break*


Shaunna said...

Phew! Lori lives. I was worried for a moment...but what is it that Jeffrey is saying to him on the phone? Is his dad going to take him...if so I can only imagine what will become of Lori...I do not see good things in that future.

Awww! Neil and Juliet are so adorable...a crush in the making. So sweet to watch them stumble over thier words.

I loved that we are seeing more of Martin...he is a doll! Will surely break some hearts if given time *w*

Sally said...

Martin is such a sweetie but what's his Daddy up to now?

Cute scene with Juliette and Neil. It may be just me but I can't figure Neil out - as a kid I thought he was innocent, then he started meeting girls, and didn't he once kiss Kapcer??

Lisa said...

*runs over to Jeffrey's to let him know about Lori's close call*

Awwwww. Martin is sooooo cute. I just want to kiss his little face.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Whew, glad to see Lori survived the fire. Surprised she's still got long hair after that though. ;-) Why would he try to take Martin? You had an accident, it could have happened to anyone.

Hmm, is Jules trying to hit on Neil? She's not doing a good job of it, if she is...

Martin is just so damn adorable. *melts* What's Jeffrey up to though?

Wow, she's really not good at this whole small talk business, is she. Kind of endearing though, and I could see that type of innocence getting under Neil's skin right quickly. :-)