Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Episode 28

*Theme Music*

“Now, Joanna won’t be patient for much longer, I really need to get her some ice cream.”
“My little sister… I mentioned her a moment ago…”
“Sister… right! Oh um… okay…”

“Call me sometimes Jules…”

“Dang Neil, another one?”
“All in a day’s work, Suzette… how ya been?”
“Good… did you really promise that punk sister of yours ice cream?”

“Hell no… but the kid sister card works so well with the ladies…”
“That is true, I fell for it…”
“Heh, you did didn’t you…”
“You are such a player, Neil…”
“Aw Suzette… a player? Me?”


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“Nancy said you wanted to see-”
“What the hell is this Elena?”

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“This is me saying I’m sorry…”
“By seducing me…”
“Don’t look at it that way… it’s just two old friends getting reacquainted… I’ve missed us David…”
“You left me Elena…”
“Just because I hate you, doesn’t mean I don’t still want you David…”

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“You still love me, David…”


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“Tori, what are you up to?”
“Just on my way home, what about you?”
“Had to get out of the house, the woman is driving me nuts… um, my mother…”

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“This whole 'mom' thing is still so weird.”
“I can only imagine. Daddy met me when I was a baby so I’ve known him my whole life…”
“How is Jeffery?”

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“Jeffery? He’s your father too, Neil.”
“Ya well…”
“You are just as stubborn as he is…”


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“What did you do?”
“What are you talking about?”
“You have that look… I know that look…”

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“What look?”
“Don’t play that innocent act with me.”
“Claude I have no idea what you're talking about…”
“Oh, tell me you didn’t…”

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“Okay, I didn't…”
“You’re a liar and not a very good one. You know the man is still madly in love with you and you toy with him. Why are you even living with him?”

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Mao said...

Poor Jules just got played! Sigh. Funny how things run in cycles? Silly Neil... he will have to learn the hard way. And Jules, too.

Nancy is sooo busted!

Shaunna said...

Oooo Niel! *scoff* and here I was all bamboozled by his sweetness. Tho I have to give the boy credit...Mao is totally right...LSHICB!

*squeal* we finally see Elena! And wow she has a steel trap around her heart for sure...ouch poor David! But Claude knows the score...

Sally said...

I knew it! Neil really is just like his Dad and shaping up to be the next Cassanova of Coventry.

Good to see Elena's face at last but what is she plotting?

Lisa said...

I had a feeling Jules was being played.

So . . . we finally see Elena's face. Looks like Neil's not the only one playing in Coventry this episode.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

He has a sister named Joanna? *scratches her head in confusion* Hmm, either my memory is going on me (which is quite likely) or Neil's playing poor Juliette. Aww, crap. I really REALLY hope someone tells Jules just what Neil's like. :-(

*blinks* "Just because I hate you, doesn't mean I don't still want you David..." Erm, okay... Aww man, poor David. I was going to say he doesn't deserve to be jerked around like that, but then again, he really was kind of an a$$ to the women he so coldly scheduled for nookie and stuff.

At least there's one girl in Coventry we know Neil won't use and discard.

Good for you, Claude! (I still don't trust you, but good for you anyway.) And geeze, Ruby, your pictures are absolutely fantastic. You get them in poses that are PERFECT for the story lines! So, maybe next episode we'll get to hear Elena's answer to Claude's question? *crosses her fingers, but refuses to hold her breath* At least we FINALLY got to see Elena's face!