Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Episode 28-A

*Theme Music*

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“What do you mean? I’m not…” *sigh*
“You should call him, Neil.”

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“Why he has a phone, he can call me!”
“Oh for pity’s sake, the two of you are killing me! You won’t call him because you're too proud, he won’t call you because he has to give you space… waaah, you poor babies!!”
“I get the point, drama queen…”

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“So where were you?”
“What do you mean?”
“You said you're on your way home… from where?”


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“Why do you assume I’m doing anything? Why are you taking his side in this and why shouldn’t I be there looking after the kids when he is obviously inept to do so on his own?”
“Did I strike a nerve? Where do I start? I am not assuming, I know you, you slept with him-”
“We didn’t sleep…”
“Please, spare me…”

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“Oh this from the man who is so innocent? How’s Rose, Claude?”
“I happen to be very much in love with Rose, always have been and would marry her in a heartbeat if she would have me.. not exactly the same situation now is it.”
*sigh* “I’m sorry Claude..”

“Which is why I’m 'taking his side' in this… you’re toying with a man’s heart and it is cruel… as for him being inept, that remains to be seen, he has done nothing to warrant such a response from you other than your inability to see beyond his the past. Give him a chance Elena. He really isn’t the same guy you ran away from.”
“I… but I… there’s nothing I can say is there…”
“You could try the truth…”
“I don’t hate him…”
“That is a start…”
“I hate you…”
“Aw, what are big brothers for…”


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“Oh that… well…”
“Oh no you don’t, you can’t get on my case for not calling Je-, our father, and then try to play innocent when the table is turned… fess up.”

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“Only if you say you’ll call Daddy.”
“Okay, okay… I’ll call.”
*sigh* “Fine, I promise.”

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“I was talking to Pastor Davis.”
“I hate that man…”


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“Mommy… where is Daddy?”
“He’s not coming baby.”
“He promised..”
“I know sweetie, but Mommy asked him not to…”

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“But why?”
“Because this is our time, you’re going to be spending the weekend with your Daddy and you can celebrate again with him. Okay?”
“A whole weekend?! Um, will Tori be there?”
“Of course.”

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“Let’s see her push me around now…”
“Oh Martin, don’t hate your sister, it won’t bring you happiness.”
Hmph, yes it will.

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Shaunna said...

Oh Neil...one moment I am ticked at him and the next I am mush. The poor thing...he should call Jeffrey. Try to find a relationship with his father...especially if things are tough with his mom at the moment...tho he is prolly mad at them both, Jeffrey never knew. At least he should know that.

*shaking head at Elena* that woman...so stubborn.

Martin is growing up! Look at him now is right! I want to see what happens with he and Tori now...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Darn it, Neil got me too. *headdesk* He and Jeffery can get together and trade notes. That counts as father/son time, right? Ouch Elena, drive the knife in his back. And we finally see her face. Wait a minute...she looks familiar...
Call your dad, Neil. Men are so stubborn. Don't try to turn the tables, Elena. You're evil, Claude's been screwed over by Jeffery. Oooooh, Martin is even more of a cutie! I want him! Hating your sister won't make you happy. She still sleeps at night. I think.

Ruby, you're behind in telling people about updates. Bad Ruby.

Sally said...

So Jeffrey has been keeping Claude and Rose away from each other? They love each other - right? So when are they going to do something about it??

Aww, don't be so angry Martin. It's tough having a broken family but you're darn cute and can make your own way in the world now...

Lisa said...

So the feeling is mutual with Claude and Rose. I'm glad to see Claude stick up for David, even though I still don't trust him.

Mao said...

Oooh, Martin is a 'big boy' now... but what of that comment he made in regards to his sister? He sounds like he's rather bitter.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm, despite her hating her mom, it really does appear that Tori is darn near the only teenager in Coventry who has her head on straight. I guess Lori isn't such a horrid mother after all. Hehe, I think Tori's my favorite so far. :-D

Wait a cotton pickin' minute here! Where the hell does Elena get off saying David is inept to take care of the kids at the house?!? He's doing VERY well with them and is showing FAR more interest in them and their well-being than she has so far. The rotten b!tch. Hmm, can Claude still marry her? *points to his collar* And I wonder what Jeffrey said (assuming it was him) to make Claude think Rose wouldn't have him? Geeze, you're just bound and determined to make me like Claude, aren't you. *stares suspiciously at Ruby* Well, okay, I'll give him another "atta boy" but I still don't trust him!

Why does Neil hate him? Because he was the one who brought the news that he couldn't see Kacper anymore? Or is there more we haven't seen yet?

Aw, Lori, that was NOT cool. *frowns* If Martin wanted his dad at his birthday party, you should have let him attend! It is MARTIN's day and YOUR desires shouldn't factor into it. He wanted his dad there. Ooo, Martin turned into a --very-- good looking teenager. Of course, given his genes, I'm not surprise, but still! *whistles* Let's just hope he can get past the horrid treatment he'd received as a kid from Tori though.

Galena said...

Like father like son in Neils case, really suspecting he's a romance or pleasure sim (since you never told us or maybe it's somewhere in the rules and I should just read them).

I'm not sure on Lori, I can understand not wanting an ex present at a party, but in the sims that seems like such a big deal.