Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Episode 29-A

*Theme Music*

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I can’t believe I’m doing this…

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“Hello, Je-… Dad… Yes, she did… Did she? … No kidding? … I’m okay… she’s okay… no really… ya… the General? I don’t know if she told him or he already knew…”

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“What did she say?” *laughing* “Tell her I’ll get her back for that one… ya… I’m glad I called too… okay… nah, it’s cool… yup… no, I haven’t forgiven her… maybe… have you? … okay then, why should I?”

“You’re right… yes, I should have… listen, Neil. I hope you know that I had no idea. If I had known I would have been there for you. … well, if you need me, you know where to find me… don’t hate her forever, son… because she’s your mother… and underneath it all, you need to believe she loves you… well give her a chance… right… what are you doing this weekend? Martin’s coming over, I’d like you two to meet… Gods, no I haven’t… I forgot…”


“Hmph… leave me for college… hmmm… I guess it’s okay… ya I still got it…”
“No, you’re right, I should tell him, I’ve been so worried about you I didn’t even think… okay I will… see you this weekend then.”
“Tell him I’ll talk to him later, Daddy… I’m going shopping.”
“Crap… what? Oh not you… Tori is going shopping… no, she’ll be fine, she has her own car now… yes, hence the crap…”
“I heard that, Daddy!”

I love my car… I should have moved in with Daddy years ago… *sigh* I should call, Mom… meh, later…

“Tybalt? Interesting…”
“Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Word problems, huh… okay shoot.”
“If Sandy has 10 apples and Andy eats 2 of them, how many are left?”

“So let’s start with the numbers given, you have 10 and 2, right?”
“Daddy, why would Andy eat Sandy’s apples? Did Sandy say it was okay?”
“Uh, that isn’t part of the problem, Joanna; just concentrate on the question.”

“Okay, 10 + 2…”
“What? No, no… it should be 10 - 2…”
“Daddy, you said 10 and 2, and everyone knows that 10 and 2 means 10 + 2!”
*sighs* “Joanna, I was simply stating those are the two numbers given.”

“Daddy, why does Neil hate me?”
“What? Neil doesn’t hate you baby, why would you think that?”
“He calls me punk all the time… and he hates Mommy… and he hates me… and he says you’re an idjit… Daddy what is an idjit?”


“Because you’re wearing a mask… how should I be looking at you?”
“Oh right, I forgot I had this stupid thing on…”
“Tybalt why do you have that on?”

“Oh its embarrassing, I lost a bet… it’s a long story you don’t want to hear it.”
“Yes I do… I love to hear you talk…”
“You say the weirdest things, Tori Craven…”
“Come home with me…”
“And that one tops the list…”

“Why are you being so nice to me, Tori?”
“Because I like you.”
“Why? I thought you had a boyfriend?”
“We broke up a while back… he graduated mid-term and left me…”

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Shaunna said...

Oh I am so relieved that Niel finally called his dad! *warm squishies* I am glad too that he is going to meet Martin...that visit will be an interesting one.

Tori is adorable...I love her car. Tybalt Capp? Well, she is on the rebound...and he isn't that bad looking...altho he has that Capp scoul down pat!

Joanna is adorable and it is nice to see the General taking time to help his daughter with her homework...but now that he knows what Neil has been up to what will come of that? Will he be mad, and if so how can he even handle it...I wonder how Celeste is coping with all this...and there still needs to be a wedding at some point no?

Anonymous said...

Yay! I've been waiting for an update from you Ruyb! Looks like Tori is going to have a rebound relationship with Tybalt Capp, huh? Very interesting. I'm glad Neil called Jeffrey, though that has to be awkward for both of them. Poor guys. And I agree with Shaunna--Joanna is adorable!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

So I'm not crazy. I knew that Elena looked familiar, and from looking at a certain thumbnail, that's who I recognized!
Yes, find out what's up with the creepy house!
Finally called him. And they're trying to bond as a family, that's so cute! But Neil's rather an arrogant (but funny) a$$, so Martin might not be inclined to like him.
Ugh, Tybalt Capp? *gags*

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Almost forgot. Joanna is rather cute. Neil shouldn't call her punk. She'll end up with a complex like Martin. "Idjit", lol.

Spinn said...

Thanks for the update, and keep 'em coming! I love them!

My treasure this round is: “Daddy, why would Andy eat Sandy’s apples? Did Sandy say it was okay?” :)

Lisa said...

As I'm reading Joanna tell her daddy that Neil calls him an "idjit", I'm hearing Ren and Stimpy in my head.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Hmm, okay, lesse if I can figure out what the conversation is about. Looks like Tori told Jeff she had run into Neil and he'd be calling. Then he asked how Neil and ... Tori or Celeste were doing. Then he asked if Jonathan knew that Neil was Celeste and Jeffrey's kid. Then Tori made some sibling-type comment about Neil. Then Jeff said he was glad Neil called. Then they both decided they hadn't forgiven Celeste for keeping this secret from them. Then on Jeff's side (new haircut, by the way?)... well, most of it looks like Neil saying things like "yeah, I know you didn't know" and "I know I can come to you" and "I don't know if I can forgive her" and stuff like that. But what did Jeffrey forget?

Aaah, that's what he forgot. To tell Martin he has a brother. LOL!!! Okay, love that both her father and brother thought "crap" about Tori driving. *snicker* I love her Heart Bug! Um, she's probably looking at you like that because you're walking around with a strange mask on your face, dude.

Gotta agree with Joanna. Why WOULD Andy eat Sandy's apples without permission? *snicker* Hmm, so, is Joanna being difficult on purpose? Or is she just one of those super literal kids? Ouch. Nice way to get your brother in trouble, kid.

*blinks* The love of Tori's life, her one true boyfriend, goes off to college and now she's hitting on other boys. *tsk* The fickleness of teenaged girls. Psst, dude, her eyes up higher up.