Sunday, July 1, 2007

Episode 25-A

*Theme Music*

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“I knew this was a bad idea…”
“Rose there is nothing wrong with being in love…”

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“I’m not…”
“You are too, there is no shame in it…”
“Only I’m not…”

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“Right, you came here to talk about this man… this Claude… who has you so worked up you came to see your ex-sister-in-law, who cheated on your brother for advice.”
“But you’re not in love with him…”


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“Cornelious! Where are your clothes?!”
“Aunt Celeste? What are you doing here?”
“I asked you a question, young man.”
“Tori has them, she threw them in the dryer for me. What are you doing here?”

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“Alright? Crisis over? Can we calmly discuss what has you so wigged out?”
“I am not wigged out.”
“Aunt Celeste, you were totally wigged.”

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“So how did our son take the news, Celeste?”
“Son? Our?! Aunt Celeste?”
“Crap, you still haven’t told him?”


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“Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”
“I… but… he’s so…”
“Aren’t most men?”
*sigh* “Some more than others.”

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“So tell me about this one.”
“He’s arrogant, egotisctical, over-whelming, protective, pig-headed, narrow minded…”
“So far he sounds like any other man.”
“Tall, strong, broad shoulders, intense eyes, soft touch, kind heart… his kiss…” *sigh*

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“And you couldn’t possibly be in love with this man…”
“What? No… no… I couldn’t… I… could I be?”


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“Tell me what? What is Jeffery talking about, Aunt Celeste?”
“He's not just Jeffery and I’m not your Aunt…”
“Just so you know, I just found out myself…”
“You're not helping Jeffery!”
“Will one of you just tell me what this is all about?!”

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“I haven’t been completely honest with you Cornelious… I'm not your Aunt, I’m your mother.”
“Why? Why would you let me think my parents died? Why would you do something so cruel?”
“I was worried about the election and…”
“I better go talk with Tori…”

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Shaunna said...

Oh, so Rose is denying being in love. I guess it was Lori who stated that she was...but still. What would drag Rose to Lori for advice if it wasn't serious. Actually, forget Frank...I like Claude *nods*.

OMG! Why was Tori drying Neil's clothes! That was hilarious...and hopefully completely innocent. Poor Neil...that is quite the bombshell to have dropped on him...I forsee serious issues for this boy after so many years thinking his mom was his aunt and that his parents were dead...*sigh*...breaks your heart!

Mao said...

And the truth comes out! It is about time, too. And it is just strange to see Lori and Rose talking, LOL!

Poor Cornelius...

CeeCee said...

And Celeste's life begins an even faster spiral down the tubes.

No, Rose isn't in love with him. Nah, of course not. *cough-denial-cough*

SirenPrincess said...

Poor, poor Neil. He must be feeling so rejected and unloved now. He's a really cute teen sim. I just want to give him a hug.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Well, Lori, maybe if you'd SHUT UP for 2 seconds, Rose could tell you why she's there, if she's really not in love with him. Geeze, freakin' blabbermouths in your soap, until it's time to actually give us some information, then they clam up! *throws popcorn at the screen* Stupid people, give us the info we want already!

Um... why did Tori put Neil's clothes into the dryer? Geeze, geeze dude, give her like 2 seconds to say more than a dozen words, will ya? No, instead you walk up and blab it out. *rolls her eyes* Men.

Hehe, that was a cute scene between Lori and Rose. I guess she's finally realizing she is still in love with him. But what does she do about it now?

D'oh! Celeste! No, you don't tell him you were worried about the election. You start off with, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake and I was young and stupid, but I never loved you one bit less." Oh well. *sigh* She's lost that son, I think. I can't imagine he's going to ever forgive her for putting her career before her son. *shakes her head* Bimbo. *goes back to stare at Jeffrey in his no shirt and unbuttoned jeans........... sighs languidly* Dayum, but he is quite tasty looking. Oh, but I wonder what prompted Celeste to finally reveal the truth after so many years.

Lisa said...

I meant to say in the last chapter, that Jeffrey either needs to pull his pants up . . . or take them off altogether. I don't wanna see the waistband of his drawers. *nods*

Celeste *coughStupidBitchCough* way to make your son feel better about why you've lied to him his entire life.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

What I want to know is shy Celeste finally spills the truth after 16 years?
You'd better show Elena's face soon, or you're going to have a riot on your hands.
Let's see...David is stupid, it's good to see Virginia, Rose has me believing the apocalypse is near, I'm glad Lori and Rose are still friends, and I pray that Tori and Neil haven't been knocking boots, though Neil's last statement was troubling, to say the least.

Sally said...

Hey, Aeronwy - could you pass some of that popcorn? I wouldn't mind a fistful to throw at my screen!

I've just finished catching up and this is gripping stuff! I love the way that the teen story lines are developing. Neil finally discovers the truth about his parenthood and Tori is coming to terms with her parents' divorce. They're both so cute looking.

The whole Rose, Davis, Jonathan, Elena thing is driving me nuts though. What is it with this Project??

great blog - keep it up!

suzie sim said...

Rose, ye doth protest too much!

hehe - throw a towel on son! sheesh! You are SO fired from painting the upstairs bathroom! lol! Aww - shutup Jeffers - let the woman have a minute, would ya?
*shakes her head*

*skips Rose & Lori to get down to Neil & Celeste* Really, we've all known Rose was hung up on Davis! ;)

Celeste! That's Awful! And Stupid!
It's a good thing that Jeffers doesn't smack women around - course, he have to get around the huge Foot in your Mouth! grr! You let that poor kid think he was an orphan when both of his parents were *points* Right There!

Maybe Jeffery should start some kind of registration program,
"Jeff's Kids", just so they'll know not to date in high school. *g*