Monday, July 2, 2007

Episode 26-A

*Theme Music*

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What did that boy do to this thing?

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Well let’s see what we can find if I remove this metal thing…

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“So you live here… and you’re not related to any of them…”
“Ya… listen it beats living at the bus depot and runnin’ from the cops all the time.”
“You have a valid point…”

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“I don’t have to wear these markings, I have no qualms in removing them. Father insisted, I suppose it was something to do with heritage or some sort of ritual rite…”
“If you do move in, Puck you can’t tell him where you are.”

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“Are you daft? That man is touched and my mother a raving bitch. I would just as likely kiss a… never mind, no, I no longer speak with Father nor Mother so there will be no chance of my telling them where I reside.”
“In that case, welcome home. Let me introduce you to Nancy, she’s great with make up and hair… she did a fabulous job on Jules, she should be able to help you too…”
“Jules? Juliette Capp is here?”
“Is that a problem?”
“Mmmm… no, I once dated her sister. It was a fiasco at best.”


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“Stay away from me, Martin! Aaaah!”

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“I’m okay baby.. it’s okay…”
“Mommy, you’re on fire!”

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“Run, Martin, run outside, run baby…”
“But Mommy…”
“Do as I say Martin, please!”

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“Is it really you, Puck?”
“Naturally, Jules, whom did you expect?”
“Yup, you’re still the same Puck.”

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“You look great, did Nancy do you?”
“Yes she 'did me', tell me Jules, what is the story on our friend Kacper?”
“What do you mean?”
“I find him, captivating…”

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“Uh, Puck?”
“Kacper, my man, what is this contraption?”
Another one? Kacper finds them all, he’s a good kid… but this one… I’m going to have to watch this one… he could be trouble.

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Shaunna said...

OMG! Lori! Wow that was quite the mishap with her trying to fix the computer. Sheesh I hope she makes it...the fireman was on his way, but wow...scary! Little Martin is darling, but seems to really get the short end of the stick...poor little guy. Excellent shots of the disaster btw!

It's Puck! I always liked him...and he looks great all made over. LOL David, Kacper does see to find them all.

TDF...'did Nancy do you' *giggle fits*

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You just thought about that, Rose? I thought that when he made the comment. Now I wonder why jeffery drove Claude away. Well, if I just found out the woman I called my Aunt all my life was actually my mother, I'd be upset too. Thank you, Ruby. I wouldn't have been able to bear it if they had done the nasty.

Die, evil b...uh...woman, die! If you can't tell, I'm not fond of Lori. Run, Martin, you're too cute to die!
Puck Summerdream! I always was fond of him. Him, trouble David? Get your eyes checked. Look at that face! That is a totally innocent face.

Sally said...

Ha - it's Puck Summerdream and he's "captivated" by Kapcer. But what is reeally going on at the Project? Is it simply a home for lost teens or is it something more?

Lisa said...

LSHICB at Lori's mishap with fixing the computer!

Puck is quite the little hottie! And he's captivated by Kacper? Interesting.

AeronwyDiobhell said...

Oops, that hadda hurt, Lori. Hope she didn't get hurt too badly...

Wow, this teenaged home is just raking in the kids. I really hope it's on the level.

Er... *blink* I didn't know getting electrocuted from the computer could set the desk on fire. Fireman to the rescue! Of course, it looks like he's going to be too late to save Officer Lori.

Holy crap! THAT'S what Puck looks like under all that crap?!? Oh, I'm so hooking one of my sims up with him. Tasty looking boy! *cheers* Ooo, looks like Kacper may get a gorgeous boyfriend soon. *grins*